Nanatsuiro Drops – Yuuki Nona

Somehow I changed my mind and did Nona’s route first. Well, since there are only three heroines in this game, next time would be Nadeshiko for sure. Flora is so cute.. ♥ The PS2 version is so tempting since she has her own route there.

Yuuki Nona is a tsundere ojou-sama who transferred to Seijou Gakuen. Her real identity is Prima Asparas, the representative sent by St. Asparas school for the annual competition. She wanted to compete fair and square with Sumomo, so initally she was shocked that Sumomo couldn’t do anything. Also, her clumsy butler Matsuda follows her everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.

第4話 「なつのおもいで・サマーキャンプ」
Chapter 4: Summer Memories – Summer Camp

Initially Masaharu picked up Sumomo’s name in the courage test lottery, but Keisuke later asked him to exchange partner with him. Masaharu agreed to exchange, and he end up partnering with Nona in the courage test. It turned out that Nona is afraid of ghosts. She was scared to death when Nobuko and Flora came out from the bushes to surprise her. So much that she lost strength and couldn’t stand. Masaharu carried her on his back. Nona told him to keep it a secret, and he agreed.

It was also revealed that Nona didn’t know how to wash rice.

第6話 「第6話 「アスパラスにさらわれて」
Chapter 6: Abducted by Asparas

Yuki-chan and Sumomo were chasing a star drop in the school at night. Sumomo chased after it here and there, but was unable to catch it yet. Nona who was watching her got pissed and took Yuki-chan away, saying that Sumomo was depending too much on him. She told Sumomo to at least learn the transforming spell first if Sumomo wanted to have a fair match with her. If she could reach that level on her own effort, then Nona will give Yuki-chan back to her.

Yuki-chan was brought to Nona’s mansion. She told him to come to her place instead of Sumomo’s from now on, as she felt it’s too early for Sumomo — who could only do the basics — to have a partner. Knowing Nona’s reason for doing so, Yuki-chan agreed. Later on Matsuda told him not to think badly of Nona. Matsuda himself thought it’d be safer if Yuki-chan stays at their place, because the chance of his identity being discovered is slimmer. He then said that Nona must feel the same way.

While Matsuda was washing him, Yuki-chan found out that Matsuda was the one who dropped the potion that he drank. The one that made him turn into a sheep doll. He decided not to say anything though.

The next day, Masaharu was going to hang out with Keisuke and the others after school. Sumomo was happy that he’s coming with them, but suddenly Nona stopped him and dragged him into her car. Masaharu protested, but it turned out that she’s doing it for his own sake. She was worried that he’d lost track of time and would turn into a sheep doll before he made it home. Nona then got embarassed and said that the love potion she drank during the swimming lesson still got its effect. She told him not to get near her, because her heart was throbbing with him nearby.

That evening Nona got drunk due to an overload dose of brandy in her tea. She got on top of Masaharu and touched him, but he transformed into Yuki-chan before they got any further.

第7話 「なんだかヘンなきもち」
Chapter 7: Somehow It Feels Weird

Before going to Nona’s place at night, Yuki-chan secretly stopped by Sumomo’s place to see how she’s doing. Sumomo was practicing catching with Nadeshiko and seems to be doing well. He was relieved to see that Sumomo was okay. Meanwhile, Nona practiced her spells to at home — including the time spell she used on Matsuda. Yuki-chan realized that Nona is always working hard and practicing on her own, and he realized why she was angry that Sumomo depended on him so much.

Nona still had heartthrobs when Masaharu was nearby. She blamed the love potion, but when Yuki-chan suggested to see Kisaragi-sensei for the antidote, she said it’s okay because it didn’t affect her daily life.

Sumomo and Nadeshiko misunderstood Masaharu and Nona’s recent closeness and told him to treasure her. Masaharu thought it’s weird how they could misunderstand such a thing, as Nona and him didn’t have such a relationship. He continued to feel weird around Nona but didn’t know why yet.

That day the brake on Nona’s car broke and Matsuda couldn’t stop the car. Nona had to walk home because of that, and Masaharu walked with her. After a long awkward silence, she asked him whether he wanted her to take the antidote. He said no, it’s fine the way it is now, and Nona continued to walk home feeling happy.

Soon after they reached Nona’s mansion, her ring glows indicating that a star drop was falling. When they came to the viewing platform, the star drop was inside a puddle. Nona could’ve catch it easily, but she took it out of the puddle just to have a match with Sumomo. At first Nona managed to catch it, but it splitted into two star drops just before she put it into a bottle.

