Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni

My next stop. People says Asukimi is Purple Software‘s masterpiece, so I’m pretty curious. :D

Yashiro Shuuji had just returned Mikaze Island. He used to live there until his family moved to Tokyo seven years ago When he arrived in the island, Shuuji decided to take a shortcut through the forest and end up lost. He eventually found a nostalgic spring and a girl in the middle of the forest.

Shuuji immediately recognized the girl as his first love, the one he was looking for. However, the girl — Wakamiya Asuka — was not the same as the girl in his memories. She doesn’t even remember him. Shuuji started living with his cousin, Mikaze Rika, and found out that Asuka was living with her too. Rika-nee told him that Asuka was not the Wakamiya Asuka Shuuji used to know.

Asuka was lost in the forest for six years, and she finally came back last year. Strangely, she didn’t remember anything that happened during the last six years. The local legend has it that people who wander around in the forest might be taken to another world by the gods, and they wouldn’t be able to return.

And so Shuuji’s new life started, with him cooking meals for the girls everyday. Shuuji also made acquaintances with his neighbor and kouhai Yuugiri Ruriko; his tsundere classmate Izumi Saya; a loli senpai Fujisaki Asahi; and the daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner, Tsukino Mai.


8 thoughts on “Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni

  1. Quite a beautifully drawn game. Do you know Japanese? There’s quite a few questions I’d like to ask you concerning the routes as you write about them. Some of the CGs look quite intriguing too.

  2. I think I’ll make specific questions for the routes as they come, but still I’ve got a few questions in general about the game.

    First, is this the only game illustrated by Kurashima Tomoyasu for Purplesoftware? And are you going to do a review for the routes on the fandisc?

    Have you heard about the Drama CD for this game? Someone posted it up on youtube, and you can hear it at this link:

    Maybe you can post a translation or summary for the Drama CDs when you’re finished with the routes of the game itself. Unfortunately Izumi Saya doesn’t seem to appear in it at all, which is a shame to me because her seiyuu, Itou Shizuka, is one of my favourites and her design in the game is also pretty good.

    • I think this is the only Purple Software game illustrated by Kurashima Tomoyasu, since the others have different artist. I happen to have the fandisc as well, so yes I’m going to write the Nanami sisters route from the fandisc.

      Usually I’m not into drama CDs because they put me to sleep, but thanks for the link. Maybe when I have the time I’ll try listening to it and write up a summary, but probably it’d take some time since I have tons of visual novels to finish. xD

      • I’ll appreciate your efforts in reviewing this game route-by-route. There was supposed to be an English translation project for this game, but it appears to have stalled. Your website will probably be the only chance I’ll ever learn about this game well in English, so I am eagerly awaiting the rest of your entries on this game and its fandisc.

        “Started by cooking meals,” huh? I think Rika’s line “Shuu, hayaku gohan! On na ka suita!” and the amazed reaction Shuji’s cooking gets from Asuka and Rika are one of the best lines in the game.

        • Yeah, I think I saw the translation project page too. Too bad that it’s stuck though, this game has such a well-writen storyline. I did some searching about the game too before playing, but didn’t find anything. Thanks for reading my entries, I’m glad that it’s useful to you. :)

          Both Asuka and Rika couldn’t cook, so they used to eat raw food and meat before Shuuji came to the island. Shuuji’s presence there brought an end to those nightmare-like days, lol.

          • Heh, that goes to show just how much one misses from eroge by not knowing Japanese. I can tell from the CGs that Ruriko knows how to cook, but I’m not sure if Mai or Asahi know how to.

            I think it’s funny now how male characters in anime more often know how to cook better than certain female characters.

          • It’s not quite as stuck as the page makes it seem. Things are getting done, just veeeee~ry slowly, since I keep having translators run off on me. For the last few months I’ve just been plugging along by myself. I’ve translated about 1500 lines in that time, but AsuKimi has something like 70,000 lines. I’m going to stick the scripts up on TLWiki to try and generate interest, so if you ever want to help…

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