Mercuria – Fioreria Inblueria

Started off Mercuria by playing the main heroine’s route. Not exactly how I expected it to be, but it’s really bittersweet. Just perfect for my daily dose of romance. Oh, and I really love the music and backgrounds of Mercuria.

Fioreria Inblueria, usually called Ria, is the princess of Inblueria. Beautiful and smart, many people respect her yet felt that she’s hard to approach. Ria didn’t have any friends at all before she met Wataru and the others, though in actuality she really wanted to make friends with the other students. Ria was the one who found Wataru in Inblueria and introduced him to the academy.

There was a rule in Inblueria. A person who came from another world would become the property of the person who finds him/her. That would make Wataru Ria’s property, but she asked him to become her friend instead. Wataru was Ria’s first friend, and she was really happy about that.

At first Ria tried to hide her status as a princess. She was worried that Wataru and his friends might avoid getting close to her because of her status, just like the students in the academy. However, Wataru and his friends didn’t mind at all. It was an honour for them to have a princess as their friend, much to Ria’s joy.

One day after school starts, Ria took Wataru on a tour around Atretica. Wataru found out that Ria was close and well-liked by the people in her kingdom. Having a good sense of taste (and being a glutton), Ria often helps out the shops in Canal Grande to improve the quality of their food. Ria thought they were kind to her because she’s a princess, but Wataru ensured her that they like her as a person, not because of her status.

At San Marco plaza, they met Rido who showed his siscon side. Ria told Wataru to fool him and say that they’re lovers, shocking Rido. He was about to kill Wataru and commit suicide, but Ria stopped him using brute force. It appears that Ria also mastered sword and martial arts technique, in order to be able to protect herself and her precious person. He gave up soon though, but warned Wataru not to touch Ria or he would throw him into the Inblueria sea.

And so Wataru discovered that Rido is a very nice person, except when the topic of her sister comes up. Even though Rido is a complete siscon now, he used to hate Ria when they were small. He was jealous that their parents were giving more attention to his little sister. However, since their father, King Rodion, passed away 8 years ago, Rido promised that he would protect Ria.

Ria also has a haraguro jellyfish fairy who constantly follows her around, named Medusa (nicknamed Medo-kun). Medo-kun is actually her butler, but Ria thought of her as her mother’s pet. You read that right, Medo-kun is a female, despite her rough speech pattern and behaviour.

During their basic magic training period, Tiara took Wataru and his friends to an open cafe near the big Ancient Tree. It’s called Oceano Cafe, and Ria was actually working part-time there as a waitress. She mentioned that she works part-time too before, but kept her job a secret because she’s embarassed being seen wearing such a tight uniform. After receiving praises from Wataru and his friends, Ria had more confidence and treated them Oceano’s special parfait to show her gratitude.

A month passed after Wataru passed the basic magic exam, and he adapted quickly to the life in Atretica. Ria came to wake him up every morning, using a secret underground path that connects their rooms. She wanted to see his sleeping face, but usually he woke up before she came. Wataru also took the butler training course in the academy. He didn’t have any special reason, but he admitted that he remembered Ria when choosing the course.

On Apis 11, the academy held a big ballroom party to welcome the prince of a neighboring kingdom. The prince had been asking Ria’s hand in marriage, but she kept refusing his proposal. Wataru worked as a hall staff during the ball. Ria was looking rather glum, doing her duties as the princess of Inblueria, but she cheered up immediately when she saw Wataru. In the end, Ria refused the prince’s proposal once and for all. Locking herself and Wataru in a balcony so that no one could disturb them, the two shared a dance under the moonlight.

Ria’s mother, Queen Suiza Inblueria, secretly talked to Wataru afterwards. She thanked Wataru and his friends for being so kind to Ria, and invited them to stay at their castle next time. Being a dotacon, she also asked Wataru who was the most beautiful girl that evening. Wataru answered that it was Ria, which really pleased the Queen.

The first time Wataru realized his feelings for Ria, was when they went to a beach together with everyone. It was the beach where they first met. Both of them were taking a walk on the ocean using ‘Natante’. Suddenly the flow of mana swayed so hard that it broke Ria’s spell. Unable to swim, Ria fell into the sea and drowned. Wataru quickly took her hand, strongly wishing to save her as she was someone precious to him.

