Mercuria – Elnestina Madry

Second up is Elna, since her route branches off from Ria’s. I don’t really like onee-chan types, unless they’re really interesting, but there are times when I think Elna is cute. She looks really pretty in her dress too.

Elnestina Madry, usually called Elna, is Wataru’s senpai in the academy. They first met through a rough misunderstanding, where she mistook Wataru for a pervert harassing the academy students. Elna tied him up using the chain on her rod and forced him to lick her foot. Though, Elna is usually a very easy-going person and loves to tease Wataru. She is also the object of admiration from the female students, including Ria.

While everyone was getting nervous near Ria because of her status, Elna was able to make friends quickly with Ria. Elna also helped Wataru and his friends learning the basic magic spells. According to Tiara, Elna is actually a smart student, but she often skips classes and such.

One thing about Elna was that sometimes she would change into a completely different personality. Wataru first met her in Melka Plaza, where he dropped his drink bottle and she picked it up. Thus, she called him “empty bottle person.” This second personality was rather timid and spoke in a polite pattern of speech. Wataru thought that she was just a person resembling Elna, but she insisted that she is Elna. She would always run away before he could inquire any further.

One night, on the way to take a notebook he left in the classroom, Wataru heard The Ancient Tree singing. Clary-sensei explained it that day during class. At times a singing voice could be heard from the tree, thus earning the name of “Ecalip the Singing Tree.” Rumors had it that there was a ghost inside the tree and such.

Wataru was looking around to see if there was really no one around, when suddenly he saw a semi-transparent girl floating near the tree. It was her singing voice that he heard. The girl soon noticed his presence. Surprised, she called out “It’s the empty bottle person!” Happy that Wataru could actually see her, she told him that she knew about him as her sister’s friend. In fact, they have met several times before. When she possessed her sister’s body, that is.

Wataru was actually scared, but since the girl wanted to talk to him, he decided to stay. She then introduced herself as Nina Madry, Elna’s younger sister. She had a weak body when she was still alive, and it has been three years since her death. Even though the cause of Nina’s death was because of her own fault, Elna kept blaming herself and stopped singing.

Wataru asked if Elna used to sing before. Nina answered that she did, and she was really good at it. Elna used to sing in a big theatre in Atretica, and she was a well-known songstress. Nina really loves both her sister and singing, so she wanted Elna to continue singing. She would possess Elna’s body when she was sleeping and wrote a memo saying her death was not Elna’s fault, so she shouldn’t blame herself and keep on singing. However, Elna always thought that it was herself who wrote the memos unconsciously and ripped them apart.

Even though her singing voice could be heard by a lot of people, no one could see Nina. Not even Elna. Because of that, Nina was confused about how to tell Elna her real feelings. Touched by Nina’s genuine feelings towards her sister, Wataru offered his help to talk to Elna. So that night, Wataru and Nina became friends.

The next day, Wataru saw Elna at the Santa Lucia Port in the evening. She was watching over a funeral with her tears falling down. Wataru noticed that Elna must be remembering Nina whenever she saw funerals. He wanted to comfort her, but Elna said not to get any closer or she would tie him up. Tired after crying, Elna fell asleep in one of the benches. Wataru bought a blanket for her, and waited for her to wake up there.

After she woke up, Elna told Wataru that she had a secret. Elna said she had a sleepwalking habit. Even her bentou that she brought to school everyday was prepared and done by itself, she didn’t have any recollection making them. She did notice though, that the bentou had her sister’s taste. Elna started sleepwalking after her sister’s death three years ago, and so she knew there must be a connection somehow.

Elna thought that she unconsciously turned into her sister, in order to comfort herself. Wataru knew exactly that it was not the case, but letting Elna know about Nina’s ghost would only cause confusion, so he didn’t say anything.

The Carnival would be starting soon, and for a reason it made Elna rather gloomy. Wataru asked her to enjoy the Carnival together, but she initially refused. The reason was Nina used to look forward to the Carnival. She wanted to go and see the Carnival with Elna when she grew up, but she died before that. Whenever the Carnival came, Elna would always remember her and feel sad.

Some days before the Carnival, Nina went to Wataru’s room to wake him up. Even though normally she couldn’t stay away from the tree for a long time, during the Carnival Nina could roam around freely due to the great amount of mana. Nobody could see her though. But this year she was very happy because Wataru could see her. Moreover, he kept seeing her and talked to her even though he knew she was a ghost. Nina then asked Wataru if she could tag along that day, spending time together with him, which he agreed.

After school, Nina and Wataru went on a ‘date.’ Nina showed him crystal balls containing records (just like CDs and DVDs) of the small Elna singing. She also took Wataru to see the theatre in which Elna used to sing. Through this, Wataru found out how much Nina felt proud of her sister.

