AsuKimi – Wakamiya Asuka

I have to say Asuka’s route is the best so far. Everything about it is so well-written that it impresses me so much, even though Asuka isn’t my favourite character.

Wakamiya Asuka is Shuuji’s childhood friend. They live together in the Mikaze house along with Rika-nee, and also in the same class. Cheerful and carefree, Asuka is best friends with Nanami and close to Ruriko. Both Asuka and Rika-nee couldn’t cook, so they used to eat raw food before Shuuji came back to the island.

Shuuji and Asuka used to play together in the forest during their childhood days. Seven years ago, Asuka disappeared in the forest. People believed she was taken to the world of the gods. Shuuji met Rin, the island’s deity afterwards, which made his parents worried that he might disappear as well. Shuuji moved to Tokyo for that reason, but Asuka is still on his mind all these years.

When Shuuji came back to Mikaze island, he was lost in the forest and met Asuka in the spring. She didn’t recognize him at all, but the moment she saw him, her tears came out though she didn’t know why. Shuuji later found out from Rika-nee that Asuka came back from the other world last year with no memories at all.

Even though she was missing for six years, Asuka always tops the exams at school. She also excels in sports, and generally is a fast learner. Asuka often jokes about how Shuuji and her are a married couple, and has a habit of sliding into Shuuji’s bed at night. At times though, Asuka would run off to chase after Rin’s shadow whenever she saw her. For her, Rin might be the key to regain her memories.

One day while waiting for Asuka in the classroom, Shuuji saw an illusion of Asuka in her child form. That night, Asuka showed him an album that her mom gave her just in case it might help her regain her memories. Shuuji shed his tears remembering the little Asuka he used to know, and Asuka came to realize her feelings for him. She loves the kind Shuuji who was crying for her. The two shared a kiss, but Asuka ran away embarassed afterwards.

Of course the situation between them became awkward after that, but eventually Shuuji confessed that he loves the current Asuka as well. Shuuji was always chasing Asuka in the past, but the current Asuka would always stay by his side. The two finally have a romantic relationship ever since. While he wanted to regain Asuka’s memories, he would do anything for the current Asuka. Such as crossing the bridge that connects the mainland and Mikaze island on a stormy night, just to go home and spend the night with Asuka.

There was a time when Shuuji met Rin in the forest. The little deity picked a cellphone toy near the forest and asked Shuuji why she couldn’t use it. Shuuji gave it batteries and returned it to Rin later, who was so happy that she spent her days playing with the phone. One day when walking with Shuuji, Rin tripped and dropped the phone, which end up getting ran over by a car. Though Shuuji said he’d repair it, Rin refused because her time in this world was running short.

The door between the two worlds was about to close, and she told him that was one of the reasons for Asuka to return to this world. Just like Asuka, Rin had to return to her own world. Before the door closes Rin would say goodbye to this world.

Shuuji couldn’t get that out of his mind, and went off to find Rin in the forest. Asuka chased after him and said she’d lead him towards the spring, but disappeared on the way. Noticing a shadow nearby, Shuuji ran to chase after it and reached the spring. There, he met someone who wasn’t supposed to be there. The little Asuka from seven years ago. His childhood friend A-chan.

This time they were able to talk properly. The little Asuka explained that it wasn’t her real body, she was more like a spirit. Because she thinks of her own appearance as of how she was seven years ago, her physical form was still of a little kid. There’s a rule that didn’t allow her to talk about the world beyond the spring, but she told him her reasons. Asuka was always playing in the other world. She had so much fun that she forgot to return to her own world. Though, she felt something was missing because Shuuji wasn’t there to play with her.

With her body and soul grew accustomed to the other world, Asuka couldn’t return no matter how many times she wished to go home. Thus, she made a wish to Rin, who can grant wishes. There was a price that had to be paid for Rin to return Asuka to this world. That price was all of her memories. Though it wasn’t guaranteed that she could return successfully, Asuka still chose to return. As she walked the path that connects the two worlds, she lost her memories little by little. By the time her memories were erased completely, she arrived at this world.

Being a person with a strong physical condition, Asuka was able to adapt quickly to this world. Even though she lost her memories, she didn’t have any problems at all. There was only one thing. All of Asuka’s lost memories was embodied in the shape of the little Asuka. Moreover, she appeared in this world to look for Shuuji.

It appears that the only way to return Asuka’s memories was for Asuka herself to strongly wish for her memories to return. Of course there was another option to have Rin fulfill their wish, but on the other hand it would erase the current Asuka’s memories. Whether he wanted to regain his past memories or to choose the current Asuka, the choice was in Shuuji’s hands. Rin reminded him that she’d have to go home soon, so he had to make a decision before that. Rin also told that to Asuka, who happened to be hearing all of those.

