AsuNana – Nanami Mina

This is the Nanami-centric fandisk of AsuKimi, Ashita no Nanami to Au Tame ni. Nanami has her own route here, as well as her younger sister Nanami Manami. Nanami is my favourite character, by the way. :D

Nanami Mina is one of Shuuji’s classmates. Her parents are busy with work, so she’s the one taking care of her younger siblings. She also works part-time at two places. Delivering milk in the morning and as a waitress at Gekka on afternoon. She is a member of the drama club as well. Nanami hates studying, and usually needs to take extra classes because of her low marks. A cute and cheerful class rep, but her attitude isn’t exactly girly.

The story started on the night of the school festival, after Shuuji confirmed that Rin is indeed the deity of Mikaze island. There was still the night festival, but both Shuuji and Nanami were going home. Shuuji told her that he wasn’t in the mood for festivals, and Nanami invited him to have dinner together at her house.

Not only she stuffed him with so much food, but she also walked him home later. Nanami said she’s afraid that Shuuji might get lost and fell into the sea. Shuuji wanted to talk to Rin, but Nanami followed him into the forest. There, Shuuji found out that Nanami was actually really scared of the forest. He carried her out of the forest afterwards.

On June 24, it was a holiday for the students after tidying up the school festival properties. Shuuji went to school to deliver a document for Rika. He was about to go home when he heard someone playing the piano in the unused music room. There, Shuuji saw a girl in another school’s uniform playing the piano. She soon noticed his presence and attacked him with an electric baton given by her sister’s friend.

Well.. it turns out that the girl is Nanami’s younger sister, Nanami Manami. Somehow Manami thought of Shuuji as an insect planning to approach her sister, which is the proof that her yuri level is probably as high as Nanami’s.

Though usually Nanami is a bright baka, she cares deeply for her sister. Nanami was seriously thinking about a way to cure Manami’s fear of men. Meanwhile, Manami had to participate in a big concour. Her fear of men made her unable to play properly whenever there were any male watching her. Thus, she came up with the idea that Manami should stay at Shuuji’s house temporarily, so that she would get used to guys.

On the day of the concour, Nanami was waiting for Manami at the station. Manami didn’t show up, though she did leave the house. After searching everywhere, Shuuji found her on the beach. In the end Manami didn’t participate in the concour though. She knew she won’t be able to play anyway, and refused to go to the mainland. Manami’s fear of men wasn’t cured, but she said the real reason was because she forgot the feeling to play piano for people. She was only using her phobia as an excuse to run away from piano.

However, Shuuji told Manami not to give up. If she decided to quit the concour, she might regret it later. After receiving encouragement from Ruriko and Nanami, Manami agreed to play in the concour. Shuuji took her to the mainland using Nanami’s bike, because the train already left. The Nanami sister’s respect for Shuuji increased significantly because of this.

The councour ended successfully with Manami as the winner. She showed an impressive piano skills, not disturbed by the presence of the male audience at all.

The news about Manami winning the concour was quickly spread all over the internet, along with her pictures. Though Nanami’s picture wasn’t included, but it was written that both of them are pretty sisters. Manami was soon followed by male fans, and Nanami dragged Shuuji to the mainland for the sake of protecting her sister.

Nanami immediately jumped in front of the fans, making them more exciting because of the ‘pretty sisters’ thing. Though Nanami told Shuuji to run and take Manami to a safe place while she took care of the raging fans, he took Nanami along as well and they ran away from the crowd together.

Because of Asahi’s severe marks, she was banned from doing club activities. With the leader being absent, Asahi left Nanami in charge of the drama club until she comes back. One day when researching the videos in the mainland, they met Saya, who thought that Shuuji and Nanami were on a date. Because of what Saya said, Shuuji and Nanami both started having awkward moments in their relationship.

Suddenly it started raining, and both of them took shelter together. Shuuji realized that Nanami took her duties seriously. Not only because she was Asahi’s temporary replacement, but also because she wanted to use the songs that Manami wrote in their upcoming play.

A few days after that, Manami came to Suzumori Gakuen to present the songs she created for the play. She went with Nanami and Shuuji to the music room afterwards, where she told them that she was invited to join a famous music school. However, the location is far and Manami would have to stay at the dorm. Manami wanted to refuse the offer, but Nanami said it was a big chance for her. The conversation end up with a fight, and Manami left saying she wanted to make decisions on her own.

Nanami was sad and asked Shuuji if she said something wrong. She cried in Shuuji’s arms, saying that it’s not that he wanted Manami to move, but she thought it was a chance for Manami to improve her piano skills.

The next day, Nanami and Shuuji went to Gekka together for work. She went home ahead of him, but later Manami came to the Mikaze house looking for her sister. Manami went to pick her up in the station, but Nanami wasn’t there. Manami asked the staff there, and it seems like Nanami has returned to the island, but she didn’t go home. Shuuji then told Manami to wait with Asuka and Rika while he searched for Nanami.

