AsuKimi – Yuugiri Ruriko

Honestly, these kind of girls are not my type. I nearly fall asleep in the first half of her story, but the later half was undoubtedly good. Both of the endings are good too.

Yuugiri Ruriko is Shuuji’s kouhai, and also one of his childhood friends. She is a gentle girl who loves making sweets and is kind to everyone. Ruriko’s body is weak ever since she was small, and she lives next door to the Mikaze house. Ruriko’s home is a clinic, and her overprotective brother is a doctor.

When Shuuji returned to the island, he took a walk on the beach and met Ruriko there. She immediately introduced herself as “Ruriko-chan”, but Shuuji didn’t remember her until later. After eating Ruriko’s baked cookies, Shuuji finally recalled her as the little girl who played with him in the clinic. He used to call her Riko, and started calling her with that nickname again.

Ruriko is good friends with Asuka, and they usually go to school together. She also hangs out with Asuka, Nanami and Seto in an unused club room they occupied, the Tamari-Ba. It was obvious that she harbors some feelings for Shuuji, and at times she tried to find excuses to accompany Shuuji whenever he’s going out.

Apparently, the Yuugiri family have a special role in the island. The Yuugiri family daughters are believed to be mikos attending the gods of Mikaze island. Though, it was all in the past. But Ruriko said the relationship between her and Rin was something like that.

After Ruriko gathered up the courage and confessed to him, the confused Shuuji took his time in giving Ruriko his answer. One night when Shuuji was about to kiss her, Ruriko suddenly collapsed. Shuuji panicked and was about to carry her home when Rin appeared in front of them. From Rin, Shuuji found out that the Yuugiri family daughters all have a short life. Ruriko was no exception, and her life won’t be long. It had been decided ever since she was born. All of the Yuugiri family daughters generally passed away at Ruriko’s age.

Later, it was revealed that the duty of the miko was to offer her life to the gods. The sacrifice was necessary in order to protect the island from natural disasters. Because the daughters from Yuugiri family all have short lives, they were chosen as the sacrifices to be sent to the forest.

According to Rin, a long, long time ago, a girl in Mikaze island opened the door to the world of the gods. She was the one who called Rin to the island. In order to save her lover’s life, she gave her life away and died from a dreadful disease. Even more, all of her female descendants will also die from that disease. With all of her last strength, she gave birth to a child. The girl was from the Yuugiri family. Ruriko’s ancestor.

On the last day of the exams, Shuuji walked home with Ruriko as usual. He wanted to go on a trip with her, but Ruriko didn’t seem to agree. Ruriko suddenly asked Shuuji to kiss her on their way back, in the middle of the street. He was reluctant but kissed her anyway. They had to stop when suddenly Ruriko bit Shuuji’s tongue. Confused, Shuuji asked her why did she do that. Ruriko apologized, saying that she couldn’t go anywhere anymore as she collapsed in his arms.

That night, Shuuji came to visit Ruriko. She just got back from a hospital in the mainland. Ruriko told Shuuji that her life will end soon, maybe a few weeks or even a few days later. She also told Shuuji that she enjoyed this Summer so much, though it’s too bad that her Summer would end soon.

Shuuji went alone to the forest afterwards. He reached the spring, where Rin was standing alone. Knowing that the deities could grant wishes, Shuuji asked if Rin could save Ruriko’s life. Rin answered she could create a miracle to save Ruriko, but there was a requirement. The miracle would occur in a price of a life, but even so there was a probability of failure as well.

Shuuji was about to give his life in change for Ruriko’s health, when suddenly Ruriko stopped him. She woke up to find him gone, so she searched for him. For Ruriko, a girl who couldn’t possibly have a future due to her own short life span, Shuuji throwing away his life was something unforgivable.

Days passed quickly with Ruriko being bedridden, her condition got worse and worse everyday. Shuuji and Asuka spent their Summer vacation looking after Ruriko. On August 10, Ruriko woke up after two days sleeping. Before going back to sleep, Ruriko told both of them that she wanted Asuka to take care of Shuuji.

