To-do List

Happy Birthday to me~♪ But that’s not important.

After sorting out my eroge checklist, it turns out that I have quite a lot of titles to play. Fortunately, my otome gaming mood is completely gone currently, thanks to the sudden otome release boom for PSP. So I’d rather use my free time to play these..

Eroge List

1. Sugar+Spice! (Chuable) — now playing

2. Flyable Heart (UNiSONSHIFT Blossom)

3. Shukufuku no Campanella (Windmill)

4. Koibumi Romantica (Chuable)

5. Natsuyume Nagisa (SAGA PLANETS)

6. Mashiro Iro Symphony (Palette)

7. Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ (SkyFish)

8. Nanatsuiro Drops (UNiSONSHIFT Blossom)

9. Alice ♥ Parade (UNiSONSHIFT Blossom)

Otome Game List

1. Starry Sky ~in Winter~ (honeybee)

2. Souten no Kanata (MIO)

3. Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru – True or Lie? (Amedeo)

4. Bloody Call (icingCandy)

Honestly, I’m not really interested in the last two. But since I’ve heard from people who already played that they’re not bad.. Maybe I’ll make some time to play them. After finishing the others.


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