Love Revo – All Routes

I’m still trying to finish Yumeji’s route in Sugar+Spice!, so in the meantime I’ll just post these summaries. I posted this along with the CG packs on my LJ last year. Now it’s pretty much abandoned though..

Sakuragawa Hitomi was once a very pretty girl who won a lot of beauty contests. Now, though.. she’s an overweight who weighs 100 kg thanks to her love for snacks. Hitomi’s parents owns an apartment building, and she lives there with her brother Takashi.

The top 5 popular guys in school also live in her parents’ apartment, and give very harsh comments when they met her. Hitomi was shocked, and decided to change herself and go into a diet.

Ichinose Ren (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
The tsundere prince of the Love Revo

Kahara Masaki (CV: Miyake Junichi)
The cheerful and refreshing classmate

Fukami Souta (CV: Sugawara Hisayoshi)
The friendly kouhai who loves snacks

Tachibana Kennosuke (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki)
The cool kouhai who left his shirt unbuttoned

Kamishiro Ayato (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
The gentle senior who is very kind to girls

Kinomura Tohru (CV: Nojima Kenji)
The supportive childhood friend

Tokita Kaede (CV: Ishida Akira)
The mysterious transfer student

Wakatsuki Ryuutarou (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
The eroi infirmary teacher who helps Hitomi’s diet

Takashi Onii-chan (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
The obviously siscon big brother..

CG: Others

Love Revo is one of my favourite otome games. Usually I think the heroines in otome games are typical (or meh..), but I really like Hitomi’s personality. She’s funny and I absolutely love her tsukkomi!

Somehow, playing Love Revo makes me want to lose weight too..


38 thoughts on “Love Revo – All Routes

  1. Wow~ I played like five routes. The failed route, perfect route, Fukami Souta’s route, Takashi Onii-chan’s route and Wakatsuki Ryuutarou~. Btw, did you play at the arcade in the game? They said you could collect chibi dolls of the characters whch will be placed in the room when you are planning the schedules for every week.^^

    • I did! In fact, I didn’t stop until I got all the chibi dolls. :D
      It’s really nice when they’re sitting all over your room lol. The last doll I had to get was Kaede, and it was really hard to get him too.. but I guess it’s worth the hard work. xD

    • Please don’t ask about downloads here. Especially since you can search for the rom in any rom site. I will delete comments asking about downloads from now on. -_-“

  2. Lol I loved this game more than I thought… I like it most of the time when u have a really strong girl who won’t take any BS

  3. Thanks so much for the review of the game- I was especially glad to read that everything is voiced- makes things so much easier! I do have a question though- which version would you recommend? I’m thinking of getting the PSP one, since I can just play as is.

    While I was really happy with everyone else’s ending, onii-chan’s made me sad since there seems to be quite a few unresolved questions. =X Oh well, at least everyone else has nice, happy endings with promises of weddings, or at least being together forever! XD

    PS: As I was cree-, ahem, looking over your LJ, I saw that you’re only older then me by one day and one year! Haha, I find it so rare to meet December birthday people! =)

    • Thanks for reading my old, messy reviews. xD
      I’d recommend going with the PSP version, because they added quite a lot of stuff there. PS2, DS and PC Love Revo are basically the same game, but the PSP version has new scene and such. Onii-chan’s ending is truly an incest ending, but LOL.. anything happens in the otome world as long as there’s love. 8D

      Oh, it’s so nice to meet fellow December birthday people AND someone who’s around my age. There are so many young otome fans out there so I feel old sometimes. xD

      • Sweet~! And now off to see (and hopefully find!) the game! I didn’t realize that a lot of the games that were ported to PSP got a lot of new stuff too- wonder if Vita will get the same thing?