Noticing something under Ruriko’s pillow, Asuka took out a picture of Shuuji and Ruriko. It was a picture taken by Saya during their first date. Ruriko kept it under her pillow, probably looking at the picture whenever she woke up. Suddenly Asuka noticed that Ruriko stopped breathing. Panicked, Asuka went to get Naoki as Shuuji kept calling Ruriko’s name. But there was no response.

Meanwhile, Ruriko opened her eyes and found herself in front of Suzumori Gakuen. She walked inside the school and saw Shuuji talking with his friends in class. Ruriko noticed that this was in the future, when she already passed away. After Asuka and the others left, Shuuji remained in the classroom. Gazing at their date picture, Ruriko saw Shuuji crying alone. She called out to him several times, wanting to tell him her feelings.

Suddenly Shuuji regained consciousness. A moment ago he was panicking about Ruriko stopped breathing, but he heard her calling his name. Shuuji found Ruriko in front of him. He told her that he wanted her to live, but it doesn’t have any meaning if she gives up her desire to continue living. The moment Ruriko answered that honestly she wanted to live, the wind blew and Rin appeared in front of them.

The one who created the illusionary school was Rin. There was no more time, so she wanted to fulfill both Shuuji and Ruriko’s wish. It was the last miracle she would create in this world.

Ending 1
Shuuji took Ruriko’s hand, and told Rin his wish: for the time that he walked hand-in-hand with Ruriko to continue. No matter how short that time is. Ruriko also told Rin her wish, that is a future with Shuuji. Rin agreed that she could prolong Ruriko’s life. It all depends on Shuuji. Without a doubt, Shuuji told Rin to take anything necessary as long as he could stay together with Ruriko.

A few years later, Shuuji becomes Rika’s assistant at school. They were busy with work even on Sunday. Shuuji went to the beach after work, thinking about Rin on the way. The little deity disappeared from this world after granting their wishes.

Shuuji then went down to the beach to find Ruriko and their daughter, Riko, there. In exchange for Ruriko’s prolonged life, the disease was divided and half of it resides in Shuuji’s body now. And in Riko’s little body, there were no signs of that disease. Their daughter is perfectly healthy.

With that body Shuuji himself doesn’t know until when he could live. But he wanted to live his life to the fullest, for the woman he love and their child. The three of them then went back home happily.

Ending 2
Even though he wanted a future together with Ruriko, Shuuji realized that the most important thing was Ruriko’s own future. That Ruriko would continue living. Shuuji didn’t want to offer his own life though, as it would only create another sorrow.

Rin told them that there was another way, so that the two of them could continue living. The price was their most important thing, something more important than their lives. Their memories together. Shuuji and Ruriko would forget about each other. It would more painful than death itself, but the disease running in the Yuugiri family would be erased as well.

For their future, Shuuji and Ruriko decided to take that way. Even though they would forget everything, both of them believed that they will meet again. That they will start again from the beginning. Rin granted their wishes, and as a warm light envelops Shuuji, he heard Ruriko’s voice saying she’s glad to have met him.

After his memories were erased, Shuuji couldn’t feel calm whenever he was at Mikaze island. Something inside of him made him feel impatient. As he walked around the mainland, he passed by a group of female students. Both Shuuji and one of the girls stopped and looked at each other. It was Ruriko, wearing an all-girls school uniform (Mai’s school). They introduced themselves to each other, though finding it weird as they were strangers.

Ruriko then excused herself and ran to catch up with her friends, but came back soon because she wanted to talk more with Shuuji. She told him that her friends called her “Ruri”, and both of them thought about another nickname for her. Shuuji then suggested another nickname…


One thought on “AsuKimi – Yuugiri Ruriko

  1. I think the term for this kind eroge heroine is “Yamato Nadeshiko,” which normally results in female characters so kind, subservient and perfect they’re, well, boring. I suppose that’s considered attractive by the conservative elements of Japanese society, but with Ruriko some of it’s somewhat understandable because she didn’t want to drive Shuuji away by being untoward. It helps that her design is quite “wifely.”

    According to what I’ve seen from the drama CD, the CD (or at least part of it) is scripted to treat Ruriko’s first ending as canon. Do you think you can confirm this for me?

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