Natsuyume Nagisa – Rougi Maki 1

Incomplete. I need to play Ayumu’s chapters first before completing Maki’s route.

Rougi Maki is a 2nd year student in Shiranami Gakuen. Her parents are both scholars. Though her grades are superior, she rarely comes to school. Maki spent her days in the forest researching the penguins. She’s cool and rather cheeky, but weak to being called ‘cute’.

Maki is pretty much absorbed in her own research. Even when they met Fairy King Magi, she wanted to bring the giant penguin back to the tent as a research object. She also borrowed a robot from her parents’ lab to help her research. Maki felt there was a large blank space in her heart, and by doing research she could fill that empty space.

The borrowed robot (later named Penpen) was actually broken, and Maki spent most of her time trying to fix it. She needed a new, expensive part to make Penpen work. Maki then found out about a beach volley competition, where the winner would get 50,000 yen. Before the match, Maki and Nagisa made a wish to the ring the Fairy King gave her. That day, they actually lost the match. But the ring granted their wish, as the day of the match repeated itself several times until they won.

Later Maki conducted a research regarding Nagisa as well. While Nagisa didn’t have any memories of his past, Maki felt that her memories of the past might not be real. The two quicky realized that they were in love. Maki didn’t feel close to her family and her classmates. Even occupying herself with her research couldn’t ease her loneliness. Upon meeting Nagisa, she felt that she found a precious person.

Because of the ring’s power, whenever there was something Maki wanted to do, that day would be repeated. Including their first sex and first date. On the night of December 21, Maki went to the mainland to attend a party with her parents for two days. She had doubts and insecurities, but went along anyway.

On December 23, Nagisa waited for Maki in the station. She didn’t show up, so he tried calling her only to get no answer. When Nagisa went back to his apartment, he saw a letter from Maki. It said that she was still in the mainland, and she realized something about the island. The island and everything in it seems to be left behind by the memory of the world. Maki also stated that she remembered everything, and said goodbye to Nagisa. Even so, if Nagisa really loves her, she asked him to find her in the ‘place of beginning.’

Nagisa searched for Maki everywhere, yet it was as if Maki’s existence vanished from the island. Nobody remembers her. As Nagisa continued his search throughout the forest, his memories of Maki started to fade away. And in the end, she disappeared from his mind.


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