Sugar+Spice! – Miyama Ai’s Route

Finished Ai’s route last night. I was busy playing this during weekend, so it took quite some time. As for the story.. somehow I had the premonition, judging by Ai’s initial reaction to Kazuma staying over at her house, but didn’t get the whole picture until it’s unraveled.

Miyama Ai (nicknamed Myanmar because it’s close to her family name) is Kazuma’s childhood friend. Their parents are best friends, so when Kazuma got into that accident, he lived with Ai’s family until he moved back to the dorm on April. At first Ai rejected Kazuma’s existence in her house, avoiding him and telling him not to talk to her unless it’s really important. This left Kazuma wondering what happened between them before he lost his memory. After Kazuma nursed her when she caught a cold, she warmed up to him and the two became friends again.

Ai is known as a genius at school, always topping the exams and has a cool image. Inside though, she’s a lazy otaku who often skips school to stay at home and play video games. She’s also good at fighting games and usually wins when playing with Kazuma. She said that usually she remembers everything just by reading them once, explaining her good marks at school.

The first time Kazuma confessed to her, Ai laughed at him and said that it’s just his delusion. She left him alone at the heart lake after telling him that his feeling will be gone after sleeping. After he confessed to her again, Ai got angry and told him she used to have a boyfriend in junior high. Their relationship ended rather abruptly, and she doesn’t want to experience the same thing again.

Kazuma who didn’t have their junior high memory suspected that Masamune might be Ai’s ex-boyfriend. When being accused, Masamune told him that Ai’s ex-boyfriend is actually Kazuma himself. Kazuma then apologized to Ai, even though he didn’t remember what happened, and said that this time he won’t make Ai cry again. After having sex in the classroom, Ai finally said she’s going to trust Kazuma once more.

It was somehow hinted earlier, but it wasn’t clear enough until later. Kazuma was chosen to be a regular for the national boxing tournament in March, with the preliminary finals being held on December. The special training menu for the regulars was hard, making Kazuma and Ai’s time together decreased.

One day, Ai waited for Kazuma in the classroom. He was supposed to go to her house to eat dinner. She got angry at him because he said he wants to go home and sleep because he’s tired. Ai thinks that for Kazuma boxing is more important than her, while she’s giving her all to only him.

Before, Ai told him that one of the reasons they broke up was because Kazuma couldn’t get an erection when they were going to have sex. The other reason was because Kazuma was busy with boxing. Ai worried about him, yet he told her to “shut up”. She obviously got angry and asked if she’s really his girlfriend, then she ran back home. That time, Kazuma didn’t chase after her. He chose boxing.

Ai then proceed to tell him that his preliminary final match is on the same day as her birthday. She asked him to chosse between boxing and herself. He didn’t have to answer right away, but as long as he can’t choose, she can’t stay as his girlfriend.

The two didn’t talk to each other after that. Ai told Uta, Yumeji and Tsukasa about their problem when Uta asked what happened between them. But they don’t think that Kazuma will choose boxing over Ai.

Meanwhile, Kazuma faced Masamune (whom he thinks as a rival) in the final match, but his right hand was hurt from the previous matches. He tried his best, but eventually got KO-ed by Masamune as Ai watched the match. He woke up n Ai’s lap, and she got angry at him for hiding the wound on his right hand.

Kazuma told Ai that he wanted to defeat Masamune and then go apologize to her. He felt that he can’t do anything other than boxing, so he wanted to show her the result to make her proud. Both boxing and Ai are precious to him. Ai told him that as long as he treasures her it’s enough for her, and that it’s also okay if he wants to continue boxing. When she told him that she was serious when she said she wants to trust in him again, Kazuma felt that it must be the same feeling as him not wanting to give up on her.

Since Kazuma can’t use his right hand, Ai slept over at his dorm to help. They ate dinner to celebrate Ai’s birthday and had sex afterwards. After having a talk about their relationship that most likely will be known by her parents — who would ask Kazuma to live with them and inherit their bath business — Kazuma pulled out a present for Ai. It was a necklace. At first he wanted to give her a ring, but Uta said the meaning of a ring is important for a girl, he bought a necklace instead.

Ai was so happy that she cried. Before they kissed, Kazuma told her that he loves her, and that he’ll give her a ring someday.


I can totally relate to Ai in her route, and for me Kazuma’s reaction was satisfying as he really treasures her. This route is so far the most bittersweet for me. Definitely my cup of tea. ♥


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