Natsuyume Nagisa – Natsuyume

It’s here. This is the final ending of Natsuyume Nagisa, so beware of spoilers.

The final ending was rather sad, but the overall story was so well-written. I’m really, really impressed, especially at the surprises the game offers us.

Nagisa woke up in the southern beach alone. He went back to his apartment to find a mysterious girl (Ayumu, actually.. but he didn’t know her) in front of his room. The girl gave him a card and a present for the Gratitude Festival. As Nagisa went back to his room, he had flashbacks of the moments he had with Ayumu. He knew that the girl’s name was something he should not forget, but he couldn’t remember it.

Then suddenly it came to his mind. Nanase Ayumu. His precious girlfriend. Nagisa rused to Ayumu’s room to find it empty. He opened the card Ayumu gave him earlier. There she wrote that she’s waiting for him on Christmas Eve.

Nagisa then walked out. As he noticed how there was no one in the island, Nene suddenly came out and surprised him. She was happy that she could ‘return to her normal self.’ Confused, Nagisa asked her what happened. Nene explained that this is all in Ayumu’s dream. Yume-san and her were doing their best to wake her up. Currently Nene was searching for Tsukishima, who was nowhere to be found.

Nene wondered whether Tsukishima’s appearance changed. She then showed Nagisa that she could change her appearance. And that “Fairy King Magi” was actually Nene all along. No matter how she searched, she couldn’t find Ayumu in this world. Lately people were disappearing as well, and Nene herself started losing her Fairy King appearance.

While they were talking, Nene noticed Maki was there near them. To explained the situation to the confused Nene, Maki changed her appearance back to her real self — Tsukishima Masaki. Or rather, Tsukishima Maki. Her real name. Rougi Maki was the illusion image created by this world. However, here in Ayumu’s dream she was able to spend the days as a girl, not disguised as a boy.

Maki then said there was no more time. When Nagisa turned back to the Nagisa they know, it means that this world was breaking apart. Maki herself started disappearing, but she was able to tell Nagisa to see Yume-san. And to bring the locket pendant to the beach. Nene also disappeared after telling Nagisa to help Ayumu.

Nagisa followed Maki’s suggestion and seeked Yume-san at school. After knowing that Nagisa had his memories, Yume-san explained everything to him.

Koriyama Nagisa died in that ship accident. His body was nowhere to be found though. Ayumu was left in despair after his death. Yume-san and her friends encouraged her and Ayumu herself was able to pull herself out of it even if just for a bit. Until one year later that is. She found a locket in the beach. A locket with her pictures in it. Nagisa’s locket.

After taking that locket, Ayumu’s condition worsened and she was taken into a sanatorium. It was probably because she could read Nagisa’s remaining thought in the pendant. His pain, his sadness for leaving her. However, on December 24 — Christmas Eve, she fell into the state of comatose for unknown reason. Soon after that, the other patients in the sanatorium fell into coma as well. That day, Yume-san came to the sanatorium to look at Ayumu’s state. Nene and Maki was there too.

As Yume-san took a closer look at Ayumu, she noticed a light butterfly flying near Ayumu. Yume-san then lost her conscience. After waking up in the sanatorium to find everyone gone, Yume-san went out. She met Nene, who was in the form of the giant penguin (Fairy King). Yume-san then explored the island to find it was Summer there. Soon, she received a phone call from someone who was not supposed to be alive — Koriyama Nagisa.

She was surprised when she really met Nagisa later at school. He was alive, but lost his memories.

For a while, Yume-san was taken back to the real world. The sanatorium staff was shocked because four people collapsed at once — Yume-san, Nene, Maki and a sanatorium staff named Arita. Nene also woke up soon, and Yume-san realized that they were taken inside Ayumu’s dream earlier. Though, Maki and Arita didn’t wake up.

The island where Summer continues, sunflowers bloom, butterflies fly around and penguins roam freely. Most of all, Koriyama Nagisa is alive. It was the world in Ayumu’s dream.

Knowing that there was no other way to wake her up than to meet Ayumu herself in her own dream, Yume-san decided to go back to Ayumu’s dream. After warning Nene about Nagisa’s existence and telling her to look for Maki, Yume-san went back to Ayumu’s dream together with Nene.

What made Nagisa existed in the dream was Ayumu’s heart that was yearning for him. As of why Ayumu herself was nowhere in the dream, it was because she rejected meeting with Nagisa. Ayumu thought if she never met him, he would never got into that boat and died. Because it was her dream, somehow she must be in that world as well. The only one who could stop and release Ayumu was Nagisa himself.

The reason why people are disappearing from Ayumu’s dream world was because they regained their consciousness. After explaining everything and telling Nagisa to examine the small box at the church, Yume-san also said goodbye and that she enjoyed spending her Summer with Nagisa. Then she disappeared, waking up in the real world.

After taking Ayumu’s pendant in the church and using Christmas’ power to take his own pendant on the shore, Nagisa wished to the big tree to take him to their promised Christmas Eve. The two finally met in the church where Nagisa proposed to Ayumu.

Ayumu refused to go back to reality. She wanted to stay with Nagisa forever, even though it was only in her dream. Though she promised to become a fine woman, for her it had no meaning if Nagisa wasn’t there. Nagisa told her that he is always by her side, watching her all the time. He then handed her his pendant. The pendant filled with his feelings and wish for Ayumu.

Accepting the fact that Koriyama Nagisa was no longer in this world, Ayumu finally calmed down. Before ending this long, long dream she asked Nagisa to fulfill their promise. The wedding ceremony with Ayumu. After making love for the last time, Nagisa told Ayumu to wake up already. Ayumu smiled at him, promising him that she will be happy from now on.

After thanking each other, both Nagisa and Ayumu wished to the big tree for the long Summer to end. Nanase Ayumu wake up in the real world afterwards. Yume-san gave her the locket she picked up in the beach and told her there was a page of memo in it.

“For Nanase Ayumu,
No matter how many times Summer comes,
I will always remember your smile that resembles sunflowers.
With love, Nagisa”

Ayumu smiled reading the message Nagisa had left her.

The final ending shows Ayumu making a wish to the big tree. It was Winter and snow was falling from the sky. Her long Summer has come to an end.

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