Natsuyume Nagisa – Prologue

My next stop. I’ve heard good things about this game, and though it looks like a normal summer themed eroge.. it’s not. The mysteries waiting to be unfold really make you curious as of what will happen next. Note: I will add the screenshots later.

The prologue shows a girl and a penguin swimming together. It was time for them to part. The girl guided the penguin back to the sea, and thanked him for the great summer they spent together. The penguin didn’t want to part with her, but he couldn’t say anything because.. well, he’s a penguin.

November 24

Koriyama Nagisa woke up in the infirmary to find the school nurse, Okochi Yume, in front of him. Nagisa didn’t have any memories, and therefore had to attend counseling sessions with her. After explaining the dream he had earlier (about the penguin and the girl), in the end Yume-san told him to fall in love. It was later revealed that Yume-san was the one to give him the name ‘Koriyama Nagisa’. Nagisa himself didn’t like it though, because it’s like a girl’s name.

It was November 4, the day of Gratitude Festival. The day where you give a snack along with a card to the person you love. Of course Nagisa thought it has nothing to do with him, since he didn’t have any friends. Let alone a girlfriend. How surprised he was when he found a card in his desk, telling him that the sender was waiting in the music room.

Before Nagisa entered the music room, he heard that someone was playing the piano inside. A nostalgic song, though he didn’t remember. He took a deep breath and came into the music room to find.. it dark and empty. There was a girl’s voice from inside. She said she’s the student body president, telling him that she wanted him to search for something. That ‘something’ turned out to be students who hadn’t been attending school. These students couldn’t be reached ? they were not at school nor at home. Only Nagisa could find them.

And so Nagisa started his search. The students he had to find were Rougi Maki, Toono Haruka and Mihama Hitsuji. Beside the profile documents, Nagisa also received a notebook. It was a diary written by a girl, a member of the skin diving club. The writer’s name wasn’t found in the diary though.

After spending the whole day looking around places, trying to find those students, Nagisa came back home. A mysterious girl was standing in front of his room. She handed him a card and a gift, but the card got blown away by a strong wind afterwards.

November 25

The next day, Nagisa was looking for the student council president. Suddenly he got high-kicked by a girl, who later revealed to be the president he was looking for — Aoyama Tsukasa. Confused, Nagisa explained the whole situation. He also had to explain his condition — that he was found washed ashore with no memories last year. They then checked the skin diving club together, but the club had no members and inactive at the moment. Nagisa, wanting to see further, decided that he wanted to revive the club. The total of five members and an adviser was needed though. He planned to put the missing students into the club when he found them. The student council was in need of extra help to prepare for the Christmas Festival, so all is good.

In the end, the student council offered their assistance for Nagisa’s search. Nagisa tried calling the missing students’ numbers, only to get no response. He visited their residences too, but no luck either.

Suddenly he spotted a cat was lying on the street dying. He recognized it was a cat he met in the restaurant Umineko-tei before. Nagisa took the dying cat and rushed into the animal hospital.

November 27

Nagisa planned to sell his bike to pay for the cat’s hospital fee. When he got there though, the cat was already taken home by the owner.

When Nagisa came to Umineko-tei for lunch, a waitress girl gave him a treat for saving her cat. The girl suddenly confessed to him and introduced herself as Mihama Hitsuji. Yes, one of the students Nagisa was looking for. Hitsuji was soon called by the owner though. Before leaving, she said she’d come to school if that means she could meet Nagisa again.

November 28

Nagisa went diving at the beach. He wondered about the big tree silhouette seen far away from the beach. Tsukasa, who happened to be there too, lent him a pair of binoculars to see the tree — Christmas. It was said that if you goes near Christmas and make a wish with all your heart, you will be granted the time that you want. Since the waves were violent and unstable, no one could get near the tree though. Even veteran divers would avoid going there. Tsukasa then left after warning Nagisa not to do anything dangerous.

Still, Nagisa’s curiosity towards Christmas drove him to swim closer. He swam further and further until finally he reached the giant tree. Wondering if the root was all the way down in the bottom of the sea, Nagisa dived further. Suddenly a violent wave hit him. It was too late for him to avoid, and he lost conscience.

After a while, Nagisa woke up in the lap of a girl. Seems like the girl performed CPR on him earlier. She even let him sleep on her lap, so that his head won’t lie on top of hot sand. The girl then brought Nagisa to a nearby church on top of a hill, and gave him a cup of shaved ice there. The church was in the middle of the woods, and Nagiza realized he’s been washed ashore all the way to the south part of the island. She was later revealed to be Tohno Haruka — also one of the missing students. Haruka had a weak body, so she lived in the church together with her maid Aria. That also means she won’t be going to school because of her physical conditions.

To show his gratitude towards Haruka, Nagisa gave her three wishes and promised he’d make them come true. Haruka then asked him to accompany her if she comes back to attend school. Before leaving, Nagisa invited her to join the skin diving club. Haruka accepted the offer happily.