        Haha, true- though I must admit, I find guys like Onii-chan adorable in games! =D I find myself pretty much okay with whatever I read about otomes, unless it’s like raep, raep, and then suddenly love. … even then though, depending on the reasons I guess things could maybe work out? =\

        I know exactly how you feel about the young otome gamers- while I’m super happy there’s so many fans, sometimes one’s age can be a bit of a hindrance. On the bright side, I have a lot more money now then I did at that age, so I can buy a lot more games! =D

        PS: Your reviews weren’t messy at all! And, it was pretty awesome to see that we have played quite a few of the same games!

        • I wonder? It doesn’t seem like otome game developers are setting their eyes on Vita anytime soon, so let’s wait and see. :D Personally I’m hoping the otome boom on PSP will keep going for a couple of years though, because I don’t have money to get a Vita.. ; v ;

          That’s exactly why I rarely do R-18 otome games actually, because there are raep everywhere.. and they don’t seem necessary in order to advance the plot. Why can’t we have more normal R-18 otome games anyway. (ノД`)・゜・。 In some cases I can see things working out in the end, but from raep → suddenly love… LOL no. xD;

          Ahh, and thank you. It’s always nice to meet fellow fangirls who have played the same games as you did. x3 I’m into stat raisers, though I think most people think they’re troublesome lol.

          • Haha, that’s a good point. Plus, I think up until recently they still had (have?) games on the PS2 coming out, so it should be safe for a while! *fingers crossed* I got the 3DS as a graduation gift, and felt a bit burned by it, so I’m definitely going to wait on the Vita- which unfortunately seems to have a bit of a slow start. =X

            LOL- I know! It should not be like, R-18 =/= raep. Yeesh. Thankfully there seems to be plenty of others to choose from! *hooray~!* Though, despite saying that, I must admit, there is just something about the yandere type… ^^;;;

            For sure! I admit, I do love starting from “zero” and going to the “top”! XD There are some stat raisers that can get annoying, but I adored Persona 3 and 4 (will eventually get through 1 and 2…someday…) and really loved the Atelier series too. Though, I suppose some of those where more alchemy raising, then stats, hehe! =D

  4. hei can you please tell me how to get the perfect ending? i follwed walktrough but i only get the bad and the good ending. i dont’t get it how to get the perfect ending-___-. helllpppp me pleeeeease anyone

    • You have to get the bad ending and the good ending to find three code words. After you finish both endings you put the code words in after the credits. It shows the happy couple almost five years later with a CG. If you do not want to go through all that trouble here a website tell you were the codes are at and also what they are. Then you can play just one route then enter code words. The code words are in english, so you need to have the translated version.

  5. i keep repeat it, it’s been 2 days and i still don’t know what’s wrong. i i fullfilled the parameter but somehow i did’nt the event that lead to perfect ending -__-

  6. I’m playing this game right now, gotta agree Hitomi is awesome lol, she is not a typical heroine and sure she eats a lot (≧∇≦) Btw did you play the PC version? I think the PSP one has one additional CG for epilogue. I got it for Ren and Ayato (*´▽`*) This game takes a lot of times to complete (^_^;)

    • Yeah, I played the PC version back in 2008. xD
      Hitomi is awesome because her diet aside, she keeps tsukkomi-ing the guys with no mercy LOL.
      Are you playing the PSP version? I’m curious about the new CGs, but I don’t feel like playing Love Revo anymore since I’ve played it on PS2, DS and PC. 8D;

      • Yupz I’m playing the PSP one right now. Only got Ren and Ayato, kinda distracted with other games lol. For Ayato, he is cured and he proposed Hitomi in front of her mansion. Ren, well they got married and having a son (≧∇≦)/

        If you want I can send you the CGs when I finished the game (*´▽`*)

        Wow you played it on PS2,DS and PC? ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! So how is it, are they the same? Well for DS I know they don’t have a voice right?

        • P-Proposed!? A son!? That must be new because I’ve never seen those scenes. xD
          Also thanks! I’d love to have the new CGs, because I probably won’t play the PSP version. At least not anytime soon. I didn’t finish the PS2 version because my PS2 died, the DS version didn’t have a voice, and as far as I know the PC version is the same as the PS2 one.

