Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~

Rikuou Kohaku and his little sister Hinana came all the way to Vanchester, the magical country of water, to study magic in the academy. Just as they arrived at school, Kohaku immediately got involved in a fight with a water spirit. A fight which brings him to meet the twins Prim and Lime Oaklane, which unfortunately also destroys his room in the dorms.
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Koibumi Romantica – Suiren

Again, sorry for the bad image choice LOL. The sub-characters only have a small amount of CGs, so it left me no choice. Suiren’s route is really good though!

Suiren is a high-ranked prostitute (called Oiran) at Yoshiwara, a red light district in Touto. Being an Oiran, she is very popular. When Ryou took Fumito there in order to “pay back his kindness”, Suiren walked past them and smiled at Fumito. Though inexperienced in such things, he was amazed upon seeing her beauty.
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