AsuNana – Nanami Manami

Some of the events in Manami’s route are similar to those that happens in Nanami’s route, so I wrote about it briefly here. For more details read Nanami Mina‘s route as well. Since the extra chapter of AsuNana, 或る夏の日 (A Certain Summer Day) is just a fun, fanservicey short chapter, I won’t be writing a summary about it. :)

Nanami Manami is Nanami Mina’s younger sister. She attends the Okihara Girl’s School in the mainland. A talented pianist, Manami is a polite and feminine girl, though at some points she’s really similar to her sister. At first she had a terrible fear of men, which made her a very dangerous girl when equipped with her electric baton. To protect Manami’s delicate fingers, Nanami did all of the housework.

As explained in Nanami’s route, Shuuji first met Manami in an unused music room in Suzumori Gakuen. She was playing the piano seriously, but attacked him right away with her electric baton. Manami’s fear of men created an urge to attack them whenever she was approached.

Soon it was revealed that Manami didn’t want to participate in an upcoming concour. Her fear of men made her unable to play properly in front of any male audience. With the thought of curing Manami’s phobia, Nanami sent her to live with Shuuji in the Mikaze house for a while. Though, her yuri level is probably as high as her sister’s. Asuka asked her to take a bath together, but Manami refused because “she might not be able to control herself since Asuka is so pretty.”

During her stay there, Shuuji asked Manami about the cause of her phobia. Manami told him that when she was small, her family’s dog ran away. She found the dog and chased it all the way to the forest. Manami was lost, but then she met a little boy in the forest, who dragged her here and there searching for a way out. The boy eventually left her alone because he had a promise with his friend. By the time Manami got out of the forest, it was night already. Moreover, the dog already returned home as well.

Well, that irresponsible little brat was Shuuji. Manami knocked him out after finding out the fact that he was the main source of her phobia.

In the end, her fear of men wasn’t cured at all. Manami wanted to quit the concour, but after receiving support and encouragement from everyone, she decided not to give up. The train to the mainland has left already, so Shuuji gave it his all and took Manami there using Nanami’s bike. Manami’s respect for Shuuji skyrocketed because of this, and she started having special feelings for him.

The concour ended successfully with Manami as the winner. She showed impressive piano skills, not disturbed by the presence of the male audience at all.

After winning the concour, Manami’s pictures were all over the news through the internet. Called a bishoujo pianist, she was soon followed by male fans. Luckily, Nanami and Shuuji saved her just in the nick of time. Before she beat the guys with her electric baton, that is. Shuuji escaped with Manami while Nanami distracted the crowd.

A few days after that, Shuuji met Manami in the shopping district. When walking home together, Manami asked Shuuji to take her to the forest. Manami loves writing songs as a hobby, and wanted to compose a song with a forest image. The happy Manami walked ahead of Shuuji towards the spring, despite Shuuji’s warning that it’s dangerous.

Just when Manami was falling off a cliff, Rin held her uniform and pulled her up. Manami couldn’t hear nor see Rin, but it seems like she could sense her presence somehow. She got an inspiration soon, and thanked Shuuji for accompanying her. Manami hugged Shuuji happily, but soon knocked him out after realizing what she did.

Similar to in Nanami’s route, Asahi was banned from club activities because of her severe grades. Nanami became the substitute leader and asked Manami to compose songs for their upcoming play. Manami then came to Suzumori Gakuen, for the sake of apologizing to Shuuji. Though Shuuji said she didn’t really need to do anything for him, Manami insisted. They eventually decided that Manami would kiss Shuuji on the cheek.

Suddenly Nanami appeared, startling both of them. Shuuji and Manami end up sharing an accidental kiss on the lips. Manami blushed and ran out with Shuuji chasing after her, and it all ended with an electric baton smack on his head.

The days passed with Manami avoiding Shuuji out of embarassment. One day when picking up Manami, Shuuji met Mai who mentioned about Manami’s transfer. Manami then explained that ever since she won the concour, she was invited to join a famous music school. It was a big chance for her, yet she would have to stay at the dorm. The school was far enough that Manami wouldn’t be able to stay in Mikaze island. Manami was confused and couldn’t make a decision.

Walking home together, Manami told Shuuji not to mind their accidental kiss anymore. She then invited Shuuji on a date, which he accepted gladly.

Shuuji went on the date with Nanami on the next day. They walked around the mainland and ate lunch at Gekka. They also ate soft creams together in the park after playing around in the batting center. Manami asked Shuuji to take her to the forest after that, where she told him that her forest song was almost done. She then promised to let Shuuji hear it when it’s completed.

Manami could hear Rin’s voice faintly, and got so curious that she fell into the spring. Shuuji tried to save her, and the two of them end up getting wet. They hung their clothes in the nearby trees to avoid catching a cold, and sat back-to-back awkwardly.

