Mercuria – Takamori Himiko

Next up is Himiko. I don’t have anything against tsunderes, but this one is simply annoying. Her deredere side is much more dominant though, and her rivalry with Pamela is quite amusing. In fact, I like Pamela more than Himiko herself.

Takamori Himiko is Wataru’s friend since junior high, who came together with him to Inblueria through the shining puddle. In their own world, she attends the same school as Wataru, Ai and Seishuu. Himiko loves fortune-telling and often remarks that she’s really good at it. Normally she’s a tsundere, but she is also a crybaby who cares deeply for Wataru. Her rod was in the shape of the sun with rose quartz gems in the center.

Unlike Wataru, Himiko was found Clary-sensei’s room the first time she arrived in Inblueria. She also became the object (or rather, the victim) of Clary-sensei’s strange hobby of sexual harassment. Clary-sensei forced her to wear sexy lingeries and maid costumes during part-time work. Himiko later also became the regular victim of Elna’s butt-touching habit.

On her first day in the academy, Himiko immediately became rivals with Pamela, her classmate who happened to be the class representative as well. Pamela is an ojou-sama from a high society, who is also smart and pretty. She admires Clary-sensei, and therefore got jealous of her newfound affection towards Himiko.

That aside, Pamela soon found out that Himiko is a very hardworking person and acknowledged her as her rival. Even though Himiko had absolutely zero knowledge regarding magic. Deep inside Pamela also cares a lot for Himiko, though she would never admit it. At times she would lend Himiko a hand whenever she experienced difficulties.

Being a great cook and a dependable person, Wataru’s mother often asked Himiko to take care of her son. Even if Inblueria, Himiko continues to take care of him. She held his hand every morning when they walk on water, because Wataru’s magic was unstable. She also cooked for him given the chance and time. She even snuck into the boys dormitory only to wake him up, falling into Clary-sensei’s trap on the way and end up wearing nothing but underwear.

Out of the four people who came from the other world, Himiko is the one who was most compatible with ‘Solvolare’, the flying spell. Therefore, her training sessions with Clary-sensei involved focusing on inhaling mana to her rod. Himiko also gave Wataru rides on their way back to the dorms. She said it as if she had to help him, but actually she just wanted to spend time with him.

With the upcoming Carnival being so close, Himiko was a bit distracted since it was known as a festival where girls confess to the guys they like. She had difficulties expressing her feelings, but she was clueless regarding how to confess. On the other hand, Wataru himself was starting to be aware of his feelings towards Himiko.

The girls decided to go to the beach in the weekend with everyone, so Wataru went with Himiko and Ai to buy swimsuits at Canal Grande. Before they bought a beach ball, Himiko saw a fortune-telling house and immediately dragged Wataru there. She tried having her love fortune read, and the result was that she needed more confidence. The item that would help her gaining confidence was a ring. The fortune-teller suggested that Himiko gives a pair ring to the boy she loves.

Seeing how serious Himiko was during the fortune-telling session, Wataru couldn’t help but feel curious about the identity of the boy Himiko loves.

The next day, Wataru’s and Himiko’s classes were learning more about ‘Solvolare’ together. Practicing the mana-inhaling technique, Himiko was able to break Pamela’s 200m speed flying record. In return, Pamela laughed at her later, when Himiko had difficulties in making sudden turns. Pamela herself excels in accelerating and decelerating, not only flying in straight paths.

Of course this only made their rivalry became more intense, in a positive way though.

In the end though, the fastest student in there was not Pamela nor Himiko. It was Ria. Moreover, Himiko overcharged her rod and it went out of control. She flew out of the Colloseo where they had their lesson, with Ria and Wataru chasing after her.

After chasing her all around the academy, blowing away the students’ skirts on the way and seeing Himiko peed in her pants due of the thrill, Wataru finally stopped Himiko with Ria’s help. Her rod went ballistic was enough to traumatize Himiko, but she decided to work harder on flying because she wanted to ride it again together with Wataru.

Clary-sensei and Pamela chased came soon after. With Pamela laughing at Himiko peeing her pants, the two started bickering again. Since they were really motivated to outfly each other, Clary-sensei then suggested that they participated in Regatta, the race held on the second day of the Carnival. She also mentioned that the winner would get Felice, the pair ring of happiness.

