AsuKimi – Fujisaki Asahi

Again, I got distracted by various finding objects games and Ragnarok Online private server. Please excuse my short, short attention span. Here is Asahi-senpai’s route.

Fujisaki Asahi is a 3rd year student in Suzumori Gakuen, making her Shuuji’s senpai. She’s a loli appearance-wise, and also does things on her own pace. As the head of the drama club, Asahi tried getting Shuuji to join ever since their first meeting. Shuuji’s classmate Nanami Mina loves Asahi so much, up to the point where she thinks Asahi is hers alone.

Though Shuuji refused Asahi’s offer to join the drama club, he helped out with their preparation for the school festival. Asahi shows a deep interest on Shuuji’s reason for coming back to the island, mainly for the sake of scriptwriting. She often teases Shuuji too, though he usually brushed her off.

Because of her hard work for the drama club, Asahi’s marks were so bad that she might not be able to graduate next year. Moreover, she hates studying as well. Shuuji had to ask for Saya’s help in tutoring Asahi, or else she might be banned from club activities if she got any red marks in the upcoming exams.

But even so, Asahi was more interested in writing the script for the Autumn play. She was writing a love story and asked Shuuji for help, but at first they were having difficulties with ideas. Asahi herself didn’t have any experience in love, making it more difficult for her to write the story.

One night in the observation room in town, Asahi kissed Shuuji. She said it was her expression of gratitude because Shuuji helped her writing the story. Shuuji realized that up until then he didn’t look at Asahi as a girl, thus he didn’t know whether he loves her or not. But he didn’t hate being kissed by Asahi. Asahi herself said she had the same feeling and kissed him once again. Asahi then asked Shuuji to teach her about love, and the two started going out.

Another thing that sparks Asahi’s interest other than drama, was Rin. Rin was the last deity on this world. People were forgetting the gods, and therefore losing their ability to see them. Shuuji was the only one who could see Rin. The lonely little deity would often go to Shuuji’s place, just to ease her loneliness. Asahi saw Rin just for an instance during the school festival, yet somehow Rin left such a deep impression on her mind.

Asahi cried when hearing Rin’s situation. Later it was revealed that Asahi loves acting because she wanted everyone to look at her. She didn’t want people to forget her. Upon seeing people who are lonely, Asahi couldn’t leave them alone. That’s why she likes hanging around Saya and Shuuji. Though initially she approached Shuuji because of that, as time passed by he grew to be a precious person for Asahi.

When sleeping over at Asahi’s room, Shuuji saw a dream. It was sunset and the children playing outside were going home. A deity resembling Asahi was left alone on the beach. No matter how much she asked them not to leave her alone, the children couldn’t hear her voice. No one could see her. She then met Rin, who told her that she could grant her wish. Shuuji then woke up, confused at the dream he saw.

One day after an accident involving Nanami on the beach, Asahi didn’t come to school. Shuuji and Saya waited for her at the station but she didn’t show up. Saya tried contacting Asahi’s home, yet it seems like she went out for school as usual. With nothing could be done, Shuuji decided to wait for Asahi to contact him.

While Nanami and Shuuji were worrying about what happened to Asahi, suddenly Shuuji received a call from her. Asahi told him to meet him on the hill, where she suddenly hugged him and asked him to make love to her. She said it was because she wanted to make sure if she’s really ‘here’, and that if she was really herself. Asahi asked Shuuji to tell her about Rin afterwards. That day, she was looking for Rin before she realized it.

After saying that she might be different from Shuuji and the others, Asahi then told Shuuji that the gods could grant wishes, and it’s not limited for humans either. A deity could have his or her wish granted by another deity. She asked Shuuji what if a deity got her wish to be a human granted by another, but quickly said it was only a joke. Shuuji remembered what Rin whispered to him earlier: “Asahi might be the other Rin.”

The next day, Saya told Shuuji that yesterday she saw Asahi going into the forest. Worried that she might get spirited away, Shuuji rushed to the forest looking for Asahi. After a while searching with Asahi nowhere to be found, Shuuji was about to give up when suddenly he heard voices playing hide and seek. Asahi and Rin’s voice. Shuuji tried to get Asahi back to school, since she had many things to do for the drama club, but Asahi refused. Rin was about to go home, so Asahi wanted to play with her and make lots of memories together before then.

On Sunday Nanami invited Shuuji on a date to show her gratitude, as he was the one who saved her when the accident happened. She showed some signs that she’s interested in Shuuji, but he was occupied with the thoughts regarding Asahi. After watching a movie and eating lunch, Nanami confessed to Shuuji in the park. She knew that she’d got rejected, but she wanted to tell Shuuji her feelings nonetheless. Nanami cried, but soon she got over it and said that they’d still be friends. Before leaving, she told Shuuji not to make Asahi cry.

Shortly after that, Rin appeared in front of Shuuji. He was surprised because the deity of the island showed herself in the mainland, but Rin said it was okay. She came to bid Shuuji farewell, as she was going back to the world of the gods. Though the people who could see her decreases as time passes by, she was not lonely. For Rin, Shuuji was the bond that connected her to everyone. This time, Rin asked Shuuji to become Asahi’s bond. Her only wish was for Shuuji to treasure Asahi.

Shuuji called Asahi afterwards, and the two went to the observation room. There, Asahi told Shuuji that there was once a deity on the mainland too. Just like how Rin lived on the island, that deity spent her days in the city though it wasn’t as developed as it was then. People started forgetting the gods, and thus losing their ability to see and hear her. Forgotten and losing her place, the deity disappeared. Shuuji realized that the dream he saw was the dream of Asahi herself, the deity who was forgotten by people.

Her wish was granted by Rin. She became human, living and interacting with other humans. But even so, she couldn’t find the place where she belongs. She realized that even though she was reincarnated, she couldn’t be human. She could feel that something was wrong, and that makes her even lonelier than before. Asahi couldn’t decide where should she stay, or what she wanted to do. She was thinking of searching for her place, and planned to go to the world of the gods.

Not wanting to lose Asahi, Shuuji stopped her. Though Asahi might not find the place where she truly belongs, he wanted to be that place. Despite Asahi telling him that the cheerful Fujisaki Asahi everyone knows is only a mask, Shuuji still loves the real her. He then asked Asahi to choose this world where they lived together. Asahi cried, and finally decided that she wanted to continue “fooling” Shuuji as Fujisaki Asahi for the rest of her life.

Time passed, and Summer vacation ended. Shuuji, Asahi, Nanami and Saya went to school together everyday. Asahi joked and said that she might have to repeat the year, because she wanted to graduate together with Shuuji. They then walked to school together and met with everyone at the school gate, making it a lively morning for Shuuji.

The drama club resumed its club activities right after the second semester opening ceremony. Asahi completed the scenario for the Autumn play, working hard on it during Summer vacation and forgetting her homework on the way. Asahi didn’t allow Shuuji to read it before, so that was the first time he read the story. The moment he read it, he understood why Asahi didn’t want to show it until it was completed.

It was a love story between a girl who used to be a deity and a human boy. Their love story, which would end in a “happily ever after.”


One thought on “AsuKimi – Fujisaki Asahi

  1. Loli characters being older than they look are pretty old hat in the eroge industry, so much so that companies use it as a way to attract the fans of such without actually violating the laws against underage characters in eroges. At least they take the time to justify it here since Asahi’s underdeveloped body relative to her claimed age is actually due to the fact that she looks like that in her true state.

    One of the nicer pieces of promotional art Tomoyasu Kurashima drew with Asahi can be found here:

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