Manami told Shuuji that she was still in doubt regarding her transfer to the music school. She was torn between aspiring as a pianist, or spending her days in Mikaze island. Shuuji reminded her that if she couldn’t make a decision, she wouldn’t be able to step forward.

Both of them got lost when getting out of the forest. They kept getting back to the spring somehow. Since it was dusk already and roaming around the forest would be dangerous, Shuuji and Manami decided to stay at the spring until someone (Asuka, most likely) finds them. Though, when morning came they were still in the forest. Rin soon appeared and told them that they stepped into the other world, which explains why Asuka didn’t find them. And that Manami could see Rin.

Shuuji asked Rin whether she could take them home. Rin said she could, since both Shuuji and Manami had just came to the other world. All they had to do was make a wish to go home from their hearts. However, deep inside Manami didn’t want to go home, which made them unable to go back to their own world. The reason was none other than the choice she had to face: the music school or staying on the island.

Of course, going back wasn’t the only option. Rin said that she could take them out of the forest, towards the real world of the gods. The world where Asuka spent 6 years in, forgetting about going back home. Shuuji and Manami would also be able to forget about their own world and start a new life. Shuuji refused though, but asked Rin to give them more time to stay near the spring.

That night, after thinking for a while, Manami confessed to Shuuji. She hates guys, but only Shuuji was different for her. Shuuji didn’t believe it at first, and Manami took off all of her clothes as the proof that she was serious. Manami ensured Shuuji that her feelings were genuine, and for once she wanted to forget about the decision she had to make. However, Shuuji told her not to get spoiled.

He was happy that she loves him, but there was something important that she needed to do. That should be her top priority, so she shouldn’t run away from the choices she had to make. It’s true that Shuuji would stay with her there for a while, Manami shouldn’t use Shuuji as an escape from reality. Because Shuuji didn’t want her to regret anything later.

Manami then apologized and asked Shuuji to turn away as she started wearing her clothes again. The next day, Manami decided that she wanted to go gome. Rin pushed them back to their own world, saying goodbye. Because Rin wouldn’t come back with them, as she had to stay in her own world.

Shuuji and Manami landed right in front of Asuka and Nanami, who was more than glad that they came back. Especially Nanami, who knocked Shuuji away to hug her little sister. And so they made it back safely.

After getting examined by Naoki-sensei, Shuuji and Manami met again in the music room at school. There, Manami played three songs for Shuuji, the last being the forest song that she composed. The song about the sacred forest and the little deity, which she presented to Shuuji.

Manami asked Shuuji to answer her feelings afterwards. While it might be true that she was seeking comfort from Shuuji, her feelings towards him are real. Shuuji finally answered that he loves her as well. Before making a decision about the music school, Manami wanted to feel Shuuji’s feelings. So the two made love in the music room.

On August 31, the last day of Summer vacation, Manami went out to meet the music teachers to give out her answer. Actually Shuuji didn’t know her decision yet, and therefore he was feeling anxious the whole day. Shuuji met Manami in front of the station, and they rode the train to Mikaze island together.

There, Manami told Shuuji that she refused the offer. She won’t be transferring to the music school. Manami needed a lot of time to think, but eventually she found her answer. What she was aiming for wasn’t to be a pianist. For her, Shuuji and the people around her were more important.

Manami then asked Shuuji to go to Suzumori Gakuen with her. She wanted to do a concert just for him. By having Shuuji hearing her music, it was the most joyful thing for Manami.

It’s been a year after Shuuji came to Mikaze island. Currently he got used to Suzumori Gakuen’s curriculum, and his marks are getting better. Asuka, Nanami and Seto were talking about Manami in a magazine. Manami has been winning concours and doing her own concert. Her name is also known as a songwriter, and the sales for her released CDs are pretty good. Not only in the music magazines, because Manami is cute she’s been making appearances in other magazines as well.

The tsuntsun Saya also became a fan of Manami’s, up to the point of buying her limited edition CDs. She didn’t answer honestly and said it’s because of Manami’s superb talent though. Saya even said that when Manami and Shuuji’s relationship are exposed to the public, she would do something to help. Using her family’s authorities, of course.

Shuuji then went to the spring in the forest to meet Manami. It’s difficult for them to meet everyday, but he enjoys seeing her from time to time. Manami told him that she’s currently writing a new song, and would let him hear it the moment it’s completed. All of the songs she composed were written for him. For Shuuji, Manami will continue playing. Her music will reach even a faraway world, where a little deity stays.


One thought on “AsuNana – Nanami Manami

  1. “Nanami Manami”? How’s that for a tongue-twister? Do you know who voiced this character?

    There’s something I don’t understand about this fan disk. There’s a few CGs of the previous characters from AsuKimi, such as Mikaze Rika wearing a schoolgirl uniform, or Izumi Saya wearing glasses while looking angry–are they from “after-stories” for those specific charactes?

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