          • Sorry Rin san, I think I was wrong with Ren’s epilogue lol. Played it years ago and I really thought the baby is their son lol. I just finish replaying the scene again, the baby is the daughter of Hitomi co-worker (^_^;) and they entrusted her to Hitomi because they are on holiday. キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! Can’t believe it I read the text wrongly years ago lol

            Btw I sent you the CGs to your email ^-^ At last I finish all the routes (except onichan lol)

          • Thanks for the CGs! xD
            Oh, I guess that epilogue is indeed PSP only. I remember that Ren’s epilogue is only Hitomi working as his secretary. xD Man, I really wanna play Love Revo PSP for the new scenes.. but not sure if I want a 4th run through the game LOL.

  7. i played in DS. yeahh it doesn’t have a voice. i’m curious about the extra CG too specially about Oniichan :D. if i want to have the perfect ending sould i finished the good and bad ending first and then restart from the beginning?

      • no i mean the perfect ending which is the last pic in every guy CG. for axample i played ren’s route. but i only get the CG where he kissed the heroine, and i’m looking for the ending where he propose the heroine, and for ayato i’m looking the ending where his disease can be cured (the yearssss after ending)

        • Wait, are you playing the PSP version? Because as far as I remember, Love Revo only has 2 endings for each guy. The love ending and the friend ending. If you’re playing the PSP version, then I can’t help you since I haven’t played that one.

    • I’m not sure about the PSP version. But there is a CG where you get in the epilogue when you input the keywords you find throughout the route after the credits.

  8. i’ve tried input the keyword (the green word right?) but when i press ok it won’t work ( i tried input in English)

  9. heey it’s 3:19am right now here in new zealand and i haven’t been able to find the last keyword for souta’s ending!!! firstly, how do you get the friend ending? i tried having all my stats for souta high just except for the weight but that didn’t work.. i got the solo bad ending where yurkia makes fun of me instead.. please help!!! i know that i can get the third keyword from the friend ending cutscene or around that time. lol. and plz don’t tell me the actual keyword! my game’s the korean version “girlish love revolution” and it has slightly different keywords, i guess, to the other language ones lol. plus i wanna unlock the friend ending as well PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN GET THE FRIEND ENDING WITH SOUTA!! WHAT STATS ETC DO I HAVE TO HAVE AND STUFF?!

      • um lol. just asking. and i used caps to show that that was the important part of my question. because i wrote so much and u might not have gotten my point so ya. so r u saying u don’t know how i can get the “friend” ending? i thought you’ve played the game many times

        • Here use this guide. Since you didn’t seem to get my point, by “how should I know?” I was referring to the keywords. I did state in my FAQ that I play everything in Japanese unless stated otherwise, then how should I know what’s different in the Korean version? And I’m not blind. I can see perfectly without you stressing everything in caps lock, thanks.

          • why r u taking everything in a bad way? lol i was, in fact, using caps lock to be more polite, i never said u’r blind or mocked u so plz just answer my question: how do i get the “friend” ending? i never asked for the keywords? lol i mentioned that i play the korean version so it would be of no use if u just gave me the keywords cause u play the japanese one. ok, one more time, here is my question tht im repeating for the third time: what stats etc do you have to be to get the “friend” ending?

  10. i was realy a fan of otome game…but what a waste ~i cant understand japanese much…nee can anyone give me a link where i could get a link for otome game eng patch?it ok too if the otome games that easy to understand eventhough was in jpn patch…

    • you can find out how to get an english version with the korean patch. just search it up bro and it’ll be easy to find. though i’ve tried and failed, it seems that many others got it to work. u have to download the korean patch called girlish love revolution (the one i play cause im korean) and install the english thingy on it or something. lol just follow the instructions of whatever source u find.

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