Natsuyume Nagisa – Aoyama Tsukasa

Tsukasa’s route is somewhat less surprising. It focused heavily on Christmas, started on the day of the Christmas Festival and ended before I knew it.

Aoyama Tsukasa is the reliable student council president in Shiranami Gakuen. A 3rd year student, she is Nagisa’s senpai. Learning karate since she was small, Tsukasa often uses her high kick on people if they misbehave. Sometimes unconsciously.

When he was looking for the student council president, Nagisa met her in the hallway. Tsukasa was chasing people who skipped work, accidentally using her high kick on Nagisa on the way. After hearing Nagisa’s conditions, she agreed to help him with his search. She also joined the skin diving club to help him revive the club.

It was rather obvious that she’s rather clueless and inexperienced about love, but it wasn’t explained until much later. The first half of her route was about the Christmas Festival preparation days. The skin diving club decided to open a turban shell tsuboyaki stand, so they were busy with the preparation.

After a fairy hopped onto her shoulder on the night of the Christmas Festival, Tsukasa felt dizzy and heard voices inside her head. Since Christmas Day (the next day), from time to time she’d suddenly turn into a little kid. Only mentally though. She would call Nagisa ‘Papa’ and practically clings to him like a little girl. Tsukasa will eventually regain her consciousness and back to her normal self soon, but that personality change practically occured anywhere at anytime.

Tsukasa thought it was all because they forgot to hang an invitation to the Fairy King during the Christmas Festival. They event went all the way to the forest just to look for the Fairy King. When Nagisa and her actually met the Fairy King Magi, who was a big penguin wearing a crown, it was revealed that the Fairy King didn’t put a curse on her or anything.

Hearing about Tsukasa’s personality change, the Fairy King suggested that they go to the big tree Christmas. It might be able to return Tsukasa to her normal self. They decided to follow the Fairy King’s advice and went towards Christmas on a small boat. On the way, they were sucked into a whirlpool. Nagisa saw a dream that explained Tsukasa’s past.

Tsukasa mentioned this earlier in the game, but she doesn’t have a father. Her parents divorced when she was small. When she comes to buy Christmas present with her mother, she saw people who came with their families. It always reminds her that she doesn’t have a father. That’s why she wanted to have an enjoyable Christmas with everyone.

Later, it was revealed that she’s not her father’s real child. Her real father doesn’t even know that she exists, and therefore doesn’t take any responsibility. Of course Tsukasa didn’t want to approve such a person as her father. For her, her father was the one that raised her when she was small. Even though he and her mother divorced later.

While her father was busy with work, her mother felt lonely and cheated with another man. Tsukasa’s real father. Her father found out that Tsukasa was the daughter of that man, not his. They divorced because of that. Before leaving, he told Tsukasa that he wanted to stay as her father but that wasn’t possible.

Tsukasa later found out about the fact when she grew up. She blamed her mother for cheating, for making her lost her father. For ending the happy days she had with them as a family. Since Tsukasa couldn’t forgive her mother, their relationship became cold. Tsukasa’s mother always asked what she wanted as a Christmas present, but Tsukasa always rejected the offer. She wanted to forgive her mother, but she couldn’t do it.

That day when they drowned near the big tree Christmas, Tsukasa saw her father in her dream. Her father explained that it was also his fault for making her mother lonely. So he asked Tsukasa to forgive her mother. Tsukasa finally decided to forgive her mother and said goodbye to her father’s shadow.

The epilogue took place in a snowy town on Christmas. Tsukasa hugged her mother and said thank you for picking her up. Tsukasa then apologized for being cold all this time. Tsukasa’s mother also apologized for making Tsukasa experienced sad times. They hugged each other tightly as Tsukasa forgave her mother.


Maybe because I played Hitsuji’s dramatic route last time, Tsukasa’s route feels shorter and less surprising. It was surprising in a way, but maybe not THAT much. Tsukasa is so adorable when her child form takes control though. Penguin shampoo, starfish sponge and rubber duck. ♥


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