Nanatsuiro Drops – Main Route

I’ve started playing Nanatsuiro Drops yesterday. This is UNiSONSHIFT Blossom’s first game, illustrated by Ito Noizi. Since people says this game is good, I decided to play this for now.

In Nanatsuiro Drops, the main story branches off into individual routes after the 5th chapter, so it’d be easier to summarize the main route first. I haven’t actually completed any of the individual routes yet though..

第1話 「うんめいはななついろ」
Chapter 1: Fate is Seven-colored

Tsuwabuki Masaharu was a normal high school student who wasn’t too sociable. One day he bumped into his classmate, Akihime Sumomo, a very shy girl. Sumomo dropped her watering can, making Masaharu’s pants wet. After a misunderstanding with Sumomo’s best friend, Yaeno Nadeshiko, somehow Masaharu helped the gardening club by making them a sprinkler. While he bought a drink from the vending machine, Masaharu bumped into a suspicious person and they both dropped their belongings. Masaharu drinks from the can that he picked up, and was surprised to find out that he had just turned into a sheep doll. He was then thrown out to the trash can by a teacher who was passing by.

Sumomo picked up the sheep doll from the trash can and left him in the classroom while she finished her chores. Their teacher, Kisaragi-sensei, then came to the classroom and notice the sheep doll. He took the sheep to his room and put a spell on him so that he can move and talk. Kisaragi-sensei then explained to Masaharu that he just drank a potion from another world, Figurare. He needs to collect seven star drops that fall from the sky like shooting stars, and then Kisaragi-sensei will make a potion to make him back to his human form.

Only special people called the Stellar Spinners could gather the star drops, using special spoon-like wands called ladle. One ladle are made for one person only, and the owner of the ladle Kisaragi-sensei gave is a normal girl living somewhere in the human world. After explaining what Masaharu needs to do, Kisaragi-sensei threw him out to that girl’s place. The owner chosen by that ladle happened to be Sumomo. She believes that Masaharu (in his sheep form) came from the land of dolls, and needs to collect seven star drops in order to go back there. She also gave Masaharu the sheep a name: Yuki-chan.

That night they caught their first star drop in a fountain near the gardening club’s garden. Yuki-chan spent the night sleeping with Sumomo, but was shocked when he turned back into Masaharu in the morning. Kisaragi-sensei then explained that he will change into his sheep form in the evening, but will turn back into human in the morning.

Sumomo also received a dress from her mother, who was working overseas. She decided to wear the dress every time they’re going after the star drops.

第2話 「あめのなかのともだち」
Chapter 2: A Friend in the Rain

When practicing with her wand in the roof, Sumomo was seen by Nadeshiko. Later when Sumomo and Yuki-chan went out to catch a star drop that fell to the park, they met Nadeshiko again, and she actually helped them catching the star drop. Nadeshiko then took Sumomo and Yuki-chan to her house. She also found out that Yuki-chan can move and talk. According to the rules written in the manual, people who discovered the Stellar Spinner’s identity must have their memory erased. Sumomo really treasured Nadeshiko said that she can’t do that to her.

Yuki-chan found out when reading the manual at night that there’s a spell for one close person to the Stellar Spinner, that allows that person to know the Stellar Spinner’s identity without having their memory erased. The next day Masaharu walked Sumomo in the rain, hearing her problems. He was eager to change into Yuki-chan, so that he could tell Sumomo about the spell, but that day he didn’t change into his sheep form. Kisaragi-sensei then explained that on the day of a new moon, he will stay as a human for 24 hours. In return, he will stay as a sheep during the day of a full moon.

Masaharu then wrote a letter and threw it to Sumomo’s window, telling her about the spell. The next day, he noticed a mark on Nadeshiko’s neck. The mark was a proof that the spell was cast successfully.

第3話 「ほこりあるスピニア」
Chapter 3: Prideful Spinner

Masaharu bumped into a girl and her butler at school, fully exposing the girl’s panties. He ran away while the butler, Matsuda, apologized endlessly to the girl. Later he met the girl again, who asked if he saw her panties. Masaharu didn’t show any reactions and left her. The girl then showed her panties to Matsuda, who had a nosebleed. She was confused and muttered that she needs to do more investigation.