He then took Ria back to the beach using his rod and performed CPR on her. Ria was very scared when she regained consciousness, so Wataru hugged her and let her cry on his arms. Mana resides in the water, enabling people to have their thoughts heard by the people nearby. Ria heard Wataru’s voice when he tried to save her earlier, and that made her really happy.

When doing homework given by Clary-sensei, Wataru found out more about the goddess Mercuria. Different from the other gods, Mercuria actually existed in this world in the form of a girl. In order to stabilize the flow of mana throughout the world, the girl dissolved into the sea to do her duties as Mercuria. Unable to meet nor speak with anyone. Unable to sleep nor eat. She would continue to stabilize the mana flow, supporting Inblueria. It would continue for between a hundred and thousands of years.

The unstable flow of mana lately was the proof that Mercuria’s power was weakening. Thus, another girl was necessary to become the next Mercuria. Moreover, that girl had already been chosen. When the time comes, the girl would drown into the sea to become Mercuria. After her role as Mercuria is finished, the girl would come back to the land. But since hundreds or even thousands of years had passed, the people she knew wouldn’t be there anymore. It would be an unknown world for her. The girl became a sacrifice to support the prosperity of Inblueria.

Clary-sensei was doing research on Antiquita, an ancient magic in order to end this repeating Mercuria pattern, but she hadn’t found anything yet.

On the last day of Carnival, the Flower Thanksgiving Festival, Ria went to watch fireworks together with Wataru from the beach. They met up in San Marco plaza, where she told him the truth about herself. Ria was the next Mercuria, chosen six years ago. She won’t be able to meet Wataru anymore. She would also stop living in the dorm and attending the academy. Because next month, she would dissolve into the Inblueria sea as Mercuria. Until then, Ria would wait in the Inblueria Palace.

Ria didn’t want to involve Wataru, someone precious to her, in her own destiny. So she decided not to confess to him, even though she loves him. She decided that one-sided love was enough, as long as she knew how it feels to fall in love. Ria then thanked Wataru for all the fun times they had together, and said goodbye.

Wataru chased after Ria, and finally found her on the beach where they first met. Ria was sitting on the shore, crying alone. Seeing her in such a state, Wataru told her his real feelings. That he loves her. Even if it’s just for a month, he wanted to spend the remaining time together with Ria. Wataru asked Ria to tell him her real feelings, and so she told him that she loves him.

Even though Ria knew they will have to part eventually, she wanted to live together with Wataru. They shared their first kiss on that beach, in the middle of the falling geranium petals.

Everyone was glad that Wataru and Ria started going out. Especially Ria’s family, who were really grateful to him for accepting Ria even though he knew about her destiny. Queen Suiza also came to the academy to thank Wataru personally for making her daughter happy. Even the usually nasty Medo-kun offered to help Wataru in creating a heart-shaped accessory for Ria.

For a week, Wataru worked hard creating a heart-shaped necklace for Ria. While Ria was doing her job in Oceano, Wataru came to an accessory workshop introduced by Medo-kun. Since he was a beginner, he couldn’t create a pretty heart shape, but he did his best until the end.

During their date on Norm 6, it was revealed that Ria also did her best that week on making sandwiches for Wataru. Normally she couldn’t cook and would make explosions in the kitchen, but this time she asked for Himiko’s help. They had a talk about flowers in Inblueria afterwards. If there was a way for flowers to bloom once again in Inblueria, the role of Mercuria might not be needed anymore. Many scholars were doing research regarding a way to let flowers grow there, but found no results. Ria said it’d be wonderful if someday they could see flowers bloom in Inblueria.

Wataru then handed his handmade necklace to Ria. Despite his low confidence, Ria was very happy and accepted the necklace. She decided to wear the necklace all the time. Even when she dissolved into the sea later, she wanted to dissolve together with the necklace, because it made her feel like Wataru is there by her side. By the time her role as Mercuria ends, Ria would always treasure it. Of course Wataru wouldn’t be alive anymore after hundreds of years, but his heart would continue on living inside Ria’s heart.

One week after their date, Ria revealed that actually she had been talking to the current Mercuria, Eureria, in a secluded room in the palace. When Mercuria’s power is weakening, she could talk to the girl who will become the next Mercuria. It appears that the girl who would become Mercuria was chosen from the members from the royal family, which means that the Eureria was Ria’s ancestor.

Ria found out that after two weeks, on Welsh 1, she would succeed Eureria and become Mercuria. Eureria apologized to Ria for handing the role, but there was nothing she could do. Ria answered that seeing her father’s life, she learned that happiness are not determined by how long people live. Ria herself was very happy with her life, surrounded by the people she loves.