Knowing that it was the lucky item she needed, moreover it was said that the couple who put on Felice would be happy together, Himiko immediately signed in. Pamela also joined in right after that. That year’s Regatta would be a fierce battle between the two.

That night, Himiko cancelled their plan to go to the beach. Himiko didn’t have the confidence to win in Regatta, but she wanted to give it her all. So she decided to practice flying in the weekend. Wataru then said he’d assist her during her training, just like playing a manager’s role.

During her next training session with Clary-sensei, Tiara and Ai, Himiko was able to keep her control even when turning around and making curves. Happy that her time was better than Pamela’s, she accidentally revealed that she was going to confess after getting the pair ring. They already knew though, since it was so obvious. Only Wataru was dense enough to not notice that.

Seeing Himiko’s performance, Clary-sensei also let her off the part-time job until Regatta was over.

One night, Pamela came to see Himiko at the roof at night. Seeing Himiko seriously practicing on her own, Pamela asked if Himiko had a boyfriend since she really wanted to get the pair ring. She then guessed if Himiko and Wataru started going out already, but Himiko said that was not the case. Himiko admitted that she wanted to present the ring to Wataru when confessing to him later.

Pamela didn’t understand why Himiko needs the ring so much. All she needs to do was express her feelings honestly, directly to Wataru. Himiko was unable to answer why she was so concerned about the ring. Seeing her like that, Pamela sighed and wondered if Himiko really loves Wataru. Does she love him? Or was she in love with love itself?

Himiko was surprised. She was certain she loves Wataru, but Pamela’s question confused her as well.

Ever since that day, Himiko had been practicing flying on her rod everyday. Wataru also accompanied her, providing all the things she needed. He even got a map of Atretica and last year’s Regatta route, given by Rido. Himiko was touched by the amount of effort he put to help her win. Rido then also helped out by tutoring Himiko flying through difficult courses.

The Carnival started, and the day of Regatta eventually came. Himiko was nervous, but thanks to Pamela who came to laugh at her, she regained her determination to win. Despite her earlier confusion, Himiko still wanted to win. It was the only way to make sure if her feelings towards Wataru was real. Wataru and the other watched as Himiko and Pamela tried to outfly each other during the race.

At the beginning Pamela caught up with Himiko quickly. Dodging the hurdle balloons skillfully, she was able to take the lead and outfly Himiko. When she reached the sea, Himiko took a deep breath and calmed down. She finally caught up with Pamela at the Rialto Bridge, and they entered the balloon zone afterwards. Himiko realized that for some reasons her rod felt lighter and easier to control, thus she easily dodged the balloons.

It was a close fight with Pamela near the finish line. Normally, straight line courses are Himiko specialties. But Himiko suddenly remembered what Pamela said on the roof, ruining her concentration and decreasing her speed. Annoyed by Himiko who didn’t give it her all during the last minutes, Pamela outflied her and won the race.

Pamela received the ring as the winner, and Himiko accepted a medal and a bouquet as the runner-up. But none of them felt satisfied with that result. Pamela thought Himiko decreased her speed on purpose, while Himiko herself thought she was lovesick with love itself. Both of them were disappointed for different reasons, but Pamela finally said she will be waiting for next year’s race. And handed the Felice box to Himiko.

Wataru and Himiko spent the next day enjoying the festival together. Himiko was still down for losing in Regatta, but she was happy to spend time together with him. That night they went to see the fireworks from the Inblueria castle garden, where they could be alone. Himiko was asleep through the whole fireworks display though, due to the fatigue from yesterday.

Himiko woke up to find the fireworks show over, and apologized to Wataru. It was her who asked him to watch it together with her, yet she fell asleep. She then accidentally dropped the box of Felice given by Pamela, causing Wataru to ask why did she had it. Rather than answering, Himiko started crying because she hated herself. She let out her grief of losing the race, and also her confusion because she didn’t know if she really loves ‘that person.’

Despite Wataru guiding her to realize and have faith in her own feelings, Himiko cried again because she didn’t have the ring and wouldn’t be able to confess that way. Wataru handed her the box that fell earlier. A geranium petal fell inside it. He said it didn’t make any difference whether it was a ring or a flower, all he wanted to hear was her feelings. Himiko then confessed to him, and they shared a kiss as the fireworks started showing in the night sky.

