Nanatsuiro Drops – Yaeno Nadeshiko

With this, I’ve finished Nanatsuiro Drops. Honestly my feelings towards Nadeshiko’s route was rather mixed though. Maybe because it’s predictable?

Yaeno Nadeshiko is Sumomo’s best friend. She really loves Sumomo and would do anything to make her smile. While Sumomo was too shy to talk to other people, Nadeshiko would do all the talking for her. Nadeshiko was also in the gardening club and is quite skilled in using naginata.

第4話 「なつのおもいで・サマーキャンプ」
Chapter 4: Summer Memories – Summer Camp

In her own route, Masaharu drew Nadeshiko’s name in the lottery. The paper had a red stamp, marking students who are chosen to play the ghosts in the courage test. After they were done surprising the pairs who passed them by, Masaharu and Nadeshiko decided to go back. Nadeshiko noticed that Masaharu’s shoelaces were loose, and he handed her the torch as he bent down to tighten them. The torch suddenly broke, and darkness surrounded both of them. Nadeshiko stumbled upon something in the ground. Seeing Nadeshiko’s helpless expression, Masaharu held her hand.

Walking hand-in-hand, Nadeshiko apologized for breaking the torch. She said that it always happened at home, to her TV remote and microwave. All she did was touch the button, but somehow they broke down. Masaharu laughed and told her it was just coincidence. Nadeshiko then thanked him after they came back to the camp.

第6話 「ちいさなすれちがい」
Chapter 6: A Little Misunderstanding

Summer vacation came to an end, and the second semester started. Nona told Masaharu to forget the incident at the pool, and he was relieved that the potion’s effect already worn off. After school Masaharu headed to the gardening club, but only Nadeshiko was there — Sumomo went to the staff room, and Nona was talking with Matsuda. Nadeshiko told Masaharu about tsuwabuki flower and wondered whether Sumomo would be happy if they could plant that flower.

That evening, Yuki-chan saw Nadeshiko on the way to Sumomo’s house. Nadeshiko stopped by the flower shop, but it seems like she didn’t find the flower she was looking for. Yuki-chan was worried about her, but decided to go to Sumomo’s house and spent the night as usual.

The next day, Masaharu had a good time in the gardening club — with Sumomo, Nadeshiko, Nona and Matsuda. He went home together with Sumomo and Nadeshiko, and they talked about how Nona has changed. Nona seemed to enjoy her school life lately. While Sumomo said that Masaharu also changed, Nadeshiko showed a sad expression and kept quiet. Still with that expression, she suddenly said that she forgot something in the classroom. Nadeshiko smiled and asked Masaharu to walk Sumomo home, before running back to the school.

Sumomo wanted to do something together as a club, so she decided to join the monthly park bazaar. Masaharu and Nona agreed immediately. Kisaragi-sensei also gave his permission after reassuring that Masaharu would be okay. The bazaar is on a new moon day, so he didn’t have to worry about turning into Yuki-chan. It was pretty much obvious how Nadeshiko tried to set up Sumomo and Masaharu together during the bazaar preparation.

Both Sumomo and Masaharu realized this. They thought it’s weird, because normally Nadeshiko was inseparable from Sumomo. But now their time together decreased because of that. Masaharu finally told Nadeshiko that Sumomo wanted to be with her. On the other hand, Sumomo said she’d choose the flowers, so Nadeshiko should change the pots together with Masaharu. Nadeshiko was surprised, but soon said she had naginata practice and hurried home.

Masaharu also went home afterwards. Right before she went home, Nona noticed that her ring was glowing. A star drop was falling. She thought it might be interesting to see Sumomo’s reaction, so she went back to the garden. It turned out that Sumomo didn’t notice the sign. While Nona’s ring glowed brigtly, Sumomo’s didn’t glow at all. Nona told her not to worry about it since Sumomo was a special case, and the magical power itself tends to be unstable.

第7話 「かわってゆくおもい」
Chapter 7: Changing Feelings

Yuki-chan noticed that Sumomo didn’t look well the night before the bazaar. He told her to just go back, but Sumomo insisted that it’s okay. They continued chasing after a star drop when suddenly Sumomo collapsed to the ground. Yuki-chan panicked, and while he tried looking for help, Nona came flying from the sky. Seeing Sumomo’s condition, Nona immediately called Matsuda to help carrying Sumomo.

Back in Nona’s mansion, Sumomo told Nona that she couldn’t see the star drop. Even her ring’s power seemed interrupted. Nona explained that using the ladle requires a significant amount of focus. If Sumomo’s heart is weakening (as in troubled), her power would become unstable. When asked whether she knew what was the cause, Sumomo denied that she’s troubled and said it must be because she was tired. Nona then told her to take care of her physical condition too.

The weather was perfect on the day of the bazaar. As expected, Sumomo didn’t come due to her health condition. Nadeshiko felt guilty because she didn’t really help Sumomo during the preparation days, but Masaharu told her Sumomo wouldn’t blame her. Their stand at the bazaar was quite successful, but Nadeshiko was worried that Nona might get tired. In the end Nona really got tired and went home early with Matsuda. Nadeshiko and Masaharu worked hard and sold all of the remaining pots.

