Nanatsuiro Drops – Akihime Sumomo

Finished with Sumomo’s route this morning. Busy weekend as usual, so it took four days LOL.

Honestly, though I love the story.. I don’t like Sumomo as a character. Sure she’s cute, but sometimes she just got on my nerves. Especially when she starts worrying or crying over something, when all she needs to do is just get over it and make a decision.

第6話 「さくらのなかのはつこい」
Chapter 6: First Love Amidst the Sakura

Sumomo accidentally saw Masaharu kissing Nona’s forehead, and it made her down. So much that she was unable to catch a falling star drop which end up vanishing. Sumomo also told Yuki-chan about the person she likes. She got lost in the middle of sakura trees when she first came to Seijou Gakuen. She also got separated from Nadeshiko and was crying alone when that person came and helped her. Yuki-chan realized that the person Sumomo was talking about is actually himself — Tsuwabuki Masaharu.

The next day, Sumomo showed Masaharu a secret place in the greenhouse that glows beautifully during sunset. Masaharu, realizing that he loves Sumomo as well, confessed to her. Before she could answer though, he realized that he’ll turn into Yuki-chan soon and ran back home, leaving the blushing Sumomo in the greenhouse.

第7話 「とまどい」
Chapter 7: Confusion

Before summer holiday came to an end, Flora — one of Masaharu’s classmates — came to Masaharu’s dorm. She persuaded him to buy a cellphone in a shop nearby, and he gave in. When Masaharu and his classmates went to the Lime Light Cafe in the next day, his classmates inputted their mail addresses into Masaharu’s phone. Including Sumomo, who always blushed heavily after being confessed. After walking her home, Masaharu then told her that he’s waiting for her answer.

Days passed and Sumomo was unable to give Masaharu an answer due to various causes. When catching a star drop at night, she cried and told Yuki-chan that she was feeling uneasy because Masaharu told her that she loves her, but he didn’t ask her out. Yuki-chan comforted her, and she finally cheered up after realizing that it took a lot of courage to confess, so Masaharu’s feeling must be genuine towards her.

The next day, Masaharu asked her to go out with him. She finally answered that she loves him as well, and that she wants to go out with him. Kisaragi-sensei and their classmates, who was peeking from the nearby bushes, congratulate them.(…took her long enough for a case of mutual love.)

第8話 「キスのちから」
Chapter 8: The Power of Kiss

Masaharu and his classmates was talking about a movie they watched last night, when suddenly the topic of kiss came up. Sumomo and Masaharu, who was going to have their first date on Sunday, became anxious because of that. They went to the planetarium and had a good time, but after watching the planetarium program, they remembered about the kiss again and became awkward. Masaharu then went home just before he turned into Yuki-chan.

The next day, Sumomo was interrogated by her classmates regarding their kiss. She blushed heavily and ran away after saying that they didn’t kiss. Masaharu met her in the greenhouse after school. He told her that they shouldn’t feel pressured about the kiss, and that they should do it at their own pace. They planted a seed in the greenhouse together. Realizing that they wanted to kiss, Masaharu kissed Sumomo on the lips before running away — realizing that it’s almost time he’d turn into Yuki-chan.

That night, Sumomo and Yuki-chan went to catch two star drops in the pool. The star drops was so quick that both Sumomo and Nona had trouble catching it. Sumomo, who was feeling happy after kissing with Masaharu, was able to use two spells that night: a flying spell, and a spell to modify the time. Nona was shocked at Sumomo’s ability to use such a high-level spell.

第9話 「いつでもそばにいたのに」
Chapter 9: Even Though You’re Always By My Side

Sumomo asked Masaharu to came to her house. The exams were coming and they were going to study together. Masaharu helped her with maths, and they had dinner together with Seishirou — Sumomo’s father. Masaharu and Sumomo also kissed and touched in her bedroom afterwards. They were interrupted when Kisaragi-sensei came though.

Masaharu, along with Sumomo and Nadeshiko, came to visit Nona. She didn’t came to school for days, but they didn’t know the exact reason, so they thought Nona was sick. Matsuda told Masaharu that the appearance-alternating potion they were using was running out.

The next day, Sumomo and Masaharu came with Nadeshiko to the library. She was going to return a book she borrowed, but there was no one at the library, so they had to return it to the right shelf. While looking for the right shelf, Masaharu and Sumomo noticed Nona was standing in the courtyard. It was as if she was calling Sumomo, and Sumomo immediately ran there to meet her.

Nona revealed that she used a spell to shut out everyone in the school other than the four of them, because she wanted to have a fair match with Sumomo. Nona then changed into Prima Asparas and released a star drop from the bottle. She wanted to see Sumomo’s power, because Sumomo could easily use the time spell while she had to study it for a long time. Nona used the time spell multiple times to slow down Sumomo’s body, but since it’s a high-level spell, her ladle couldn’t handle it. Nona’s ladle then went out of control, creating a sandstorm in the courtyard with Nona in the middle of it.

Sumomo tried to get Nona out of the sandstorm. She tried to use the time spell, but failed because she didn’t pronounce the spell correctly. Masaharu — who was locked in the classroom before it all started — broke out from the classroom and ran to the courtyard to help Sumomo. He opened the book in front of her, telling her the right spell. Sumomo was able to stop the sandstorm and rescued Nona, then she realized that Masaharu was Yuki-chan all along.

Masaharu hugged Sumomo and apologized. Before he could explain anything, he turned into a sheep doll. His identity was known, and he turned into a real doll as the result. Sumomo cried calling his name.