Ever since she started going out with Wataru, Himiko’s magic power increased significantly. She had premonitions about what would happen in the future, and could see them through her dreams. She could avoid bad things that would happen too thanks to that power, including successfully prevented Wataru and Seishuu from having accidental kiss.

Because of this, Himiko became popular among the students. During the breaks and after school they would ask Himiko to see their future. Sort of fortune-telling with 100% accuracy. Her regulars were mostly the girls who wanted to have their love fortune told. Himiko soon quit her fortune-telling though, because she wanted everyone to give it their best, and not depending on her fortune-telling.

After Himiko and Wataru had their first sex, Himiko started having dreams about Wataru having sex with other girls. According to Clary-sensei, that was Wataru from the parallel world, and Himiko should know better that Wataru won’t ever cheat on her. Still, Himiko kept having negative thoughts. She was really tempted to use the spell to see if Wataru would fall if another girl confessed to him, but decided to control herself.

Himiko eventually gave in to the temptation and took a peek at the future in another world, where Wataru was having sex with Ai in the library. Not wanting to lose to Ai (even though it’s in another world..), Himiko made a plan to have sex with him while wearing her maid uniform. Later on she also made a whole lot of varieties, including doing it in a dress and in her uniforms.

(Okay. I rarely dislike a character THAT much, but how Himiko thinks is just ridiculous. The way she felt insecure to the girls in another world, and how she dragged Wataru here and there just because she “doesn’t want to lose.” It’s just.. NO. Maybe some people thinks she’s cute that way, yet I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Wataru.)

Busy with her own insecurity issues, Himiko’s preparation for the upcoming dance party was nearly zero. Fortunately, Pamela introduced her to a nice dress shop which wasn’t too expensive. Himiko was able to get a nice dress there. Pamela even teached her how to dance at her mansion.

Then, on Norm 15, Clary-sensei finally found the spell to send Wataru and his friends back to their own world. It was up to them to decide the time, but Himiko gloomily said that she still wanted to stay in Inblueria. Wataru, Ai and Seishuu also knew that they fell in love with Inblueria like Himiko. But still, they have a place they had to return to. Wataru then decided that they would extend their stay in Inblueria for a while. At least until the school festival is over.

Himiko was still gloomy when they left Clary-sensei’s office. Wataru suggested that she joined スヴェスティーレ (Svestile?), the clothes-tearing magic contest. Himiko plainly refused though. By that time Wataru noticed that there was something more than “sadness of parting from Inblueria” that made Himiko didn’t want to go home.

However, Pamela harshly challenged Himiko to participate in Svestile. Himiko demanded Pamela to apologize for insulting Wataru in the process, but she would only do what Himiko says if she defeated her in the contest. And so Himiko decided to participate as well.

The school festival came, and Wataru went to watch Svestile together with Ai. Himiko and Pamela immediately faced each other early on. Pamela repelled Himiko’s earlier attacks, because Himiko’s magic was weak. Even weaker than any other contestant’s magic. The cause was none other than Himiko’s confused heart, something that Pamela noticed too.

Himiko then revealed in her mind that she didn’t want to go home because she would lose her ability to foresee the future. She had been depending on it so much that she didn’t know how to approach Wataru without using it. She wouldn’t become Wataru’s “no. 1” if she lost the ability.

Himiko was REALLY distracted by that, up to the point where she couldn’t concentrate and lost her ability to cast the spell. Pamela’s attack directly hit her, ripping her clothes and made Himiko gave up. Seeing Himiko lost to Pamela again, Wataru tried to comfort her. He asked if Himiko had worries, and told her that she could talk to him about it. Himiko only apologized and ran away.

Wataru met Himiko again at night. She ran away from him, but he chased after her and eventually caught up with her. Himiko finally told him all the things she’s been doing with the premonition magic. At first she only wanted to make Wataru happy with it, but she gradually became dependant on it. Without the magic, Himiko was afraid that she’d lost Wataru.

