Sugar+Spice! – Haruse Uta’s Route

Recently I started playing Chuable’s Sugar+Spice! again, after abandoning it for so long (and once, deleted the game due to insufficient disk space).

The protagonist, Araki Kazuma, woke up in the hospital and found himself in the state of amnesia. His doctor said that he got into an accident 2 weeks ago, which is the cause why he lost his memory. Since he regained consciousness, Kazuma who used to live alone in a dorm will have to live with his childhood friend’s family for a while.

This summary will be full of spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Haruse Uta, usually called Hamo (from the word ‘harmony’, because her name Uta means song), is Kazuma’s classmate in Yuinomiya High School. She’s known him before he lost his memory.

Personality-wise she’s a cheerful girl who often tells little lies, which Kazuma and Haneru usually fell for. She also loves cooking and apparently is very good at it. Her dream is to be a cook and open her own restaurant. Currently she’s working part-time at the restaurant Foresta. Due to her love for delicious sweets and food, she’s a bit worried about her body and tends to go on a diet. She’s also very sensitive to the word ‘fat’.

Hamo likes to tease Kazuma, sometimes in an ecchi way, because she thought that his reaction is funny. Though, she is weak to ghosts. Unfortunately, their class is doing haunted house and cafe for the bunkasai. Hamo avoided helping out with the haunted house, yet somehow she ends up becoming the victim tester. Up to the point of fainting.

Initally Hamo refused Kazuma when he confessed to her. She said that she likes him too, there’s no other guy that she likes beside him. But she couldn’t go out with him, and she couldn’t say the reason either. It is later revealed that Kazuma got into the accident because he tried to save Hamo. She was crossing the street when suddenly she collapsed. A car was coming her way in high speed, yet she was unable to move. Kazuma pushed Hamo out of the way, which resulted in him getting hit by the car.

That day, Kazuma was supposed to go to Yumeji’s place. Yumeji was going to confess to him, but in the end he didn’t come because of the accident. Moreover, he lost his memory when he woke up. Hamo was feeling guilty to both Kazuma and Yumeji, making her unable to go out with Kazuma. They eventually became a couple after Kazuma assured her that everything is okay.

The other reason was hinted when Hamo and Yumeji had a talk about Kazuma’s confession, but wasn’t revealed until much later in the story. In November Kazuma realized that Hamo seems tired lately. She came to cook at Kazuma’s place everyday, sometimes also doing H stuff with him after dinner. Not to mention that she also had to go to work. So Kazuma asked her not to force herself. Hamo said that she’s okay, and that she was doing all of these because she wants to, but she will rest when she’s feeling tired.

The next day, Hamo fainted during class and was taken to the hospital. Kazuma sent her a mail and tried to call her, but she didn’t answer. Yumeji, who seems to know what’s wrong with Hamo, didn’t want to tell him anything either. Eventually Kazuma told Hamo that he knew she’s not hospitalized for examination only, and finally Hamo told him everything.

Ever since Hamo was small, her body is weak. She often faints and hospitalized because of that. It’s supposed to be healed already during middle school, but she found out that it’s a sickness that couldn’t be healed completely. Even though she looks fine now, it might resurface again later. Hamo then feared that she’d hurt Kazuma if she suddenly dies, so after having sex for the last time, she told him that she doesn’t want to see him again. After a very setsunai moment, Kazuma and Hamo broke up.

Two weeks after that, Yumeji called Kazuma to meet up with her in the park. She cried and told him that Hamo’s conditions suddenly worsened, and that he should go see her as it might be the last time he could see her.

At first Hamo refused Kazuma’s visit and told him to go away. She even said mean things so that he won’t come to see her again, but finally she cried when Kazuma hugged her. She told him that she’s afraid she’d hurt him when she dies, but Kazuma said than he loves her and wants to walk forward with her. Hamo cried and thanked Kazuma for protecting her. And then she lost conscience.

Up to this point I was afraid Hamo really died, but fortunately that is not the case. The next spring, Hamo started attending school again. She was still in rehabilitation stage, but she’s back to her genki self. Due to her absence from school, she had to repeat a year, which made her Masamune and Tsukasa’s classmate. Kazuma made his decision to work hard so that he can support both Hamo and himself in the future.

At some points I was irked by Hamo and Yumeji’s reactions to the situation at hand, but overall I think Hamo’s route was pretty touching. I’m glad it’s a happy ending. :’D


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