Sugar+Spice! – Ashikaga Haneru’s Route

Happy New Year 2010 everyone. Hopefully this year will be better than the last, and hopefully more quality eroge and otome games will be released too.

Spent the first morning of 2010 finishing Haneru’s route. While Uta and Yumeji are connected to each other, Haneru has her own story. In the main storyline, she will move far away from Yuinomiya. Her route focused on that point, though of course the story is different.

Ashikaga Haneru is one of Kazuma’s classmates along with Uta and Yumeji. Her nickname is Pyon, the sound effect one makes while jumping, because her name Haneru means to jump. She’s a very sporty girl, the ace of Yuinomiya High School’s athletic club, and has an enormous supply of genki in her small body.

Haneru is a very simple person, making her somewhat gullible. She often believes Uta’s lies no matter how obvious it is, such as shaking a champagne bottle in an attempt to open it. Haneru also really loves to eat, especially Uta’s cooking. She’s a special student who enrolled because of her athletic ability, and therefore often got red marks in exams due to her dislike of studying.

In June it was revealed that Haneru’s parents already passed away, and she lives together with his big brother. She works part-time delivery pizza to help their household financial. Though, none of her friends (except for Kazuma, and later Tsukasa) knew about her family circumstances.

Kazuma and Haneru started going out rather early, if compared to the other characters. However, in October Haneru suddenly came to Kazuma’s dorm and said she’d live with him for a while. She didn’t want to say the reason, but Kazuma soon found out from Haneru’s brother, Kakeru — who came to see Kazuma personally.

Kakeru was going to get married and live together with his wife. It’d be hard for him to support both Haneru and his new family, so Haneru will be moving to live with their relative far away from Yuinomiya. Haneru got angry and ran away from home upon hearing that. Since then, Kazuma met up with Kakeru from time to time, while Haneru was suspicious that Kazuma might be cheating on her.

One day Haneru (with the other four) tailed Kazuma, who was meeting up with Kakeru in Foresta. She entered the restaurant as Kazuma and Kakeru was talking about Haneru and her moving away. Haneru dashed out of Foresta and Kazuma chased after her, trying to explain everything. After he caught her, it turns out that Kazuma was talking to Kakeru about Haneru living with him in the dorm. That way Haneru doesn’t have to move away, and they can stay close to each other.

Kazuma and Haneru started living together, filling the necessary documents and getting permissions from both of their families. They wrote ‘fiancee’ in the relationship column so it’d be easier to process.

Sometime after the school trip to Kyoto and Kakeru’s wedding, Haneru seems to be feeling unwell and lost her appetite. She even threw up in the bathroom. Kazuma panicked and, together with Tsukasa, took her to the hospital right away. Even so, Haneru didn’t want to say the examination result. Kazuma, thinking that Haneru is pregnant with his child, then proposed to her in Foresta. Haneru was surprised, and said that it’s all just a misunderstanding. She was feeling unwell because of overeating, and she happened to ate something bad midway. Tsukasa even called her butler and car, so it’s hard for Haneru to say the actual reason.

Haneru then talked with Kazuma that she decided to move away after all. It’s not like that she doesn’t want to stay with him, but for Kazuma’s and her own sake. So that they won’t be dragging each other’s foot after graduating. At first Kazuma was surprised, but he came accept Haneru’s decision later. Kazuma promised to come and pick her up in the future, after he’s ready to support both of them. Haneru moved away in December, after two months living together with Kazuma.

Two years later, Haneru was still away from Yuinomiya. She had just entered university. As she was thinking about she doesn’t know what Kazuma is doing right now, she heard a rumor about an amazing freshman in that university. Suddenly someone asked her for direction, and when she turns around.. she saw Kazuma standing before her eyes.

Kazuma who enrolled to the same university, was chosen to be the freshmen representative, and needs to go to the staff room. It turns out that he is the ‘amazing freshman’ rumored earlier — having the highest marks in the history entrance exam; being described as the ‘scholar egg’ from famous researcher parents; and also riding a cool car with a beautiful girl rumored to be his fiancee.

Kazuma said that after two years Haneru becomes really beautiful, and that his fiancee is actually Haneru herself. He came to pick her up, fulfilling his promise. Kazuma invited Haneru to live together with him, as he already has a room spacious enough for both of them. He handed her a ring and they kissed beneath the falling sakura petals.

By the way, the girl in the car was actually Ai. She lives in a dorm not far from Kazuma’s place and asked for a ride back to Yuinomiya. Ai was also the one who tutors Kazuma together with Yumeji for the university entrance exam.


Though Haneru’s route involves separation, I have to say this is my favorite route so far. Judging by appearance, Haneru was my least favorite, but after playing her route I have to say that I really like her personality. <3


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