Before disappearing, Eureria told Ria to live her life to the fullest during this last two weeks.

On the last day of the school festival, Wataru and Ria went to the dance party. They danced together and went to a balcony afterwards. As Ria reminisced about the memories they had together, she started crying. Ria told Wataru that next week she would become Mercuria, and apologized to Wataru.

All of this time Ria was trying to be strong, not showing her sadness at all. But that night, she cried and let out all of her real feelings. Even though she decided to accept her destiny, honestly she didn’t want to be Mercuria. She wanted to stay with everyone forever. She wanted to spend her days with Wataru, and someday she wanted to become his bride. Ria asked herself why did it had to be her, since she didn’t do anything that deserves such a cruel fate.

Wataru couldn’t say anything and hugged Ria the whole time. In the end, Ria got tired from crying and fell asleep.

The last weekend before Ria’s role as Mercuria begins, she went back to the palace as usual. As soon as she arrived, Rido told her in a panic that Queen Suiza was locking herself in the sacred room. No matter how Ria asked her to come out, the Queen wouldn’t come out and said that it was for Ria’s sake. The Queen planned to lock herself there forever. That way Ria couldn’t become Mercuria, since she would be sent to the sea from the sacred room.

Talking to her daughter from behind the door, the Queen was angry at herself for being unable to save her daughter. It was the only thing she could do to save Ria, even though it would mean that Inblueria would be ruined. Ria told her mother that just like the late King, she will continue to watch over everyone from the sea. Ria loves this world, that’s why she wanted to watch over it as Mercuria. It was her way to show gratitude to everyone, who gave her happiness all this time.

Ria told her mother that just being with her was enough for her to be happy. So she asked the Queen to spend their remaining time together, and to see her off when the day comes. The Queen apologized and eventually came out of the sacred room. Ria spent her last weekend in the palace, having the last tea party with her family.

Suddenly Himiko came flying to the palace. Panicked, she told them that Wataru suddenly collapsed. Wataru himself that it was just a lack of sleep, but actually it was because he’s been reading a lot of books regarding Mercuria. Rido, who knew what Wataru was doing, later talked to him regarding Mercuria.

Mercuria’s power was needed to stabilize the flow of mana in Inblueria. Without Mercuria’s power, the mana would go out of control. From the information provided by the books, Wataru realized that the only way to stop the cycle of Mercuria was to stabilize the flow of mana naturally. That is, by using flowers. The problem was that flowers wouldn’t grow in Inblueria.

Rido told Wataru that there was a way for the flowers to grow. Though it was practically impossible, if they increase the number of Ancient Trees, the flowers would start growing as well. There used to be a lot of Ancient Trees. One day the mana went out of control, and people mistakenly thought the Ancient Trees were the cause. They cut down the trees and flowers, even though the real reason was because of the magic civilization. The existence of Mercuria was needed ever since.

The seed of the Ancient Tree only appears approximately once per a hundred years. It could only be taken during the Mercuria exchange period, and would rot immediately when touched by humans. Moreover, the person who touched it will lose their ability to use magic.

Welsh 1 eventually came. Ria spent her last morning saying goodbye to everyone at school and the castle. Ria then went to the sacred room with Wataru, to say the last goodbye. Ria cast the spell to become Mercuria, and a big bubble enveloped her entirely. Unable to control his tears, Wataru told Ria that actually he has been learning more about Mercuria to find a way to save her. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.

Ria smiled and said it’s okay. She already accepted her destiny as Mercuria. She also thanked Wataru for the wonderful first love he gave her. That was the greatest love for her, in the entire world. The two of them then shared their last kiss. Before leaving, Ria said that she won’t forget him forever. She then vanished, dissolving into the sea as Mercuria.

A week after Ria became Mercuria, Rido handed a crystal containing a message from Ria to Wataru. When he opened it later, Ria thanked Wataru once again for loving her. She also asked him to move on whenever he falls in love with another girl. Ria asked Wataru not to forget her, even if he goes back to his world.

On Welsh 15, Clary-sensei finally told Wataru and his friends that she has found a magic to return them to their own world. Himiko and Ai were happy, but Wataru didn’t know if he wanted to return. He didn’t want to leave Inblueria, the world where Ria existed. Wataru then went to the Ancient Tree near Oceano, where he met Eureria. She was feeling guilty for handing her role to Ria. After finding out that Wataru was Ria’s lover, she apologized to him.