Wataru spent the first day of Carnival with Elna, who guided him around Atretica. In return, Wataru also told Elna about his own world, which she had a great interest on. They went to Santa Lucia in the evening, where it was less crowded. Just when they were about to go home, a mother with her child passed them by. Seeing the sad look on her face, Wataru asked if Elna missed her mother.

Confused, Elna wondered if she ever told Wataru about her family. Wataru casually answered that he heard it from Nina, which shocked Elna greatly. She got angry at Wataru for bringing her sister’s name, even though he knew Nina died three years ago. Elna thought Wataru heard it from someone else and in an attempt to hide it, mentioned Nina’s name. She then slapped Wataru in the face before leaving him.

Ai and Tiara spent the second day of the Carnival with Wataru, but he was feeling down. Wataru eventually told Clary-sensei about what happened between him and Elna. Since both Tiara and Ai didn’t know anything, Clary-sensei explained it after warning them not to tell anyone. It appears that Elna was a member of the famous Teatro La Fenice, a top-class theatre. Before leaving, Clary-sensei whispered to Wataru that he might be able to change Elna’s feelings.

At night, Wataru went to see Nina and told her what happened. If he told Elna honestly that he met Nina’s ghost, most likely she wouldn’t believe him anyway. So Nina told Wataru a little secret that was only known by both Nina and Elna. On the last day of the festival, Nina would bring Elna to meet Wataru. There, he would tell Elna about that secret as a proof that he talked to Nina.

As expected, before Wataru could say anything, Elna tried to run away. Wataru stopped her, but Elna told her not to say anything regarding Nina. It would only hurt her more, so Wataru should just leave her alone. He waited until she calmed down and hugged her, tried to tell her that Nina was there. He could see and talk to her, even if Elna couldn’t. Elna then asked for a proof, and Wataru told her what he heard from Nina.

Elna hates celery. Not only she hates to eat it, she even hates seeing it. In front of other people she tried to avoid celery without anyone noticing, so only Nina and herself knew about it. Wataru then told Elna Nina’s message. That she didn’t want Elna to blame herself, as she didn’t do anything wrong. Elna thanked Wataru and said she was glad knowing Nina was there, but she still thought it was her fault. That’s why she couldn’t see Nina.

After Nina went back to the tree, Wataru confessed that he loves Elna. She didn’t believe him, because she was always doing mischief to him. Eventually she was conviced that he was serious, and kissed him in exchange for her answer. They then went to Elna’s room and had sex for the very first time.

On Apis 31, Wataru and Elna went to a secluded beach for a date. There they also had a sexy, fun day which started from another sun oil-rubbing session.

The month of Norm started. Wataru saw Elna gazing alone at the sea from Rialto bridge. Elna was thinking about Nina, who was sent to the sea too during her funeral. Wondering if Nina was gazing at the sea as well, Elna reminisced about that day when her sister passed away.

That day Elna went home quickly to inform Nina that if her next performance on stage is successful, Elna was going to sing in Theatro La Fenice. The bedridden Nina was very happy to hear the news, since singing in Fenice was Elna’s dream. Nina then asked if she could come and see when Elna is performing in Fenice. Despite Elna telling her that she couldn’t come because of her conditions, Nina insisted. Elna finally gave up to her sister’s persuasion and gave her permission.

That time Elna didn’t want Nina to force herself to come, knowing that she was weak physically. But then again she wanted fulfill Nina’s wish by letting her watch her performance.

Then, on the day of the performance Nina had a slight fever. Even so, Nina insisted that she was okay and told Elna to go. It was an important day for her. If Elna did her best today, she will be singing in Fenice next. Elna finally went to perform on stage, after Nina promised to drink her medicine and rest properly. Nina said good luck, and Elna went out.

Little did she know that it would be their last conversation. When Elna came back home, Nina was lying on her bed with a peaceful expression. No matter how many times Elna called out her name, she didn’t respond. Nina died while Elna was performing. Her performance was successful, but for Elna Nina died because she left her and performed. All that Elna wanted was to fulfill Nina’s wish. To make Nina happy. But in the end because of that, she lost her only sister.

Thinking that if she didn’t left Nina’s side that day she might still be alive, Elna blamed herself for letting Nina die. Elna quit singing because even if she sings, Nina wouldn’t be there anymore to laugh and be happy with her. In her own mind, Elna thought Nina was feeling that singing is more important than her.