When tidying up their belongings before going home, Nadeshiko accidentally dropped the watering can. It fell to the ground, splashing her with water. With Nadeshiko’s hair and clothes being wet, Masaharu suggested they go to his dorm. There should be a girl who’ll let Nadeshiko borrow her shower and clothes. Or so he thought. Masaharu and Nadeshiko came to the dorm, but he couldn’t find anyone. The Asamiya sisters who usually hang out in the lobby was nowhere to be seen either. Masaharu finally offered Nadeshiko to use the shower in his room. She was surprised, but agreed nonetheless. After giving her a clean towel, Masaharu went out of the room.

He soon came back though, because Nadeshiko screamed from the shower. The shower’s temperature became high, and she couldn’t stop it. Masaharu told her to stop the lever below, but it didn’t work. He finally entered the shower, and it stopped normally. Nadeshiko then slipped, her towel came loose as she lied naked on top of him. She blushed, quicky apologized and got dressed right away.

Masaharu then walked Nadeshiko home, apologizing for what happened earlier on the way. They thanked each other and said they had fun today.

Sumomo was still absent from school on the next day, so Nadeshiko and Masaharu came to visit her. They told her about the bazaar. Sumomo looked happy, but Nadeshiko showed a sad expression. When Sumomo asked her what’s wrong, she said it’s nothing. Judging by her reaction, Masaharu thought the cause must be what happened to them last night. He left Sumomo’s house at dusk, but transformed into Yuki-chan on the way to the dorm. Since there’s nothing could be done, he flew to Sumomo’s house and found that Nadeshiko was still there.

Suddenly Sumomo’s ring glowed, but the light was weak. Moreover, it stopped glowing after a while. Sumomo cried and panicked, saying that it’s not the first time such a thing happened. She continued on crying and said her power might be weakening. If that is the case she couldn’t be able to help Yuki-chan collecting the star drops. Nadeshiko kindly comforted her, and Yuki-chan suggested asking Kisaragi-sensei.

Kisaragi-sensei said exactly what Nona told them earlier. Sumomo’s heart was unstable, hence her troubled heart became a disturbance when using the power. He also told her to stop collecting the star drops in this state. With that unstable heart, when the power would come and go is unpredictable. If the power suddenly disappeared when Sumomo is using it, it’d be dangerous for her own safety. Sumomo cried that she couldn’t keep her promise to return Yuki-chan back home.

Nadeshiko asked Kisaragi-sensei if she could help assisting Sumomo. Because such thing had never happened before, they didn’t know for sure. But Kisaragi-sensei said he’ll look for a way for Nadeshiko to help Sumomo. Days passed but they still couldn’t find a way. Until one day, Kisaragi-sensei and Nona created a potion to support Sumomo’s power. Whenever the ring glows, all Sumomo needs to do is to drop the potion onto the ring. The effect is temporary, but the ring will glow normally. Also, when turned into a ladle it will scoop the star drop automatically.

The power provided by the potion was weak though. It wouldn’t work unless Sumomo was really close to the star drop. In order to do that, Nadeshiko will take the ladle and chase after the star drop — replacing Sumomo.

The next day, Nadeshiko was practicing catching star drops when suddenly Sumomo’s ring glowed. Due to Sumomo’s condition, Nadeshiko decided to go alone with Yuki-chan to catch it. The star drop fell into the school, and they chased after it all the way up to the roof. At first they had difficulties because the star drop’s agile movement, but eventually they caught it. Nadeshiko said that it’s because of everyone’s effort.

第8話 「ほんとうのきもちを、しった」
Chapter 8: Your True Feelings, I Knew

Sumomo started attending school again. Flora gave them Lime Light discount tickets to celebrate Sumomo’s recovery. Masaharu also noticed that Nadeshiko seemed to avoid him, while Sumomo worried about what’s wrong with Nadeshiko. After school Sumomo, Nadeshiko and Masaharu went to eat at Lime Light. Suddenly Nadeshiko said she forgot she had to go to the dojo quicky, and she ran off again — leaving Sumomo and Masaharu confused. In the end Masaharu felt he’s the cause that Sumomo and Nadeshiko’s time together decreased.

Based on Masaharu’s suggestion, Sumomo asked Nadeshiko to go shopping together on weekend. Since it was full moon, Masaharu was in the form of Yuki-chan all day long. Sumomo brought him to go shopping together. After shopping, they went to Lime Light to eat dessert. There, Sumomo told Nadeshiko her thoughts: Nadeshiko’s strange behaviour near Masaharu lately. Nadeshiko said it’s not like she had a fight with him, nor does she hate him. But somehow she felt uncomfortable when he’s around. She couldn’t explain the reason either. Shocked because of Nadeshiko’s answer, Yuki-chan was unable to stay at Sumomo’s house for the night. He left her house soon after.

Heavy rain poured down last night. Masaharu caught a cold, and he had to rest in the infirmary because of that. Masaharu found it hard to go to the club, still because of Nadeshiko’s words. He met Sumomo, who was worrying about him, and in the end told her what he feels. Sumomo told him it must be because he loves Nadeshiko. She also cheered for him, telling him to do his best. But afterwards she cried alone in the greenhouse. Nadeshiko found her crying, but Sumomo said it was nothing.