Even though Himiko was like that, Wataru apologized and said it was his fault for making Himiko depended on the magic so much. He was the one who was unable to make Himiko feel confident. He didn’t express his feelings enough to make her feel secure. Wataru told her that even if she lost her magic, Himiko is still Himiko, and that he would love her just the same.

With her doubts gone, Himiko decided to redo her match with Pamela. They met again in the finals of Svestile on the next day. Pamela then challenged Himiko to a deathmatch, where they took off the swimsuits they wore under the uniforms. Which means if one of them loses, she would be left in underwear only. Or naked, if bad luck comes. Himiko accepted the challenge.

Being someone with high magic skills, Pamela attacked Himiko with multiple strikes at once. Himiko’s magic power was also improved a lot, different from the day before. It was a battle between Pamela’s multipe hit spell and Himiko’s single hit, yet very powerful, spell. The first one who was able to rip the opponent’s clothes was Pamela, but Himiko’s determination to win eventually brought her victory. After ripping Pamela’s clothes and underwear, that is.

The night of the dance party eventually came too. Himiko and Wataru danced together, after he lightly proposed to her and got her OK. When Wataru went to get a drink, Himiko looked around for Pamela. She was nowhere to be seen after Himiko defeated her. They later met Pamela’s father, who told them that Pamela had locked herself in her room. Losing to Himiko was a big shock for her. He told them not to mind though, because when Pamela’s mood got better she would eventually comes out.

Himiko and Wataru also met Clary-sensei afterwards. Seeing how disappointed Himiko was at Pamela’s attitude, Clary-sensei explained that Pamela wasn’t trying to pick a fight with her. Actually she was very lonely because Himiko and the others were going home, and wanted to have a last match with Himiko. Even if she lost, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. It was just that having her underwear ripped in front of such a big crowd was so embarassing that she didn’t have the courage to attend the dance party.

Pamela even had prepared a present for Himiko if she won the contest, but with that personality there was no way she could hand it to her honestly.

Himiko then went to Pamela’s house with Wataru. They flew outside Pamela’s window, where Himiko called to her but there was no answer. Himiko then said that she was trying to run away before, but she was really glad that she could have the last match with Pamela. She was really thankful to Pamela, who dragged her out to have a match before she went home.

Pamela didn’t want to show herself and only stood in front of the closed window, showing only her silhouette to Himiko. Himiko then asked Pamela to dance with her at the party, since Pamela is a friend that she loves. Pamela didn’t answer and turned off the light instead, but Himiko said she’d be waiting in the hall.

Just when Himiko was worrying that Pamela wouldn’t come, heavy applause was heard from the hall. Tiara then informed that Pamela had just came. Himiko rushed and hugged her, thanking her for coming. Pamela and Himiko then danced together in the ballroom.

Himiko and Pamela acknowledged each other as their best friend. They won’t forget each other even after Himiko went home. Pamela also praised how Himiko’s magic has developed so much.

On Norm 19, finally Wataru and his friends were going back home. Pamela also came to see them off, and Himiko used her premonition spell to see Pamela’s future. It was the first time she could see the future so clearly. Himiko smiled and told Pamela that she would surely becomes Clary-sensei’s assistant.

Pamela also pulled out a present for Himiko. The one she had been preparing ever since they faced each other in Svestile. It was Felice, the pair ring of happiness that she won in Regatta. She was giving them to Himiko and Wataru. Pamela really wanted to give her blessing to both of them, as Himiko’s best friend.

Himiko was really touched and thanked Pamela for the wonderful present. Pamela also thanked Himiko for seeing her future with her premonition. Pamela then promised that one day she would establish a spell that connects their worlds, so this was not a sad goodbye.

Clary-sensei and Tiara then sent Wataru and the others back to their own world. Believing that one day they will meet again.

Wataru, Himiko, Ai and Seishuu resumed their daily lives in their own world. Both Wataru and Himiko would have dreams about Inblueria from time to time. Wataru would also dream about how obstinate Himiko used to be. She became more open and honest to her own feelings, but Wataru loves Himiko just the same. Himiko then smiled and showed the ring on her ring finger. The pair ring with Wataru, which Pamela gave them before they parted.

In his heart, Wataru thanked Inblueria. Until the day they could see Inblueria again, he will keep living on with Himiko in this world.


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