Natsuyume Nagisa – Rougi Maki 2

The continuation of Maki’s unfinished route. Again, the truth was not fully revealed in her route. Though the hints given are really obvious.

After seeing Maki’s first ending, Nagisa will decide that he wants a ring too from the Fairy King. The friendly Fairy King gave him one, and the story continues.

Nagisa spent his summer days with Maki. He thought she was a good friend. They participated in the beach volley competition together, completed Penpen’s repair and searched for his memories together. Nagisa then fell in love with her, and they started going out soon after.

Then on that day, on December 21, the day Nagisa last saw Maki before she went to the mainland for the party. When Maki told him about her doubts, Nagisa suddenly felt that he had experienced that moment before. Somehow he knew that when Maki left the island something would happen, and she might not come back. He still let Maki go to the mainland though.

The story continues exactly as Nagisa thought it would be. Maki sent him a letter, telling him exactly the same thing as the last time. Nagisa remembered how he searched for her everywhere, only to find that Rougi Maki’s existence had vanished from the island. This time, he was determined to find her for sure. Realizing Yume-san knew about Maki before he did, he went to see her.

Unfortunately, Yume-san said she didn’t know anything about Maki. She even said that Nagisa was deceived by the Fairy King who wanted to be friends with him, and told him to forget everything. However, for Nagisa, the Summer he spent with Maki was his everything. And so he refused to forget about her. Seeing his determination, Yume-san gave him a hint: When does his memory start?

Nagisa realized that he could only remember the things from November 24. The day of the Gratitude Festival. He then used the Fairy King’s ring to go back to that day. After talking with the mysterious girl, he went to Maki’s camp. Nagisa finally found Maki in the spring she usually take her baths in.

However, Maki told him that the Maki who spent her days with him was gone. She found out about the truth. This world was a lie, and she was the biggest liar. When Nagisa insisted that she is the Maki that he knows, Maki told him that she loves him all this time. Even before he knew about her, she already loved him. Maki asked whether he would still love her when he regained his memories. Nagisa answered he would, and for Maki it was enough for her. And they will never go away from this Summer they spend together anymore.

In the epilogue, Maki and Nagisa made a wish to the ring and were taken back to December 23. After picking up a locket in the beach and buying a necklace for Maki, the two of them went to the beach. Maki told Nagisa a story about her friend. That friend is a girl, yet she was dressed like a guy because of her father’s wish. Her mother left her father when she was small, and so her father doesn’t believe in women. He wasn’t able to love his daughter, so he raised her like a boy.

Somehow the girl felt guilty, and so she followed her father’s obstinacy. However, even though she pretended to be a boy, she is still a girl inside. She fell in love with a boy. Of course the boy thought that she was also a boy, so she couldn’t tell him her feelings. There was also a girl near the boy that she loves. For her, that girl was her best friend, making her unable to tell her the truth. In the end, the boy started going out with her best friend.

Nagisa commented how the boy must be really dense not to realize that she was actually a girl. Maki laughed and said surprisingly, the girl found it fun. Because she was thought to be a boy, she was able to build a relationship with the boy she loves. Nagisa asked why Maki suddenly told him that story. She answered that she just remembered that. There are many forms of love, and she was happy to be at Nagisa’s side.

Gazing at Christmas from the beach, Maki asked him if he had any wishes. Nagisa said he was happy, so he didn’t have any. Maki then said she wished for this Summer to continue for eternity. Just like herself, her Summer initially didn’t exist and would disappear someday. Maki then started to disappear, smiling at Nagisa. Her last words were “It’s time. After this, it depends on you.”


Maki is definitely Tsukishima in the real world. How she got her current appearance is still a mystery, but why she looks like that was clearly explained in Ayumu’s route. It’s noticeable from both Maki and Tsukishima’s speech pattern that they are the same person. When she went to the mainland, she probably found out about the truth and felt guilty for deceiving Nagisa with her current looks.

Couldn’t say that I’m satisfied with her ending though. I hope things work out for both of them.


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