The next day, Asuka was feeling sad but hid it by forcing herself to be cheerful. When Shuuji told her not to hide her real feelings, Asuka told him her doubts. That night she saw how Shuuji looked so happy when talking to the little Asuka. She realized that despite what Shuuji said, he was always looking at her past self. Asuka felt that Shuuji loves her only as a substitute for someone who was already gone.

Honestly, Asuka wanted Shuuji to love the current her. She wanted Shuuji to forget herself in the past. Asuka then ran off alone, telling Shuuji to leave her alone for a while. He came to pick her up later, and told her that what he wanted was to regain her memories. Shuuji knew that by having the old Asuka back means that the current her will disappear, and so he was confused. Asuka herself actually wanted to regain her memories. She didn’t want to part from the island because she was waiting for her other self to return, and meet Shuuji as a complete Wakamiya Asuka.

On July 7, Asuka’s birthday, she asked him to bring her to the mainland. Relaxing at the park after spending the afternoon together, Asuka suddenly said that the current her also had many memories with Shuuji. She also asked him not to forget her even if she disappeared. Asuka then thanked him for all this time. She realized that being her current self and making her old self disappear would only make Shuuji sad.

Asuka decided to return her past self, A-chan, to Shuuji. She’s got many memories with Shuuji, and that was enough not to make her feel sad nor lonely. Finally, Asuka thanked Shuuji and said that she was happy. She would wait until the day Rin had to return to the world of the gods. Until then, she wanted to spend her remaining time with everyone.

On the last day of the exams, Asuka had a birthday party. Everyone from Saya to Naoki-sensei came and they had a lot of fun together. After having sex with Asuka that night, Shuuji saw a dream of their childhood days. The little Asuka said that she wanted to go to the other world. She wanted to see the other world, but couldn’t bring Shuuji together with her. Shuuji had his family and friends in this world, the people he couldn’t leave.

Asuka then kissed Shuuji on the cheek and said goodbye, running deep into the forest. Shuuji chased after her, but Asuka was gone. It was then that Shuuji met Rin. He asked Rin to return Asuka to this world, but Rin said it was a wish that she couldn’t fulfill. Because Asuka herself wanted to go to the other world.

Realizing that it was himself who let go of Asuka in the past, Shuuji woke up and cried while hugging Asuka.

The next day, Asuka wasn’t feeling well and wanted to rest at home. Shuuji went to school as usual, after cooking the food for Asuka’s lunch. After tidying up her belongings in her room, Asuka was going out to the forest. In front of the Mikaze house she met Shuuji though, who noticed that Asuka was up to something.

The two of them end up going to the spring, where they met Rin. Though Shuuji told her not to go, Asuka told Rin to return A-chan to Shuuji, erasing her current self. Shuuji stopped her, telling her that A-chan’s fragments was inside Asuka all along. Her tears when they first met was the proof, and Shuuji believed in that.

Asuka couldn’t bear it and ran towards the spring, but Shuuji caught her and hugged her from behind. Shuuji told her that he only wanted to be with her, laughing together with her by his side. Losing Asuka was something that he feared the most, more than anything else. Hearing that, Asuka broke down crying, saying that actually she didn’t want to disappear as well. Shuuji had already made a decision to let go of the past. He couldn’t bring A-chan back, but he’s got someone precious in return. The current Asuka.

The little Asuka then appeared, telling Shuuji that she thinks it was the right decision. Though she lost her memories, Asuka is still Asuka. That’s why Shuuji should make her happy. She also told the current Asuka to take care of Shuuji. Before leaving, the little Asuka asked Shuuji to return her ribbon, which Rin took and tied on the little Asuka’s hair. The little Asuka then said goodbye, and went to the other world together with Rin.

Shuuji and Asuka resumed their peaceful daily life. Lately Ruriko’s physical conditions were improving and she gradually became healthier. They also had lunch together with Saya everyday in Tamari-ba. Shuuji went home after work and was greeted by Rin. Rin is now living in the Mikaze house, and Saya has a new hobby: choosing clothes for Rin. Not only Rin, but the little Asuka is also living with them.

Just when the door between the two worlds was about to close, Rin fell and dropped the toy cellphone. When she picked it up, the door closed, Leaving both of them locked in this world. With the connection between the two worlds gone, Rin’s body became the same as of a human’s. Of course they couldn’t leave her wandering alone, so Rika-nee took her in. Her name is currently Mikaze Rin.

Different from the gods and humans, the little Asuka was more like a spirit. An unstable existence. She could stay there because there was still some power left in this world. The power was weak though, and by the time it ran out, the little Asuka would disappear. She didn’t mind though, because for her it was the same thing as living.

Shuuji and Asuka sat on the roof afterwards. Enjoying the cool breeze, they talked about this Summer. Asuka said this year’s Summer was special. She was able to meet Shuuji, play with everyone, have new family members and enjoy everyday. No matter how many times the seasons come, they will continue making memories together.

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