Just when Shuuji stepped out of the house, Rin appeared and told him that Nanami was in the forest. She muttered a lot of things, and Rin told Shuuji to take her away so she won’t create more uproar in the forest. He found her later, panicking alone in the dark forest. Nanami went there to ask the deity (namely, Rin) about what she should do regarding Manami.

Then, Shuuji realized it. He couldn’t leave Nanami alone. Shuuji then asked Nanami to stay by his side. He didn’t say that he loves her, because they were too embarassed. And that serious scene didn’t fit them. Nanami answered that she wanted to stay with Shuuji.

Shuuji and Nanami was about to go out when they saw a light. Manami and Asuka went into the forest to look for them. Nanami apologized for making them worried, and Manami said she’d give the transfer another thought. Though her decision might not change, Nanami will always root for her sister.

After that, Shuuji and Nanami spent their Summer vacation peacefully with everyone. One day on the end of July they ate watermelons and had lunch together in the Mikaze house. Shuuji and Nanami washed the dishes together and went back to the living room to find everyone gone. Moreover, they left a memo saying not to look for them. And that Nanami should use something in the bag Manami brought from home. Which turned out to be a new swimsuit, a towel and some beach goods.

To put it shortly, they were telling Shuuji and Nanami to go and play at the beach. So they did, but after Shuuji accidentally pulled off Nanami’s top and numerous failed attempt to kiss, they didn’t do anything. After finding out that Manami and Ruriko were actually watching them, they ran away all the way to the forest. Rin appeared before Shuuji, saying that it was time for her to go back to her own world. Though Nanami didn’t understand, she held Shuuji’s hand all the way through the sad times.

After the next drama club practice, Nanami revealed that she learned piano too when she was small. Manami then followed her steps and took piano lessons too, and it turns out that Manami had musical talent. Knowing that Manami would feel bad if she’s progressing more than her, Nanami said she got bored and quit piano. She prefers playing outside anyway, being an active girl that she is.

Shuuji and Nanami shared their first kiss afterwards, in the unused music room. Finally honest with themselves, they went on and made love in Shuuji’s room later.

On August 11, Manami told Shuuji through the phone that she decided to accept the music school offer. Seeing how Nanami was happy with Shuuji, and how she progressed with the drama club, Manami also wanted to be happy. While making the BGMs for Nanami’s upcoming play, Manami felt that she wanted to make better music. Therefore, she decided to specialize in the music department. Manami hadn’t told Nanami yet though, and asked for Shuuji’s companion to talk to Nanami about it.

Manami then went to Suzumori Gakuen to talk with Nanami, who was having drama club practice. She took a shortcut through the forest. Though it’s much safer after Rin went home, Manami suddenly fell off a cliff. Shuuji found her later and took her to the Yuugiri Clinic. Naoki-sensei said that while there were no threats regarding Manami’s life, the wound on her left hand was deep.

A few days later, Manami escaped from the hospital and went to Suzumori Gakuen’s unused music room. Seeing how her sister was in grief because she couldn’t play the piano, Nanami stopped coming to practices and work. She went into the forest everyday, praying for Manami’s recovery. Worried, Shuuji eventually told her that the deity of the island wasn’t there anymore, and rather than playing she should watch over Manami with her usual cheerful smile.

Nanami cried saying that she’s not that strong. Shuuji said Manami would stand up on her own, so Nanami should support her. She had her doubts, but then decided to work hard for Manami and for everyone. Before leaving the forest, they heard Rin’s voice cheering for them.

Until the end of Summer vacation, Nanami practiced hard playing the main theme of the play that Manami created. She asked her childhood piano teacher to teach her, and was finally able to play the piano properly. Nanami felt that her piano skills was lacking, but she wanted to complete the song together with Manami. Because of her arm Manami couldn’t play piano temporarily, but Nanami will play it for her. Nanami wanted to make it the best play for the 3rd year student who would be graduating next year, and asked for everyone’s support.

Suddenly Manami came into the music room. Shuuji told her to come, even though initially she didn’t want to go. Nanami said she wanted Manami to get through the pain and the hard times, so she’s doing all she could for Manami’s sake. This is what she could do, giving Manami support and pushing her back whenever she felt down.

Manami then hugged her sister. She was about to give up piano and songwriting, but seeing how Nanami supported her so much, she will not give up. Her arms wasn’t recovered yet, but she will start by writing songs together with Nanami.

It’s been a year since Shuuji came to the island. Manami soon recovered, and proceeded with her transfer to the music school. Shuuji and Nanami came to see her off. Nanami cried, but Manami ensured her that it was okay. She will come home and holidays, and Nanami could come and visit her whenever she had the time.

As they walked back afterwards, Shuuji and Nanami had a talk about the drama club. Last year’s drama was successful, with Nanami being the lead and the music Manami created as the BGM. Shuuji then told Nanami that they should start calling each other’s given name, which she couldn’t do right away.

They arrived at school soon. Nanami wanted to resume practice for the upcoming Autumn play, but Shuuji told her not to force herself. When the hard time comes, she should just say it because he will always be by her side. By Mina’s side. Nanami blushed and hugged Shuuji. From now on they will walk together, fulfilling each other’s wish.


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