Meanwhile, there was a rumor among the students that Nina’s singing voice became more cheerful lately. There used to be a hint of sadness somehow, but lately it was gone. When Wataru told Nina later, she knew right away that the reason was Wataru himself. Nina was happy to have someone to talk to. Moreover, that someone was her sister’s boyfriend.

The next day, Elna was called to Clary-sensei’s room. She asked Elna to sing on the dance party, which would be held on the last day of the school festival. Clary-sensei knew that Elna stopped singing years ago, but wondered if she would accept the offer. It seems like the Queen, who will be attending the dance party, wanted to hear her singing voice.

Elna refused, saying that the singer named Elnestina Madry already died that day. After Elna excused herself, Clary-sensei muttered that Wataru and ‘that girl’ were the key towards the revival of the songstress. She later asked Wataru to help changing Elna’s feeling, which Nina supported fully. Seeing how enthusiastic Nina was, Wataru said he will try to do that.

Days passed with Wataru feeling confused. Knowing that Elna refused the principal, he had no confidence in convincing her to sing. After talking and receiving support from Rido, Wataru finally decided to talk to Elna on Apis 14. She still refused though. Even if it was Wataru’s wish, she insisted that it was impossible for her to sing. Wataru then said Nina really wanted Elna to continue singing, but she still refused. The reason was because she didn’t know if Nina really meant it. Somehow Elna was still thinking that deep inside, Nina thought Elna chose singing rather than her sister.

No matter what Wataru said, Elna refused to sing unless she heard it directly from Nina herself. Her reason for singing was Nina, and after Nina’s death she lost her reason to sing. Elna then asked Wataru to understand. Elna denied the fact that she actually loves singing, but showed a sad expression on her face. Wataru then asked her to sing for him. Elna apologized and said she really loves him, but still it wasn’t enough for her to continue singing.

The school festival eventually came, and Wataru was still unable to convince Elna. When buying juice for everyone, he met Elna at Oceano and asked her to go to the dance party together. Elna thought he was still trying to persuade her to sing there, but Wataru said he just wanted to enjoy the festival together with her. She finally said yes, much to his joy.

On the second day Wataru walked around the school festival with Nina. They were planning to look for Elna, but couldn’t find her anywhere due to the massive crowd. They then decided to watch the clothes-tearing magic contest in the Colloseo. It turns out that Elna decided to join in the contest, which shocked both Wataru and Nina. Despite their worries that Elna’s clothes might get ripped, she actually made it into the finals unscratched and eventually won the contest.

Then, on the night of the dance party Wataru escorted Elna. He left her for a while to get Nina at the tree. When he came back, they found Elna standing alone on the balcony. Just when she explained that she went there to feel the breeze, her words suddenly stopped. Elna saw someone who wasn’t supposed to be there. For some unknown reason, Nina was visible to Elna that night.

The sisters hugged each other after reassuring that Nina was really visible to Elna. Not only that she was visible, she could be touched as well. Nina then explained that it was really her who wrote all the memos and prepared Elna’s bentou everyday. Elna apologized for not realizing, but Nina said it’s okay.

Nina then asked Elna to sing, as she really wanted to hear her singing voice again. She was afraid that Elna might refuse, but she accepted immediately. Wataru told Clary-sensei about it, and she prepared for Elna’s performance right away. He then escorted Elna to the stage, where she finally started singing again after such a long time.

Elna’s performance received a great amount of applause from the audience. Even though there was a three years period of blank in her singing carrier, Elna’s voice was still splendid. Elna then thanked both Nina and Wataru, and said that she won’t forget that night for the rest of her life.

Since the dance party would be ending soon, Wataru and Elna then shared a last dance, with Nina singing the song.

For a short period of time, Nina spent the days together with Wataru and Elna happily. They walked around the town together, eat lunches together, teached Elna how to cook and overall, had fun together. Elna was worried because of Nina’s unnatural existence, since she died already, but was happy that she could meet her sister again.

On Norm 27, Nina brought Elna and Wataru to the tree. There she asked them to perform a wedding ceremony for her. Ever since she was small, Nina had always wanted to see Elna becomes a bride. They were surprised, but agreed to do a wedding ceremony. With Nina playing the role of the priest, Wataru and Elna pledged loyalty to each other and ended it with a kiss. Nina was touched and happy that Wataru really became her big brother.

Following Nina’s reccomendation, the two had their ‘wedding night’ on the roof of the dorm.

The next day, Wataru and Elna waited for Nina to come to Wataru’s room. When she finally came, Nina said that she’s been sightseeing around Atretica. Elna then suggested that they walk around Atretica together, but Nina said it was enough for her. She had seen the places she wanted to see, and that day was her farewell to the town. That day was the day Nina would disappear.

