AsuKimi – Mikaze Rika

Finally done with AsuKimi. As expected, in Rika’s route we get to see more of Saki. Nothing changed from Saya’s route though, but at least now we know why Saya has that vicious side. It runs in the family.

Mikaze Rika is Shuuji’s cousin, though she thinks of Shuuji as her own little brother. The Mikaze family is the owner of the island, and therefore a very powerful family with a big influence. Rika is also the principal of Suzumori Gakuen, Shuuji and Asuka’s school. She likes to drink alcohol, but after Asuka started living with her, the habit seems to have calmed down a bit.

Rika and Naoki were good friends with Saya’s missing sister, Saki. Ten years ago Saki disappeared in the forest. One night when she was drunk, Rika screamed asking Saki where did she go, and also her anger towards Saki for leaving Saya alone.

Different from Shuuji who can see and talk to Rin, Rika couldn’t see Rin nor hear her voice anymore. She could sense Rin’s presence somehow, but that’s the limit.

During their school days, Rika initially hated Saki and usually would just ignore her. Rika used to top the exams until Saki came and took the first place. Though Saki knew that Rika was avoiding her, she approached her anyway. Then one day they stumbled upon the empty classroom in the alternate dimension. Saki gladly shared her lunch with Rika, who was always eating at the cafeteria. Rika found out that even though Saki was an ojou-sama, she was a very humble person. Their friendship started and developed since then.

Later Shuuji heard about this from Naoki. Rika and Saki became best friends, and no one could come between them, similar to Shuuji and Asuka in the past. Just like Shuuji who was unable to forget Asuka and came back to the island, Rika also couldn’t forget Saki. While Naoki, who was close to both of them, moved on with life, Rika was stuck. She couldn’t help but reminiscing the days she spent with Saki in the school.

Somehow Shuuji noticed it, but Rika confirmed later that Naoki might be in love with Saki back then. After Saki disappeared, what they lost wasn’t just love or friendship. They lost a very important thing. Something irreplaceable. Knowing how much Saki treasured Saya, Rika continues to watch over Saya up to this day.

One morning when Shuuji went to school, he saw someone resembling Saya standing by the school gate. He realized that it was Izumi Saki there. Saki ran all the way to the forest, and Shuuji chased after her. Shuuji asked Saki why did she choose to go to the other world, leaving her precious people behind. Just like in Saya’s route, Saki answered many things happened, but there was no specific reason for her to leave.

Unlike Shuuji who would choose his bonds to people close to him over anything else, Saki had a different way of thinking. Though Shuuji kept asking for her reason, Saki said Shuuji would never understand it. There was a big difference regarding what they were looking for in life. She told Shuuji that if he really wanted to know her feelings, he should try going to the other world. That was the easiest way for Shuuji to understand Saki’s feelings.

As Rika was worrying about Shuuji’s whereabouts at school, Shuuji stepped forward thinking that he might find something in the othe world. Suddenly Rin stopped him. He was about to cross the boundary between the two worlds, and she didn’t allow him to go any further. The Izumi Saki standing before them was an illusion, an embodiment of Saki’s remaining thoughts in this world. If Shuuji followed her to the other world, he might be unable to come back.

Despite what Saki said before, Rin knew that she wasn’t serious. Saki wouldn’t take away a person precious to Rika. Saki apologized and admitted that she was only Saki’s lingering affection, that for some unknown reason had been staying in the forest for a long time. She felt someone has been calling for her, and so showed herself in front of Shuuji. Because if she appeared in front of Rika or Saya, that would only make them sad. Saki said goodbye and disappeared.

Rin took Shuuji back to his world. Though, since she stopped Saki by force, by the time they were back it was night already. Soon, Shuuji met Rika who was looking for him in the forest. Rika cried while hugging Shuuji, glad that he didn’t disappear as well. Just before they got out of the forest, Rika told Shuuji that Rin would go back to her own world soon.

Half a month later, it was finally the time for Rin to go home. The one who heard about this was Ruriko, who later told Rika. Early in the morning Shuuji and Rika went into the forest to see Rin off. Worried that they might get lost, Rin picked them up near the entrance. For Rika, seeing Rin off was her duty. Not as a member of the Mikaze family, but as a person. As Mikaze Rika. When Rin said that today her duty will end and told Rika to be free, suddenly her voice reached Rika.

Hearing Rin’s voice made Rika remember the past, when she was still able to see and talk to Rin. After Saki’s disappearance, Rika made a wish to Rin. She wanted Rin to become the bond that connects the two worlds. Rika knew that someday Rin would have to return to the other world, so she would keep praying until that day comes. Rika didn’t want Rin to disappear, and decided to live her life for Rin and for the people around her. Even though that would mean Rika would never be truly happy.