November 30

On Monday, Nagisa met Hitsuji at school. He introduced himself properly (he didn’t mention his name before) and explained to Hitsuji about his amnesia. He also invited Hitsuji to join the skin diving club, which she accepted immediately. Hitsuji took it as the sumo (sumoguri = skin diving) club though.

Nagisa took Hitsuji to meet Tsukasa and Yumi at the student council room. When asked as of why she didn’t attend school, Hitsuji simply said she was busy searching for love. Nagisa also reported that he met Tohno Haruka, but since she was under medical care, she couldn’t come to school. Yumi then informed that the student council had been doing research regarding the last missing student, Rougi Maki.

Rougi Maki was attending school properly before. But even so, she didn’t attend classes and spent most of her time in the library. Immersing herself in her own research. Lately she hadn’t been coming to the library though. Last month a student saw her near the primeval garden, setting up a tent and roaming around there. The student asked what she was doing, but she only replied “A little research in the forest.”

December 1

Based on the information, Nagisa went to search for Rougi Maki in the forest. He got lost though, and at dusk he stumbled upon a sanatorium. It wasn’t on the map, and the person inside said that they took care of special case patients. She gave directions for Nagisa and wished him luck on finding what he was searching for. Nagisa thanked her and followed the directions given, and he realized something.

…did he say he was searching for something?
Actually, no. But he thought maybe he said it.

Following the directions, Nagisa was still lost. He even felt that he’s going deeper into the forest. While resting, a very big penguin came out from the bushes. Thinking that it’s the man-eating penguin, the scared Nagisa prentended to be a penguin so he won’t be eaten. Until the penguin said something.

“What are you doing?”

It was actually a person wearing a penguin suit. She was researching about the penguins’ ecology there. In that suit, the penguins thought she’s one of them and won’t run away. The big penguin then took Nagisa to her camp, to give him a spare map of the forest. Since it was dark already, Nagisa (thinking it was a guy inside) asked if he could stay at her tent for the night. The big penguin allowed him.

The big penguin didn’t take off the penguin suit even while sleeping. Nagisa talked to her about weird things, such as how penguins mate.. and then tried to simulate it with the big penguin. He also said that because of his amnesia, he never had the chance to fool around with male friends. Nagisa then asked the big penguin to be his friend, and she agreed.

December 2

Nagisa woke up to find the big penguin taking a bath. He wanted to take a bath together, so he took off all his clothes and headed to the spring. Rather than a guy, he found a girl in a white swimsuit there. She said it was right for her to wear a swimsuit, because he might came like that. Nagisa realized it was the big penguin’s voice.

After taking a closer look, Nagisa realized that it was another missing student — Rougi Maki. She asked why he was looking for her, and Nagisa explained the whole reason. Maki agreed to join the skin diving club under one condition. She wanted to know more about the sanatorium and the person inside, since she’s been staying at the forest but never found such a place.

Maki and Nagisa then came to school, reporting to the student council. Since there were five people (including Tsukasa, to supervise), the skin diving club could be resumed. They were also given a club room, which turned out to be the unused music room where Nagisa met the mysterious girl. While unpacking the club’s stuff, Nagisa found an envelope. Similar to the card he received on the Gratitude Festival, this time it told him that she’s waiting in the church where Haruka lives. There was also a key in the envelope.

Since Maki was also interested in the church, they decided to have a gasshuku on Sunday. The destination was of course, the church.

December 3

For three days, Nagisa stayed at the university laboratorium. The university let him lived a normal school life, and he helped them with their research in return. Just in case you’re getting the wrong idea, he was the research object.

December 6

The skin diving club went to the church where Haruka and Aria lives. Though Aria didn’t seem to agree, Haruka welcomed them warmly. They played at the beach at noon. Hitsuji finally realized that this is not a sumo club. As a result, the girls were all tired at night, forgetting that they were there to investigate. Haruka told him that in the shed there were many boxes which couldn’t be opened. There was a small box among them that drew Nagisa’s attention. The key worked too. He opened the unlocked box to find a small locket pendant.

Nagisa couldn’t sleep at night. As he played with the small box, he then found a picture stuck in the bottom of the box. A picture of a boy and a girl, linking arms together. While he thought the girl was cute, the boy’s face couldn’t be seen clearly. There was another picture of the same couple with their friends, having dessert at Umineko-tei.

Still unable to sleep, Nagisa went out to the beach. A piece of his memories came back. Three people in the picture ealier with him, spending summer together in that beach.

4 thoughts on “Natsuyume Nagisa – Prologue

  1. I have 3 questions.
    1. Is this a real anime or is it a game?
    2. If it is an anime were can i find the episodes?
    3. If its a game were can I buy it?

    • Sorry for the late answer.
      Natsuyume Nagisa is a visual novel game by Saga Planets. You can get it from any sites that sell visual novel games, but I bought my copy from amazon JP. The link is here, if you’re interested. :)

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