All this time Nina had been worrying about Elna. Now that Elna was able to see and talk to her properly, Nina’s reluctance as a spirit vanished and her wish were all fulfilled. Therefore, she will disappear from this world soon. Actually Nina had to return to the sea, but she’s been stalling the time because she wanted to stay with Wataru and Elna for a little bit longer.

They decided to stay with Nina until the end, and went to the Ancient Tree to see her off. The three of them watched the beautiful sunset that day, with Nina telling them that she had been watching Elna all this time from the tree. Nina then wondered if it was Mercuria who made her visible, and said that she will thank the goddess when she returned to the sea later.

It was only for a short, three days. But Nina really enjoyed the time with Wataru and Elna. Nina then told Elna to be happy, and entrusted her sister to Wataru. After thanking Wataru and Elna, Nina said goodbye and with light enveloping her body, finally returned to the sea.

Filled with emotions towards her sister, Elna sang a song that expressed her gratitude towards Nina. A song filled with her feelings, hoping to reach Nina in the sea. She then wondered if she has been a good sister for Nina. Wataru answered that she was, because Nina was always smiling until the end.

Two weeks after the farewell with Nina, it was the month of Welsh in Atretica. The sadness inside Elna was pretty much gone, and she started to show her real smile again. On Welsh 12, Clary-sensei called Wataru and his friends to her room. It appears that she has found a spell to send them back to their own world.

Everyone was happy to hear that, including Wataru. But then he was torn between returning to his world and staying with Elna in Inblueria. Moreover, if they wanted to return they had to make it quick. The spell needs a lot of mana, and so the procedure needs to be done during the time when the academy was still floating. Outside that period of time, the amount of mana inside the sky-blue stone would be regulated and it wouldn’t be enough for the spell.

To put it shortly, they had two days to prepare and say goodbye to everyone if they wanted to go back to their own world.

On the night of Welsh 13, a farewell party for Wataru and his friends was held in the dorm’s dining room. Rido dragged Wataru there, and he caught a glimpse of Elna during the party. She soon disappeared, and Wataru found her on the roof later. Elna looked rather sad, but told Wataru that it’s good if he could return to his own world.

Elna said she wouldn’t come to see him off tomorrow, and bid Wataru farewell on the roof. After saying that she will always love him forever, Elna ran away without hearing what Wataru had to say. Wataru decided that he need to be honest to his own heart.

Morning eventually came, and they were getting ready to return Wataru and his friends to their world. Before Clary-sensei casted the spell, Wataru said that he had something he wanted to tell everyone.

Meanwhile, Elna was standing alone near the Ancient Tree. She felt a great surge of mana, which must be the effect of the spell that returns Wataru and his friends home. Elna regretted avoiding Wataru for the last two days. If they were going to part, she wanted to stay with him until the end. While it was true that she was glad Wataru could go home, Elna couldn’t help but feel lonely.

Thinking that Nina and Wataru were both gone, Elna allowed herself to cry. Actually she didn’t want to be alone, and called Wataru’s name while crying. That time, it’d be better if she honestly said that she didn’t want him to go. But it was too late.

Then suddenly Elna heard his voice, apologizing and saying that he won’t ever let go of her. Wataru suddenly hugged Elna from behind. Surprised, Elna asked him what was he doing there when he was supposed to go home. Wataru explained that he decided to stay in Inblueria with Elna, because it was Elna’s wish. And also Nina’s wish.

Even though Elna protested saying that Wataru’s family might be waiting for him, Wataru said that Elna is the most important person to him. Wataru will not return to his own world. He wanted to stay in Inblueria to make a family with Elna, so that she wouldn’t be alone anymore. Elna asked what about his family on the other world, and Wataru answered that his parents would get angry if he left the girl he loves and made her cry.

The two then hugged, with Elna telling Wataru not to disappear and leaving her alone. Wataru then thought that he won’t ever regret his choice to stay with Elna.

Time passed after that. Elna had a new habit of going to the Ancient Tree to gaze at the sea. It was the place where Nina went back to the sea from, and she feels really calm everytime she came there. Elna started singing again, and soon she was going to sing in Fenice. Wataru came to see her, informing that Clary-sensei was looking for her to talk about her upcoming performance.

Elna realized that a lot of people are waiting for her performance. Nina, Wataru, and also everyone at school. Knowing that everyone was waiting for her, Elna feels that she wanted to sing too. As they walked towards the academy, Wataru whispered in his heart that Nina’s small hope had created a great miracle. Elna will always continue singing, filling the world with a gentle feeling.

Faintly, Elna heard Nina’s voice saying that she’s glad Elna is getting along well with Wataru. Even if they were apart, Nina will always kindly watches over the two of them.


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