The two star drops moved in an incredible speed. Nona used the flying spell and chased after them, but they were difficult to catch. Eventually Sumomo learned the time spell, and caught the two star drops using it. Because of what she promised, Nona had to return Yuki-chan to Sumomo.

As Sumomo ran back happily carrying Yuki-chan, he gazed at Nona whom just stood quietly at the viewing platform. Even though Sumomo was so happy that she caught two star drops at once, and that she could bring Yuki-chan back, he felt pain in his heart.

第8話 「なみだとこいごころ」
Chapter 8: Tears and One’s Love

Yuki-chan returned to visit Sumomo’s house at night. Both of them are worrying about Nona, as she hadn’t been coming to school ever since that day. They then went to catch a star drop that fell into a pond, but Nona didn’t come at all.

It’s been a week since Nona stopped coming to school, and their classmates started worrying about her. They asked if Masaharu knew the reason, and told him they asked because Masaharu and Nona were close. Masaharu didn’t realize it yet, but he’s worried about Nona. He was also missing her, thinking it’s better to get scolded by Nona rather than not seeing her face at all.

After school, Masaharu was going to see Nona when he met Matsuda at the school gate. Matsuda cried and told him that Nona had locked herself inside her own shell ever since last week. They both came into a conclusion that Nona was shocked how Sumomo could use the time spell easily, while she had to train so hard to master the spell. Matsuda then asked Masaharu to come and talk to Nona, because she looked so happy whenever she’s together with him.

When he thought about Nona being happy with him might be an effect of the love potion, Masaharu sensed a weird feeling in his heart.

The two arrived at Nona’s mansion, and Masaharu saw a very big clamshell. Nona’s shell, and she locked herself inside of it. Nona seemed happy that Masaharu came and talked to her about many things, but she didn’t show any sign of coming out. Following Masuda’s advice, Masaharu told Nona that last night Sumomo caught the sixth star drop. He asked her whether she doesn’t care about the match anymore, and would it be fine if she loses.

Nona finally came out of her shell and Matsuda cried out of joy. But she had a sad expression on her face, with tears in her eyes. Nona then shouted at Masaharu because all he talked about was Sumomo. She then cried that she didn’t want to feel this feeling caused by the love potion anymore, and ran away. Before they could find her, Masaharu turned into Yuki-chan. Matsuda told him to go to Sumomo’s place and not to worry about them.

Noticing that Yuki-chan didn’t seem to be feeling well, Sumomo asked him what happened. Yuki-chan told her everything, though he didn’t say it was about him and Nona. He finally noticed that he loves Nona. Sumomo said that even though the feelings ‘that girl’ had for Yuki-chan was because of magic (actually love potion), but her tears must be due to a different reason. She told Yuki-chan to meet and talk with ‘that girl’ again.

Meanwhile, Nona came to Kisaragi-sensei’s room. She asked for an antidote for the love potion. After explaining when and how she drank it, Kisaragi-sensei gave her the antidote — which she drank right away. Nona then went home together with Matsuda, who searched for her all the way to school. Before she went to bed, Matsuda explained that Masaharu didn’t do anything wrong as he was the one who told Masaharu to mention Sumomo’s name earlier. Nona replied that it doesn’t matter anymore. She drank the antidote, so she’s got nothing to do with Masaharu anymore.

The next day, Nona received an emergency call from St. Asparas. A significant amount of defect had been found in the equipment that connects Figurare and Retroscena (the human world). It was predicted that the machine would still be working fine until midnight, so it’d be best if Nona return to Figurare before then. If not, Nona and Matsuda couldn’t return to Figurare anymore.

第9話 「さいごのひ」
Chapter 9: The Last Day

Masaharu was about to go to Nona’s place, when suddenly he received a phone call from Matsuda. He quickly explained the situation at hand, with them having to go back to Figurare because of the broken machine. Matsuda himself was busy with the preparation and left Nona alone in her room, packing her own stuff. When Matsuda came back to see how she’s doing, he found her belongings already packed neatly, but Nona was nowhere to be seen. The bottle containing her star drops was also gone, but she left her ring at home.

It was about to rain and the sky was dark when Masaharu ran out of the dorm to search for Nona. Because Nona brought the star drops, Masaharu thought she might be at Kisaragi-sensei’s place. He came to school, but Kisaragi-sensei said that she didn’t come. He told him that she came last night though, and Masaharu knew she asked for the antidote. Just when he left to continue searching for Nona, they missed each other as she came to Kisaragi-sensei’s room and asked him to do something for her.