The three soon reached the spring. Rin told them that because of Rika’s wish, she was able to stay in this world until now. Rin was happy that she could meet Shuuji and talk to Rika again. Shuuji then gave Rin a pouch containing a bentou box that he made, along Ruriko’s handmade cake and cookies. Before leaving, Rin cried and apologized while saying that she could stay in this world, but her real ‘place’ was in the other world.

Rin also asked Rika if she had anything she wanted to say to Saki, just in case Rin met her in the other world. Rika told Rin to tell Saki that Naoki and her, and also Saya are doing well.

And so Shuuji and Rika said goodbye to Rin, who was smiling until the end.

After that, Rika told Shuuji about Asuka when she was found in the forest last year. She kept saying the same thing over and over again: “Everyone, I’m sorry. I won’t be coming back.” Both Naoki and Rika knew that Asuka met Saki in the other world. And that was Saki’s message to everyone she left. In the end, Shuuji asked Rika to say her feelings honestly. When she’s lonely, it’s okay to say that she’s lonely. Because Shuuji loves her. Rika didn’t know how to answer that though.

Since then, Rika started to change. She stopped drinking beer, and even didn’t get angry whenever Asahi teased her as usual. In the end Rika and Saya got into a fight regarding Saki, which Shuuji stopped before it becomes an uproar. Rika asked Shuuji to accompany her to the forest after school. She wanted to end her past and start walking forward.

It was the beginning of Summer. Saki and Saya’s parents passed away in an accident. For three days Saki was absent from school, but when she came back she didn’t look sad. Rika was worried that Saki was forcing herself, and told her that she should just cry whenever she feels sad. Saki didn’t answer that, and asked whether there’s someone that Rika likes. At first she thought it was Naoki, but it seems like the feelings Rika had for Naoki wasn’t love.

Saki thanked Rika for worrying about her. For Saki, Rika who was always thinking of other people is a miraculous presence. She said that she was glad she met Rika, and that Rika was the best friend she ever had. A few days after that, Saki disappeared on a stormy night.

Though the death of her parents would be enough reason for Saki to disappear, Rika knew that it wasn’t the reason. Saki had distant eyes. Even if the accident never took place, someday she would surely go on a long journey. Saki had been delaying her departure to the other world for Saya and Rika. Rika said at least she wanted to send her off.

Shuuji and Rika went back to school afterwards. In the classroom, Rika put a wristwatch on a nearby desk. The next day after Saki’s disappearance, she found that watch on Saki’s desk at school. It was her favourite watch. Rika has been treasuring the watch all this time, thinking that she would give it back to Saki someday.

Knowing that the chance would never come, Rika tried wearing the watch that day. Saya realized it and asked why Rika had that watch. Rika tried explaining all that happened, but Saya wouldn’t understand. And so Rika said it. That Saki would never come back. It was the cause of their fight that day.

Rika told Shuuji that her role was to see people off the island, and to say “welcome back” whenever they come back. To remember all the people she met. Shuuji got angry and said by doing that Rika wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. He told Rika to wish for her own happiness, because surely Rin and Saki were wishing for that too. Shuuji knew that deep down Rika felt lonely, and he wanted to make her happy.

Panicked, Rika told Shuuji in a rush that it wasn’t because of Rin and Saki. But rather because of Shuuji’s confession in the forest that night. Rika couldn’t answer him directly, but finally Shuuji kissed her. Though she’s older than him, she wanted to believe in their feelings.

On the last day of school before Summer vacation started, Shuuji went to the mainland to buy a present for Rika. He gave her a ring, which she accepted happily. Unfortunately the size didn’t fit, and Rika blamed Shuuji for fattening her by cooking delicious meals everyday. Shuuji only laughed at Rika’s interesting reaction, thinking that she’s the most beautiful woman in his life.

Years passed and Shuuji graduated from Suzumori Gakuen. He thought that everyone would go to different places after graduation, but it turns out that everyone including Ruriko and Asahi enrolled to the same university. Shuuji is now working in Suzumori Gakuen with Rika. Their time together decreased after Shuuji started attending university, so by working there he can spend his time with her. Curretly he’s doing his best to get a teaching certificate.

As Rika lifts her left hand, Shuuji saw a silver ring on her ring finger. The two then started working, planning to spend the rest of the day together. In her heart, the smiling Rika said to Saki: “Thank you.”


2 thoughts on “AsuKimi – Mikaze Rika

  1. From the relative lack of CGs Rika gets, I got the distinct impression that her route was the shortest. Is this in fact true?

    Ryouko Tanaka (the seiyuu for this character) is probably the most experienced among the ero-seiyuu crowd, but it’s odd she got what appears to be the shortest route here.

    • I do feel that her route was short compared to the other girls. Especially because the main point is Saki, while the other girls have various issues to deal with. Dunno why they made her route the shortest though, since she’s a nice character and her seiyuu is experienced.. Maybe because she’s his teacher and cousin?

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