Sugar+Spice! – Saotome Tsukasa’s Route

This is the last route in my Sugar+Spice! playthrough. After this I’m going to complete all of the events and items, and then moving on to the next game.

Tsukasa’s story is sort of different. Because unlike the other four, Tsukasa met Kazuma after he lost his memory. While Uta, Yumeji and Ai’s stories are linked to what Kazuma did in the past, Tsukasa is like a new breeze that fills his memory after it’s being reset.

Saotome Tsukasa, nicknamed Otome, is Kazuma’s neighbor in Seseragi dorm. She is one year below Kazuma and the others, and is in the same class as Masamune. Tsukasa grew up in the UK and returned to Japan recently. Tsukasa also loves music and adores many British musicians. Usually she could be seen wearing headphones and a penguin hat that covers her flowing hair.

During the spring break they became friends and took care of abandoned dogs in the woods. But until the first day of school, Kazuma actually thought that Tsukasa is a boy. She never took off her hat in front of him, but the fact that he never realized that she’s a girl made her angry. Eventually the park caretaker found out about the dogs, and sent them to a sheter. They will be exterminated if there’s no one to take care of them.

When Tsukasa came to the woods, she found out that all the dogs were gone except for one of the puppies, Shinbee. A stray dog was about to attack them, but Kazuma came on time and protected them. Tsukasa cried in Kazuma’s arms and the two made up. They brought back Shinbee to the dorm and kept him there, promising to the owner that they’re going to take care of the dog. The next day, Uta and the others told them that they found people who are willing to keep the dogs, so none will get killed.

Kazuma and Tsukasa initially had a brother-sister relationship. He couldn’t leave her alone like a little sister, and for her he’s like a dependable big brother. But when Kazuma confessed to her, she answers that she loves him too. Not as a family, but as a girl to a boy.

Before the bunkasai, Kurokoshi and Satou invited Uta to sing for their band. The band was inactive because the seniors graduated, making them lacking members. Kazuma, who knows how much Tsukasa loves music, told her who happened to be there to join as well. Tsukasa refused because she’s too embarassed to perform on stage. Kazuma scolded her for pushing away her dreams only because of embarassment. At first Tsukasa ran away and cried, but finally she gathered up the courage and agreed to perform with the band.

Sometime near the bunkasai, Tsukasa received a letter from her grandfather. It informed her that she will have to attend an important family party on the same day as the bunkasai. Tsukasa was torn between performing with the band and attending the party, but eventually decided to go to her grandfather’s place. She apologized to the other members, but they understood and didn’t blame her at all.

After talking to Tsukasa on the phone and found out that she will be able to come to the bunkasai at night, Kazuma tried to get the necessary permissions for the band to perform at night. Thanks to him (Kurokoshi and Satou also helped), finally they were able to to perform on stage on the night of the bunkasai.

In December, Kazuma often got sudden headaches. After consulting with Takashima-sensei, he found out that it’s due to his anxiety and worries; such as club activities, the band’s performance on the Christmas Live and also Haneru’s transfer. Eventually Kazuma fainted in front of his room, and later woke up in the hospital with Uta by his side. Uta explained the situation, telling him that Tsukasa was the one who called the ambulance and took him to the hospital.

Kazuma’s memory actually came back. He thought it was the day after he got into the accident, which was one year before. But in return, he lost his memory of his amnesia period. Kazuma didn’t remember Tsukasa. As he asked Uta who is this “Otome” she’s talking about, Tsukasa came into the room, surprised at his question.

After having Takashima-sensei explains everything, Kazuma went back to his room. There he talked with Tsukasa who told him everything that had happened during the time they spend together. She also told him that they’re going to perform on the Christmas Live today, and that Kazuma had always been cheering for their performance. So Tsukasa will stand on stage today, because if she gives up on the live to stay with him, Kazuma — the Kazuma she knew — will be disappointed.

Outside, Tsukasa asked the band members to perform on the live. When they asked if she’s okay, she told them that nothing will change even if she cries. The Kazuma she knew won’t come back. Rather than crying she wanted to do something, so that the Kazuma who supported them all this time would be happy. Tsukasa won’t run away.

At night, Kazuma dashed to the live stage after getting permission from Takashima-sensei. Even if he lost his memory, he still wanted to see Tsukasa perform. Meanwhile, Uta told Tsukasa to sing the last song. The song Tsukasa wrote so that her feelings would reach Kazuma. Kazuma watched as Tsukasa stood on stage, joy filling his heart even though he didn’t remember anything. Kazuma’s tears flowed as he hear her sing.

After the performance, Kazuma came backstage and praised Tsukasa for doing well even without him by her side. He said that he was afraid to leave her on her own, but he enjoyed looking after her, even before the bunkasai. Tsukasa hugged “her Kazuma” whom memories already came back. She cried and told him the feelings she’s been holding back all day. Kazuma told her that he won’t go anywhere anymore.


Tsukasa is so cute! ♥ Normally I don’t really like petankos since they tend to be childish and noisy, but Tsukasa is different. Her story was so touching too, as it really feels she grew stronger towards the end.


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