Natsuyume Nagisa – Mihama Hitsuji

As expected, the story was so good and well-thought. I will be summarizing the main points only for Natsunagi routes. Since it’s really good, you better play it for yourself. :3

Mihama Hitsuji is Nagisa’s kouhai at Shiranami Gakuen. She’s the owner of the mysterious cat, Nonpoli. Hitsuji is very much a like cat, wandering around town freely and coming to school when she feels like it. She is a good cook and very deredere towards Nagisa. Hitsuji is also good at singing, up to the point where she was scouted.

Nagisa first met her in town. She was looking for Nonpoli, who was in Umineko-tei. Nagisa also met her again after he saved the dying cat, but she disappeared soon after. Next, they met again when he came to Umineko-tei, where she was working part-time as a waitress. She introduced herself and treated him food to show gratitude.

One thing about her though, when Nagisa came to her house in the prologue.. it turned out to be an aquarium. Even after he found her later, it seems like she doesn’t want to let him know where she lives. Hitsuji later said that she ran away from home, and had to sleep at love hotels or net cafes because she couldn’t spend the night at normal hotels.

After becoming a couple, Nagisa and Hitsuji lived together in Himawari Heights. The landlady had a problem with Nonpoli though, since pets were not allowed. Since Nagisa and Hitsuji were still students, the landlady also didn’t approve them living together. Nagisa worked at Umineko-tei to save money, and also searched for a new place where they can live together.

On the night of Christmas Eve, Hitsuji suddenly said it’s time for them to part. Because the magic would wear off when Christmas comes. She then told Nagisa a story.

There was a cat who fell in love with a human boy. She was so happy whenever they meet, and often visited the cafe just to gaze at him from afar. One day she gathered up the courage to call him, and he was very kind. Being treated so kindly, the cat fell in love with the boy even more. And that day, Nagisa rescued the cat that got hit by the car. The dying cat who lied alone in the asphalt, was Hitsuji herself.

Actually, after Nagisa carried her to the hospital, the cat died. However, she wanted to thank Nagisa for his kindness and made a wish to God. Receiving a magic until Christmas, she was granted life as a human for a short while. When Christmas comes, Hitsuji will turn back into a cat. A cat that doesn’t exist in this world anymore. Hitsuji apologized, said goodbye and thanked him as Nagisa lost his conscience.

When he woke up the next morning, Hitsuji was nowhere to be found. However, the story she told him last night was not the whole truth.

Mihama Hitsuji was a former idol. She was a part of a local vocal unit, with the stage name Mihama Chihiro. Her agency office was set on fire. Hitsuji’s face and arms got burnt so bad that it left a scar. For an idol, suffering such wounds made it difficult for her to go back to entertainment industry.

However, initially Hitsuji received so many support from her parents and her fans. She wasn’t all that sad about having to quit the vocal unit activities. Then one day, a picture of her in bandages was spread throughout the internet. Wanting to know whether people would encourage and comfort her, she checked it out only to find people and her fans laughing at her.

Hitsuji was shocked. The fact that her own fans would do such a thing hurt her so much that she didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Based on her consultant’s advice, she went far far away to the secluded sanatorium in the woods. But even so, she closed her heart and didn’t want to interact with the people around her. She spent her days playing with cats. Based on a novel detective she read, Hitsuji placed a wiretap on one of the cats — Nonpoli. That way she could hear voices of people pampering Nonpoli, saying that the cat is cute and such. The praises she used to receive during her idol days.

On the day of the accident, Hitsuji heard a loud noice coming from Nonpoli. She knew right away that the cat got hit by a car. While she worried about Nonpoli, she heard the voices of people around. Saying that the dying cat was so disgusting. It reminded Hitsuji of what people say about her the moment they saw her picture. Losing her will to live, she was planning for suicide. Just before she jumped out of her window, she heard another voice. Nagisa’s voice, telling the girls around the cat to move away. Touched by how Nagisa treated and saved Nonpoli, Hitsuji herself felt that Nagisa had saved her as well. However, she realized that in her current appearance Nagisa wouldn’t like her.

After hearing about Christmas, the tree that could grant wishes and time, Hitsuji went out of the sanatorium. She left a note saying she’s going to meet the person she loves, but will be back on Christmas. Hitsuji picked Nonpoli in the animal hospital, went to the beach, and sailed on a small boat towards the tree. Right after she wished for time to turn back, the tree glowed. Both Hitsuji and Nonpoli’s wounds were undone. Hitsuji then met Nagisa at Umineko-tei after that.

At first she wanted to spent the fun days with Nagisa happily, then end it as if it was all a dream on Christmas. But when she came back to the sanatorium after that she felt even sadder than before. Even playing with the cats couldn’t ease her loneliness. Hitsuji was happy that Nagisa loves her, that he came to the sanatorium repeatedly just to see her. But as there’s a huge wound on her face, she felt that Nagisa wouldn’t be able to love her. She was afraid of being seen by him.

However, Nagisa was able to accept her the way she was. It doesn’t matter if she had a scar, because Hitsuji was still Hitsuji. Nagisa would still love her nonetheless. He then handed a key of their new apartment to her, asking her to live with him again. Moved by his love, Hitsuji said it was still difficult for her to go out of the sanatorium. But she asked him to visit her again tomorrow.

The epilogue shows Hitsuji and Nagisa in their new apartment. Hitsuji told him about the dream she had earlier, in which she was a stray cat that wandered around the world. When she was hurt, she met Nagisa. He kindly picked her up and kept her in his apartment. Hitsuji thought that her journey all this time, was so that she could end up here in Nagisa’s place. Then she woke up feeling all lonely, but soon came into relief when she saw Nagisa sleeping beside her.


Hitsuji is so cute! ♥ Her story was so touching too, and I’m glad it’s a happy ending. The first half of her route was all about the raburabu life of Nagisa and her, while in the last half things took a drastic change into a more serious side. Way more serious. It was so good, I enjoyed her route so much.


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