The next day, Nadeshiko called Masaharu to come and meet her. They agreed to meet at the park in the evening. As expected, she got angry and asked him what he did to Sumomo. What he feels about Sumomo, and why did he hurt her. Of course Masaharu didn’t know anything. He answered honestly that Sumomo is a precious friend, and without her he’d never realize his feeling. With that said, Masaharu then confessed to Nadeshiko. Hearing all of that, Nadeshiko cried saying that she didn’t want to see Sumomo sad. On the other hand, she didn’t want to let go of Masaharu either. Masaharu finally realized that Sumomo was in love with him too, that’s why it was hard for Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko then apologized to him and ran away crying.

第9話 「ちいさくてよわいこころ」
Chapter 9: Small, Fragile Heart

Nadeshiko was absent from school. Sumomo went to visit her, bringing Yuki-chan along. She asked why Nadeshiko looked so down. At first Nadeshiko didn’t want to say the reason, but in the end she broke down crying. She apologized to Sumomo, who realized what actually happened just by seeing Nadeshiko’s reaction. Sumomo told Nadeshiko that whatever happens, she will always be her precious friend.

After hearing Keisuke’s advice, Masaharu decided to apologize to Sumomo and Nadeshiko. Sumomo smiled, saying that she loves both Nadeshiko and Masaharu. She also said that even though Nadeshiko is a strong person, a girl’s loving heart is small and fragile. So Masaharu should treasure it.

That night, Sumomo’s ring glowed. The light was weak, but Sumomo decided to ask for Nadeshiko’s assistance. Nadeshiko was reluctant whether her current self could help Sumomo, but Sumomo told her just having Nadeshiko by her side would help. Suddenly the ring’s glow became stronger. Yuki-chan knew that having Nadeshiko by Sumomo’s side helped stabilizing her power.

The three of them chased after the star drop, which was inside their greenhouse at school. It turned out that it was a twin star drop, separating into two drops when Nadeshiko caught it using the ladle. Together they caught the star drops, scooping both at once.

While Yuki-chan fainted in attempt to catch the falling glass bottle, Sumomo and Nadeshiko talked to each other. Sumomo told her to be honest to her heart, since for Sumomo herself, Nadeshiko’s feelings are important. Nadeshiko said she couldn’t forgive herself, hurting Sumomo and falling in love with Masaharu. But Sumomo replied she wanted Nadeshiko to treasure her own feelings.

After Yuki-chan regained consciousness, the three of them went to see Kisaragi-sensei right away. Sumomo insisted on seeing Yuki-chan off, but he told her how he’d go back to the land of dolls was a secret. Both Sumomo and Nadeshiko went home after saying goodbye to Yuki-chan.

And so Masaharu turned back into his normal self.

Early in the morning, even before sunrise, Masaharu walked to Nadeshiko’s house. He found her there, taking in the newspaper. Masaharu then took her to the viewing platform. Just when the sun rised, he told her that he knew how much Nadeshiko treasured Sumomo. And that Sumomo loves him. But he couldn’t lie to his feelings. Before he could continue, Nadeshiko said that she wanted to tell him her feelings too. She finally said that she loves Masaharu.

最終話 「こなゆきとともに」
Last Chapter: Along With the Powdered Snow

It’s been a month since Masaharu and Nadeshiko started going out. They went to school together everyday, along with Sumomo. After school, Sumomo asked Masaharu to deliver a notebook to Nadeshiko. She had naginata practice thay day, so he went to the dojo. On their way home, they held hands and kissed.

Since Sumomo caught seven star drops already, the match between her and Nona had also ended. Soon Nona would have to go back to Figurare, so she made flower wreaths together with Sumomo, using the flowers they grew in the gardening club. They then gave the wreath to Nadeshiko, saying that a magic had been cast to it. A magic to bring Masaharu and Nadeshiko even closer.

They went home together after school. Because of the sudden rain, Masaharu took shelter in Nadeshiko’s room. In the end they made love there. Nadeshiko told him about the things she wanted to do if she has a boyfriend, in return Masaharu promised to do those things together.

On weekend, Masaharu went on a date with Nadeshiko. Surprisingly she came in a dress, showing her feminine side. They bought a present for everyone, in order to show their gratitude for the flower wreath. When Nadeshiko went to the toilet, Masaharu secretly bought a ring for her. When he finally gathered up the courage to give it to her, Nadeshiko was so happy. Snow was falling as they walked together in the park. Nadeshiko then said they should make snowmen together with Sumomo, Nona and Matsuda tomorrow.


Why do I feel like chapter 6 and especially 7 are ridiculously long? And chapter 10 feels like an epilogue rather than a main chapter. Nadeshiko’s route was exactly like what I expected, unfortunately. There were times when Sumomo really got on my nerves here too. Especially when she had this expression.

Well, overall I think Nanatsuiro Drops is cute and enjoyable though. The story is well-written, and the concept of “first love that encompasses you” really hits the target.


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