AsuKimi – Izumi Saya

Longer than I expected. My short attention span didn’t help either, as I was distracted by watching Wonder Girls’ performance during this playthrough.

Izumi Saya is one of Shuuji’s classmate. A serious and smart tsundere, only losing to Asuka in terms of marks. Even though her grades are top-class, she often show up late at school. Saya is cool and distant, and while she seems to avoid interacting with people generally, Saya especially dislikes Asuka for an unknown reason.

Shuuji first met Saya in the train towards Mikaze Island. In such a short while, he found out about Saya’s obvious dislike towards the island. The two soon meet again in class. Saya was very tsuntsun towards Shuuji from the beginning, often telling him not to care about her or saying how stupid he is. She also likes telling sadistic black jokes to threaten people, such as telling Shuuji that she’d drown him in the sea if he won’t stop fooling around.

Saya always spent her lunch break in a mysterious classroom, located in an alternate dimension between this world and the other world. Shuuji accidentally stumbled upon the classroom and found her there, and at first she would tell him to go away. At times she would give in to his persuasive way, but generally she’d shoo him off. Saya’s eyesight was also bad, but she refused to wear glasses or contacts. When she focused her eyes to look at something it’d seem like she’s scowling.

The Izumi family runs a cruise service. Initially it was from the mainland to Mikaze Island, with the assistance of the Mikaze Family. The business continued to expand, providing cruise serviced to other areas as well. Coming from such a wealthy family, Saya is an ojou-sama living alone in an apartment owned by her own family. She had a whole floor reserved for her own use only.

Though, Saya’s parents died when she was small. For her, the most precious person was her only relative. Her older sister, Izumi Saki. Saki was lost in the forest 10 years ago and never came back. Saya knew that Saki was not taken there by the gods, but rather on her own will. Because before she left, Saki disposed all of her diaries and letters. She also arranged so that Saya would inherit all of their parents’ wealth.

For 10 years, Saya was always waiting and hoping that Saki would come back someday. But she never did. The reason Saya dislikes Asuka was because she made it back, while Saki remained missing. The fact that Saya was the one who found Asuka in the woods only added her dislike towards the girl.

After going out with Shuuji, Saya started to accept the fact that her sister would never come back. She also became friendlier, though still dominated by her tsun side. Shuuji even commented that even though he was surrounded by strong girls lately, in terms of bad mouth Saya was undoubtedly on top.

When Shuuji and Saya met Rin in the forest, Saya realized that Rin is the deity of the island. Wanting to know more about her sister, Saya seeked the answer from Rin, only to get the confirmation that Saki did go and stay in the other world on her own will. While it was true that Rin was the one who guided Saki to the other world, she didn’t know the reason why Saki wanted run away from Mikaze Island. Saya then accused Rin of taking her sister.

Saya hadn’t been feeling well, and because of her anger towards Rin, she collapsed due to a very high fever. Shuuji took her to the Mikaze house, where she could receive proper treatment. During her stay there, Saya found out that both Naoki-sensei and Rika-nee accepted Saki’s decision to stay in the other world. She also realized that even though she knew Saki would never come back, she needs to know what actually happened to Saki in order to move on.

Saya wanted to see Saki so much that it created an illusion at school. In the form of a classroom in the past, where Rika-nee and Naoki-sensei was there along with Saki.

One day after a date with Shuuji, both of them had sex in the empty classroom (the one in the alternate dimension). Shuuji fell asleep, and woke up to find Saya gone. She left her cellphone, but all of the contents had been erased. There was only one message in it, addressed to Shuuji. “I’m going to meet my sister.”

Meanwhile, Saya went deep into the forest and reached the spring. The entrance to the other world. She couldn’t find the door though, because Saya’s determination to go there wasn’t strong enough. Shuuji reached the spring as she was thinking about how to open the door. Despite his protests, Saya still wanted to go to the other world. After Shuuji said that there was nothing more sorrowful than Saya being gone, Saya asked Rin to fulfill her wish. That is, to erase her existence from everyone’s memories after she’s gone. Rin agreed, but Saya’s memories of everyone would be erased as well.

Ending 1
Shuuji decided to chase after Saya, who leaped into the spring. If Saya wanted to meet Saki no matter what, Shuuji wanted to go to the other world together with her. Saya’s reason to go to the other world was because she didn’t want to make Shuuji sad, because she was always feeling sad and lonely whenever she remembers Saki. Saya knew that Shuuji would also feel sad if he saw her like that. But for Shuuji, it was okay because he will stay at her side at those times.

As Saya cried and hugged Shuuji, a bright light suddenly wrapped them. They knew right away that they were taken to the other world. Suddenly they heard a voice. Saki’s voice, and she was standing there right in front of them. After 10 years, finally Saya was able to meet her sister. Saki explained that they were in a dimension between their world and the world of the gods. Saki was there to pick up Rin, who will be returning to her own world.

Despite Saya’s plead for Saki to return, Saki refused. She also said that there was no deep reason for her disappearance. She only wanted to go to the other world and see a lot of things there. And Saki had decided that she wanted to live in the other world. Before parting, Saki apologized for doing things on her own and thanked Saya. She also told Shuuji to take care of Saya. Saya promised Saki that she will be happy. The two sisters expressed their love for each other and said goodbye.

Saya lived in the Mikaze house after that. Together with Shuuji, Asuka and Rika-nee. Saya started wearing contacts so that she could see Shuuji’s face clearly, and she also started calling Asuka by her given name (she used to call her Wakamiya all the time). Saya also placed Saki’s and their parents’ stuff in an empty room, with Shuuji ensuring her that Rika-nee would be happy with that.