Sumomo and Yuki-chan went to catch a star drop in the planetarium at night. Right before Sumomo cast her spell, another Stellar Spinner appeared in front of them and introduced herself as Prima Asparas. She also had a dog partner called Arthur. Prima Asparas said she’s disappointed that her rival (referring to Sumomo, who was oblivious) is such a powerless Spinner. She then caught the star drop, leaving Sumomo who was feeling down.

It was revealed later that the girl from before was a new transfer student, Yuuki Nona. When she tried to talk to Masaharu about the panties incident, Masaharu told her that he didn’t quite remember about her panties. Nona got angry because of his lack of reactions.

第4話 「なつのおもいで・サマーキャンプ」
Chapter 4: Summer Memories – Summer Camp

Masaharu and his classmates went to a summer camp for 3 days and 2 night. The second day was a new moon, so he didn’t have to worry about transforming into Yuki-chan. On the first night, he went to see Sumomo after becoming Yuki-chan. He was taken to take a bath together with Sumomo and the other female classmates, and he end up fainting in the bath. The girls then had a girls’ talk before sleeping, where Yuki-chan found out that Sumomo has someone that she likes. And that Nona hated him because of his lack of reactions.

There was a courage test (kimodameshi) on the second night. The pair was decided by lottery, in which Masaharu drew out Sumomo’s name. The two eventually got lost in the woods. Sumomo sprained her ankle, and they decided to rest in a nearby shack before Kisaragi-sensei found them.

When visiting Sumomo at night after coming back from the camp, Yuki-chan found out that Kisaragi-sensei is actually Sumomo’s relative.

第5話 「ふたりのプリマ」
Chapter 5: The Two Prima

Masaharu came to visit Kisaragi-sensei during Summer holiday. He explained that Sumomo’s mother is his older sister, making him Sumomo’s uncle. Kisaragi-sensei then gave Masaharu a bottle of pink-colored drink, and told him to give it to Sumomo. He said it’s a reward for Sumomo because she’s been working hard, a potion to give a little courage.

After his visit, Masaharu met Sumomo, Nadeshiko and Nona in the hallway. They said they’re going to have supplementary lesson at the pool because they were unable to swim. Masaharu then agreed to teach them to swim and they met up at the pool. He taught Nadeshiko and Sumomo to swim, but Nona refused to get into the pool. Nona then told Matsuda to get her a drink. Matsuda grabbed the wrong bag — Masaharu’s bag — and gave her Kisaragi-sensei’s potion instead. As the result, Nona became aggressive and sticked to Masaharu like a glue, telling him not to leave her side.

The four of them decided to go to the Lime Light Cafe, just in case Nona could return to normal after resting. Masaharu forgot that he’d turn into a sheep by sunset and dashed out of the cafe, but he didn’t make it and turned into a sheep midway. He then hid his belongings and flew to Sumomo’s place.

Yuki-chan and Sumomo, along with Nadeshiko, went to catch a star drop that fell into the school’s pool that night. They met again with Prima Asparas, who was pissed because Sumomo didn’t seem to have any knowledge regarding magic and spells. She then taught Sumomo to use a spell that enables her to breathe and go underwater without getting wet. Prima Asparas then wore her glasses and noticed that her ‘rival’ is Akihime Sumomo. In return, Nadeshiko also noticed that Prima Asparas is actually Yuuki Nona.

Afterwards, Kisaragi-sensei explained to all of them that there were two magic schools in Figurare: Pramu Clovis and Sento Asparas. They had an annual competition to improve relations, that is to send a representative from each school to the human world and compete to collect the star drops. The representative from Pramu Clovis was sick and they sent her back to Figurare. Sumomo was the substitute for that girl. Nona also decided that she’s going to join the gardening club as well.

The next day, Nona told Masaharu that she discovered his secret. Last night she forgot something in the classroom and came back to school. She saw Yuki-chan flying in the sky from the window, gathering the belongings that he hid because of his sudden transformation before. She noticed that it was Masaharu’s bag Yuki-chan was carrying. Masaharu told her not to tell anybody because he’d turn into a doll forever if anyone ever found out. Nona then told him to kiss her if he wants to keep her quiet…

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