Wataru said that there was no need for Eureria to apologize to him. Ria accepted her destiny and protected Inblueria from the sea. Though, Wataru was still thinking about a way to save Ria. Eureria also said the same thing as Rido. The seed would rot immediately if touched by any human. That year was the Mercuria exchange period, and so the seed was actually there. Eureria showed Wataru the huge seed, though it was impossible to touch.

It wasn’t known by the people right then, but Eureria knew that when being touched, the seed will react to that person’s mana that he or she had since birth. Then, finally she said it. Everyone from Inblueria has mana ever since they were born, but if it was a person from another world it’d be different. Eureria was surprised, but let Wataru touched the seed.

Wataru was able to pick up the seed. It didn’t rot when he touched it. Eureria told him that it might take decades for the Ancient Tree to grow, but Wataru didn’t mind as long as it means Ria could be saved. Even if he couldn’t return to his world anymore, Wataru didn’t want anyone to experience such a sad fate anymore. Seeing how much Wataru loves Ria, Eureria thanked him and said she will help him to save Ria. Her great-great-granddaughter, even though currently they were of the same age.

A few days later, it was time for Himiko, Ai and Seishuu to return to their world. Wataru chose to stay in Inblueria to raise the Ancient Tree. They were hoping that someday a spell that connects the two worlds could be established.

Eureria talked to the other kingdoms about handing the seeds of their Ancient Trees to Wataru. By planting the Ancient Trees around the world, the girls who became Mercuria in other countries could be saved as well. Soon, Wataru embarked on a journey with Rido to collect all the seeds. He was planning to go alone, but Rido insisted to accompany him. They were like brothers-in-law already, so for Rido it was an obvious thing to do.

Meanwhile, years passed with Ria spending her days adjusting the flow of mana as Mercuria. Being alone in the sea for so long, she started losing track of the time. Whenever she closed her eyes, she saw Wataru smiling at her. Ria thought Wataru must have returned to his own world, and wondered if he still remembers her. Even though she decided to protect this world as Mercuria, she wanted to see him.

Soon, Ria noticed something weird. Beautiful geranium petals were falling, even though the last Carnival took place not too long ago. She thought that it was because she lost her track of the time. A lot of petals were falling into the sea, and even if she didn’t concentrate, the flow of mana was stabilized on its own. Then she heard someone calling her name. Wataru’s voice. Ria felt her body was floating towards the surface, even though she dissolved into the deepest part of the sea.

Ria stood above the sea, confused about what had just happened. A mysterious masked man soon appeared and picked her up with a gondola, and took her to Atretica. Ria was worried that the mana would go out of control, but it didn’t happen to be so. Seeing geranium petals falling from the sky, Ria thought that it was Carnival. However, the man said that it was five months away from the Carnival. The falling geranium petals was because flowers were starting to grow all over the world.

They arrived at Atretica. Ria saw her mother, her brother and Medo-kun waiting for her. The man said that it had been 17 years since Ria became Mercuria, so her family members were all still alive. Thus, Ria was reunited with her family. Though she thought it was only for a while and she had to return to the sea later, it appears that the role of Mercuria wasn’t needed anymore.

Confused, Ria asked Rido what was happening. Rido told her that a certain boy was creating a miracle. Because he was a person from another world, he was able to touch the seed of the Ancient Tree. He would lose his ability to lose magic, but he immediately answered that he would do anything to save Ria. He went on a journey to collect the seeds and planted them in the appropriate places. Raising the tree was hard, but eventually the flowers started growing as well. The flow of mana was stabilized naturally, and so the role of Mercuria wasn’t needed anymore.

Ria asked where is that boy currently, and Rido pointed at the masked man who took her there using a gondola. Ria then realized it. They could walk on water or fly using the rod, but that man used a gondola because he couldn’t use magic. Because he touched the seed. The man then took off his mask and revealed himself to be Wataru. He explained to Ria that he chose to stay in Inblueria because he found a way to save her.

Wataru asked whether Ria still loves him after he aged so much, and Ria hugged him saying that she will always love him no matter what. Ria said that she loves him so much, and that from now on they will spend their lives together. Wataru asked Ria to hold his hand when they’re walking together, just like their academy days. Ria said she won’t let go of their hands. Because Wataru is her precious, precious lover.


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