After searching here and there for Nona, Masaharu arrived at Sumomo’s place. It was revealed that Nona actually came there asking for Sumomo’s star drops to help someone precious to her. After Sumomo gave her some of her star drops, Nona told her that she enjoyed competing with her and left.

In the evening Nona came back to Kisaragi-sensei’s place, bringing seven star drops in her bottle. It turned out that she wanted to make the potion for Masaharu, so that he could return to his normal self. When making the potion, Kisaragi-sensei admitted that the antidote he gave her last night.. was actually only a sugar water. Without using any star drops, it was impossible to create a potion that has a long-term effect. In other words, the love potion Nona drank had already lost its effect in three days. Soon the potion was done, and Nona took it before she left to search for Masaharu.

Meanwhile, Masaharu turned into Yuki-chan on his way back to school. Because of Matsuda’s call earlier, he panicked and left the book at home. Without the book he couldn’t fly and had to run on his own feet. It was raining and Yuki-chan felt his body was getting heavier because of it. Not to mention that in his small body, running won’t help much either. He decided to go back to the dorm to get the book, when suddenly Nona found him. She got angry at him for running in that appearance, but it was because she was worried that someone might see him.

Muttering how foolish Masaharu was, Nona took out the potion. She drank it and kissed Yuki-chan, passing the potion mouth to mouth. The moment he swallowed all the potion, he turned back into his human form. Nona blushed, but her tsun side took control as Masaharu and her argued about their first kiss. Nona then also told him that the love potion’s effect already worn off. Since Masaharu didn’t realize what she was trying to say, Nona said that she fell in love with him on her own. Loudly, so that her voice was heard clearly in the falling rain.

最終話 「こくはくは、またこんど」
Last Chapter: Confession is For Next Time

Drenched in the rain, Nona asked Masaharu to bring her to his room. After Nona took a shower and changed, Masaharu wanted to call Matsuda, since he was worried about her since morning. Nona stopped him and said she wanted to be alone with him. Tomorrow she’d be back to Figurare, so she wanted to spend the remaining time with him. They made love in Masaharu’s room that night.

After that, still lying in Masaharu’s bed, Nona mentioned how Masaharu hadn’t say that he loves her yet. He hugged her and was about to say it when she stopped him. Nona changed her mind and would like Masaharu to say it when she comes back to Retroscena again someday. Fixing the machine would take time, but Masaharu believed that Nona could contribute her knowledge. He then promised her that he will say that he loves her when she comes back.

Both of them then went to Nona’s place. Sumomo, Nadeshiko and Kisaragi-sensei were all there to send her off. Nona and Matsuda thanked all of them for being friends with her during her stay in Retroscena. Nona then hugged Masaharu for the last time, reminding him not to forget their promise. She will definitely come back again someday, so she told Masaharu to wait for her. Afterwards, Nona casted the spell that bounds a Stellar Spinner and one close person — the same spell that Sumomo used on Nadeshiko. It was a proof that she will come back to his place.

Nona whispered to herself that she did the same thing as the person she adored. Now we all know how much she adores Karin (Sumomo’s mother), implying that Karin did the same thing to Seishirou in the past.

Just before midnight, Nona and Matsuda went through the door that connected Figurare and Retroscena. Masaharu turned to Sumomo and thanked her. Because of her, he came to realize his feelings for Nona. Sumomo was confused because she didn’t know Masaharu was Yuki-chan, until he handed her the cow print pajama she bought for him.

Fast forward a few years later. Time passes quickly, and it was graduation day for Masaharu and his friends. When he walked by the greenhouse, a junior chased after him and confessed that she likes him. Masaharu turned her down, saying that there’s a girl he loves though she’s currently far away. Masaharu then walked to Nona’s mansion. He had been coming to Nona’s house a lot of times in the past years, and as he thought about Nona.. suddenly a loud noise was heard from inside the mansion.

Rushing to the mansion, Masaharu found a large hole in the attic. And also machine fragments scattered across the room. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice screaming “Ojou-samaaa~!”, and another voice calling his name. Nona came out and hugged him, saying that she’s back. She was able to fix the broken machine and made a new one. The one she used to come back to Retroscena was the old one, but somehow it exploded midway. Nona decided to stay at Retroscena with Masaharu. She then asked him to fulfill his promise. Masaharu called her by her first name and said that he loves her.


Overall Nona’s route was more enjoyable than Sumomo’s. I found her character more like-able as well, far better than Sumomo. Her ending was partly hilarious too, with Masuda hanging on the background as Masaharu and Nona hugged each other.


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