Mercuria ~Mizu no Miyako ni Hanataba wo~

I was thinking of playing Happiness! next, but since I’ve been anticipating Mercuria.. this will be my next stop. Mercuria is Hearts‘s debut title. The trial versions look promising, so I’m really interested in this.

One sunny morning on October; Nagatsuki Wataru, Takamori Himiko, Tsurugi Ai and Kurama Seishuu fell into a shining puddle on their way to school. Waking up in an unknown place, Wataru was separated from his friends. He soon met a girl who explained that he basically just travelled into another world, Inblueria. The girl introduced herself as Ria, and took him back to the academy she was attending in the capital of Inblueria, Atretica.

Wataru was soon reunited with his friends in the academy. The principal offered her help in searching for a way to go home, but until then the four of them had to attend the academy. Learning magic with everyone else. Though, ever since he came to Inblueria, Wataru kept having splitting headaches from time to time.

During the opening ceremony, they found out that Ria is actually Fioreria Inblueria, the princess of the country. Wataru also met Elnestina Madry (Elna in short), an S senpai in the academy; RinBerdo Inblueria (aka Rido), a friendly senpai who is actually Ria’s older brother; Tiara, an energetic fairy queen who has taken a great liking on Ai; and many more. Thus, their new days at the magical academy begins..

P.S. Mercuria’s transition screen is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.


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