Remembering that Rin had returned to the gods’ world, Saya said that she actually likes the little deity. After school, Shuuji and Saya had a talk about how the door between the two worlds might be opened again someday. When the day comes, Rin and Saki might return to their world, and they would invite them to stay at the Mikaze House. Saya told Shuuji that surrounded by him and such lively people, she wasn’t lonely anymore.

Ending 2
Knowing how much Saya wanted to see her sister, Shuuji let Rin fulfilled Saya’s wish. He told her that his feelings couldn’t be erased even with Rin’s power, and that he would wait for her to come back. As Rin erased Shuuji’s memories, Saya asked him a question. When they meet again and still remember each other, could they resume their relationship? He nodded and answered their love wasn’t over yet.

Fastforward a few years later, it was Summer and Shuuji complained about how hot it was. He graduated from Suzumori Gakuen already, and continued his studies in the mainland. As he walked home with Rika-nee, they passed by Saya’s mansion. Just like what Saya wished for, everyone forgot about her existence. Only Shuuji remembers everything.

Shuuji rode the train back to Mikaze Island. As the train rocked hard, Shuuji realized a familiar girl sitting in the train. Saya smiled at him, saying that she came back. During her stay in the other world, she was always thinking about how Shuuji was doing. Shuuji told her that he’s been always waiting for her all this time. Before telling him about her time in the other world, she said the words Shuuji had been waiting for. “I’m home, Shuuji.”


3 thoughts on “AsuKimi – Izumi Saya

  1. I know that tsundere heroine characters are wildly popular amongst the eroge-playing crowd, and while I’m interested in them as well, the main question that arises for me when I see one in an eroge is “How is the player character going to win this character over, and will it be done believably?”

    I like how you’ve explained Saya Izumi’s issues here, but there’s still a few details missing. Maybe you could tell me about it in an e-mail.

    First, how does Shuji successfully approach her in the first place? He’s a good cook, but I doubt she’d be interested in his food. One CG looks to be the start of their relationship, where he grabs her wrist as she’s looking to buy a train ticket off the island, but you made no mention of it in this entry. Of course, that’s not the only odd CG featuring her–there’s one where she’s lifting her skirt while sitting down to look at something, but then covers up angrily when she realizes Shuji is there.

    There’s also the matter of how Shuji wins Saya over (hmm, Shuji and Saya–that sounds nice) for her other two h-scenes. This is where a game’s believability can fall flat, with Type-Moon’s being one of the more famous examples. I daresay those CGs depict her as looking less than enthusiastic.

    Saki’s reason for staying in the realm beyond the spring strikes me as a more than a bit selfish. I’ve heard of suicide described as “the ultimate act of avoidance,” and Saki’s complete abandonment of the material world seems quite like that to me from what you’ve described. Leaving behind a grieving sister for no real reason is not a good act in my view. It might have been a bit more plausible if Saki was suffering from an incurable disease and wanted to spare Saya the agony of watching her sister die a slow, torturous death, but you make no mention of anything like this in Saya’s route.

    Regardless, I still think Saya was a good design by Tomoyasu Kurashima, and it seems in general her route wasn’t lacking. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

    Another reason I like Saya in this game is her voice actress, Shizuka Itou, a veteran of anime and eroge. By sheer coincidence, she also plays a purple-haired character also named Saya in Windmill’s “Happiness!” games, which I also saw in your backlog. Maybe you’ll write up some entries on Saya Kamijou’s routes in both the original Happiness! game and the Relax fandisk.

    • Actually I have Happiness! in my backlog, so eventually I will write the summary of the routes here when I touched the game. :D

      Shuuji did a lot of things to approach Saya, but I didn’t put too much detail here since I was focusing on her personal issue. At first Shuuji tried giving her his meals, but she won’t say it’s good no matter what. The best compliment she would give her was “not bad.” Shuuji was really determined to get her to say “delicious” when eating his meals, so he cooked lunch for her everyday.

      Saya lives alone and her lifestyle wasn’t exactly healthy. She can’t cook, so she always eat junk food and deliveries. She’s also weak to mornings and often woke up late, which resulted in coming late to school. Knowing that, Shuuji gave her morning calls as well.

      The two got closer that way, and eventually Saya realized that she likes Shuuji, the feelings that made her avoid Shuuji for days. She didn’t want to lose a precious person anymore, so she chose to avoid getting close to people in the first place. The CG at the train station was when Shuuji confessed to her. Saya cried denying her feelings that time, but their relationship finally started after a stormy night in the mainland.

      Oh and the CG when she’s lifting her skirt. It was in the empty classroom (the one in the alternate dimension). Saya was fanning herself with her skirt since it was so hot, and Shuuji accidentally saw that. She realized Shuuji’s presence and got angry.

      Yeah, I think Saki’s reason for leaving is selfish too. Saki knew that Saya would feel lonely as she was her only family, but decided to go anyway. Actually I was expecting something more, like maybe something happened in her school days that made her wanted to go. So when Saki revealed her reasons I was like “Huh? That’s it?”

      But maybe we’ll get to see something more in Rika’s route later. :)

  2. Thanks for the details so far, but it still leaves the question of how the first two h-scenes with Saya occur. To me she still looks like she’s being conned into it on the first two h-scenes, and I must wonder how Shuji and Saya got away from the rest of the group during the beach holiday scenario for their second, because if Rika or Ruriko got wind of that, they’d never let Shuji or Saya hear the end of it.

    Thanks for your efforts on this path. I still think it’s odd how only Saya and Ruriko have multiple endings on their stories, though.

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