Natsuyume Nagisa – Nanase Ayumu

Ayumu’s route is the beginning of the whole game, so it’s not connected to the other heroines’ routes. In her route, Nagisa was a normal boy who had his memories properly in his head.

Nanase Ayumu is Nagisa’s childhood friend and also his neighbor in Himawari Heights. She is weak in the morning, so Nagisa needs to wake her up everyday. Ayumu also practically fails to do any housework, leaving Nagisa taking care of her meals and laundries. She could read people’s thoughts just by touching them. Also likes reading ecchi books to learn about guys.

Nagisa and Ayumu knew each other since childhood. Nagisa moved to the island when he was five, and met Ayumu on the beach. At first he thought Ayumu was a weird kid because it seems like she’s avoiding people and was always on her own. Since Nagisa called her his ‘friend’, slowly Ayumu was able to talk to him properly.

Soon, Ayumu’s mother passed away and her father transferred. Nagisa’s father already went to Brazil for work, so both of them lived alone. They promised to help each other. Ayumu also likes sticking to Nagisa, since his heart “feels good”, according to her. She wasn’t good with boys other than him though. Ayumu often attends counseling sessions with Yume-san as well.

Along with their classmates Ohba Nene and Tsukishima Masaki, Nagisa and Ayumu were members of the skin diving club. The four of them were close, spending their school days and summer together.

When Nene asked Nagisa about his type of girl, he answered that he likes a big-breasted, short-haired, smart and cool type without glasses. Nagisa then added that he also likes odd-eye. He saw a cat like that in the TV and thought it was mysterious. Hmm.. does a specific someone in the game have those traits as well?

Right before the exams, Nagisa’s father called from Brazil. Nagisa’s grandfather had just collapsed from heart attack, so his father told Nagisa to move to Brazil to look after his grandfather. Nagisa said that he needs more time, and would give his answer after the exams. Nagisa himself knew that it was an offer he couldn’t refuse, yet he didn’t want to part with his friends in Japan.

Nagisa decided to keep quiet for a while, but Ayumu noticed something’s up with him. He avoided getting touched by Ayumu and didn’t come to wake her up during the weekend. He thought it was for Ayumu’s own good. After he transferred there’d be no one to wake her up every morning, so she had to wake up herself. Ayumu thought Nagisa was in love with someone else, and she was getting in his way because she depended on him so much.

Ayumu got jealous because Nagisa picked up a card, thinking it was a love letter for him. To lighten up the mood, the four of them decided to go to the beach. Swimming after the grumpy Ayumu, Nagisa and her end up in a secluded beach. They eventually made up and told each other their real feelings, that they love each other. Nagisa also decided that he wanted to stay in Japan, at least until graduation day. After they graduate, he planned to bring Ayumu to brazil with him.

Tsukishima and Nene picked them up afterwards. Nagisa and Ayumu found out that they swimmed all the way to the southern beach of the island.

The exams had ended, and it was Summer vacation. Ayumu suggested they go to have a gasshuku as a club. Hearing Ayumu’s idea, Tsukishima added that they should go diving towards the root of the big tree Christmas. And so it was decided that they were going to practice diving during gasshuku, with the real diving near Christmas being on the last day.

While looking at Christmas from the southern beach, they found a weak little penguin there. Ayumu said she would take responsibility, so she brought the penguin home to nurse it. Recommended by Yume-san, Nagisa and Ayumu took the penguin to a veterinarian. Ayumu then kept the penguin in her room and named it Penpen.

On the first day of gasshuku, Ayumu went diving near Christmas and Nagisa went after her, despite Tsukishima’s warning that the currents near the big tree are dangerous. They nearly drowned as the result. In the end the gasshuku was stopped. Soon after, Nagisa got a call from her father saying that his grandfather’s condition worsened and his life might not be that long. Nagisa’s father asked him to move right after Summer vacation ends.

The next day, Ayumu returned Penpen to the sea. She must be lonely, but they couldn’t keep Penpen forever. When she returned to the beach, Nagisa informed her about his transfer. Ayumu understands that Nagisa had to go, and she ensured him that she would be okay even if they were separated by the distance. Ever since that day, Ayumu learned to wake up early and cooked breakfast for Nagisa everyday. She also helped him packing.

On the day before he moved away, Nagisa had a farewell party with his friends. He also went to the sunflower field with Ayumu, and remembered about Ayumu used to hate sunflowers. The sunflowers bloomed on the day Ayumu’s mother passed away. Ayumu used to ruin the sunflowers, until one day Nagisa stopped her. He told her that sunflowers are the children of the sun. They are always looking at their mother in the sky, so it’s not good to beat them down. Nagisa then told Ayumu to work hard becoming a kind person like her mother. Ayumu apologized to the sunflowers and started loving them ever since.

Before leaving, Nagisa got a pair of locket pendants for himself and Ayumu. They then put in each other’s pictures in the couple’s locket. They also went to the church, where Nagisa proposed to Ayumu. Ayumu then promised to send him sweets and a card on the Gratitude Festival, while Nagisa said he’d come back on Christmas Day. After kissing Ayumu goodbye, Nagisa set off.

The epilogue shows Tsukishima and Nene in front of Ayumu’s apartment. That day they had something important they had to tell her. Nagisa’s ship had an accident. Ayumu asked them what happened to Nagisa, but they couldn’t answer. Knowing that Nagisa died in the accident, Ayumu cried saying that they had a promise.


Are you surprised that the main heroine had such an ending? Well, I did. I have a feeling that in Ayumu’s last chapter — Natsuyume — everything will be revealed, so I decided to give it a separate post later.


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