第10話 「もどってきたおもいで」
Chapter 10: The Memories That Came Back

Sumomo cried all the time while Kisaragi-sensei explained everything to Sumomo and Nadeshiko. Kisaragi-sensei then told them a way to revive Masaharu. Using Sumomo’s time spell, she could rewind Masaharu’s time to when his secret as Yuki-chan wasn’t revealed yet. It was a high-level spell and took a lot of power to use.

Nadeshiko told their classmates that Masaharu was sick, and was taken to a hospital near his home. It was far away, so they couldn’t come and visit. Meanwhile, Sumomo came everyday to look at Yuki-chan in Kisaragi-sensei’s room. She knew she was the only one who could help Masaharu, but she continuously doubted herself. Nona, who was feeling guilty, came to give Sumomo her notes regarding the spells. She thought that maybe it could help Sumomo in her practices.

On the night of a full moon, Sumomo came to school. Kisaragi-sensei already made preparations to revive Masaharu. Nadeshiko and Nona, along with Matsuda also came to watch. Kisaragi-sensei gave Sumomo and Nadeshiko a candy from Figurare, which enables them to know Masaharu’s secret without him becoming a real doll. Sumomo then proceeded and casted the spell. It was heavy for her, but during the most difficult time her mother came and helped her completing the spell. Sumomo’s mother, Karin soon disappeared from her sight, but was seen later in Kisaragi-sensei’s room. He called her all the way from overseas to help Sumomo.

As the spell succeeded, Yuki-chan regained consciousness and asked what happened. Sumomo cried happily and hugged him, happy that Masaharu came back.

第11話 「さいごのしずく」
Chapter 11: The Last Drop

Kisaragi-sensei called Sumomo, Masaharu and Nadeshiko to his room. He gave a potion to Masaharu to test its reaction. After drinking the potion, Masaharu couldn’t see the mark on Nadeshiko’s neck anymore. Also, when Kisaragi-sensei asked him what month was it, he answered it’s May. It was revealed that after drinking the potion made from the seven star drops, Masaharu’s memory will be rolled back to how it was before he turned into Yuki-chan. He will lose his memories of his adventures with Sumomo.

Nadeshiko asked whether the spell that binds a Stellar Spinner and a trusted friend could be transferred to Masaharu. She had many memories together with Sumomo, so losing six months of it would be okay. But if Masaharu lost his memories, he wouldn’t remember his memories and his feelings for Sumomo. Unfortunately it couldn’t be done.

Knowing that their time was short, Masaharu decided to spend as much time as he could with Sumomo. He spent the night of a new moon in Sumomo’s room before the last drop fell down in the viewing platform nearby. It was where they had their first date. Masaharu promised to Sumomo that even though he lost his memories, he will surely fall in love with her again. Sumomo then caught the star drop without any troubles. Masaharu and Sumomo held hands, and they went to see Kisaragi-sensei.

第12話 「おはようツワブキくん」
Chapter 12: Good Morning Tsuwabuki-kun

Masaharu woke up in the infirmary feeling blank. Kisaragi-sensei told him that he got into a traffic accident, and partially lost his memory. That is, the memories of the last six months. Feeling weird, he went to his classroom to see his classmates worrying about him. He felt that it’s weird how Nadeshiko and Sumomo cared so much about him, but they told him it’s because they’re friends and in the same club.

Sumomo came to see Kisaragi-sensei, and she cried in his arms after he told her not to force herself. He then gave her a potion, one that will make Masaharu loves her even though he lost his memories. Meanwhile, Masaharu was feeling weird all the time, trying to find out what he did in the past six months. He found a small cow print pajama in his closet, the one Sumomo bought for Yuki-chan. When Sumomo cut her hand while gardening, Masaharu also found a cute band-aid in his bag — the one Sumomo gave to him in the summer camp. After walking her home, Masaharu also felt a sharp pain in his head when he looked at Sumomo’s window.

Some days later, he came with Sumomo to the greenhouse. Sumomo took him to the secret place, the place where Masaharu confessed to her. Masaharu noticed that in the past he had came to that place together with Sumomo. Then, suddenly Sumomo said that she really loves him.

最終話 「きみをつつむ、はつこいのきせき」
Last Chapter: First Love Miracle, Encompassing You

Sumomo apologized for saying that she loves him, while he was having a hard time because of his memory loss. Masaharu couldn’t remember anything that had happened during the last six months, but he could feel his feelings for Sumomo. Masaharu realized that Sumomo was someone precious to him, and he confessed to her once again. Sumomo kissed him, happy that Masaharu really fulfilled his promise.

The two made love in the greenhouse, and went home late because of that. As they walked home, Sumomo told him everything that happened between them. How they meet, what happened in Summer, and also when Masaharu confessed to her. Sumomo also told him that there was someone who was always by her side, giving her so much courage. She said that ‘that someone’ wasn’t by her side anymore, but he already returned home.. so it’s okay. She was talking about Yuki-chan.

Sumomo’s Ending
After walking home together, talking and gazing at the stars, the two arrived at Sumomo’s house. None of them wanted to let go of the hands they held together. As they stood in front of her house, Seishirou opened the door because he heard voices from the outside. He told both of them to come in as there was something that would make Sumomo happy today.

It turned out that Karin came back to Japan. They had dinner together with Kisaragi-sensei too, with Karin telling Masaharu not to feel nervous and that she’s entrusting Sumomo in his hands. Surrounded by the people she loves, Sumomo felt really happy. Masaharu held her hand under the table and whispered that he loves her.


Now, moving on to Nadeshiko’s route. Seems like I will like her more than Sumomo, but we’ll see. I hope it won’t be a “I’m giving up on you because of my best friend” scenario. :D


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