Mercuria – Tsurugi Ai

The last route is Ai’s. OMG I love this route, even more than Ria’s. It doesn’t have that swaying conflicts, but it’s really sweet. Oh, and Tiara is simply adorable! ♥

Tsurugi Ai is Wataru’s adorable kouhai, who also fell into the shining puddle that took them to Inblueria. Ai lost her voice when she was small and carried her sketchbook most of the time, where she wrote the things she wanted to say. Her rod took the shape of a crescent moon, with stars dangling on the sides.

Unlike Himiko who was initially embarassed to wear her maid uniform, Ai actually likes it. She would go to wake Wataru up in the mornings in her maid uniform. Usually with Tiara, who adores Ai so much because of her cuteness. Ai also wanted to learn the magic ‘Voce di Vento’ or ‘Voice of the Wind’, as suggested by Clary-sensei

It was pretty obvious that Ai harbors romantic feelings towards Wataru, but he was too dense to notice. When she heard about the Carnival, Ai really wanted to say her real feelings to Wataru. With her own voice. Ai also helped holding Wataru’s hand when they walked on water, because of his unstable magic.

On Apis 8, Ai’s sketchbook got blown away by a strong wind in Santa Lucia. It fell into the sea, and Ai couldn’t stop crying. For her, the sketchbook was like a precious memory album. By reading the words she wrote there, it reminds her of the conversations she had. Wataru kindly took the crying Ai back to the dorms and told her that they’d rewrite the words when she buys a new sketchbook.

That night, Ai reminisced about the first time Wataru carried her on his back. Ai had just moved near Wataru’s house. Even though she couldn’t speak, she had her sketchbook, so she wasn’t afraid walking around the town by herself. Then that day, her sketchbook fell off the bridge to the river below. Wataru then found Ai cried alone, scared and didn’t know what to do. He carried her back home, and she fell in love with the kind Wataru.

For Ai, it doesn’t matter if Wataru loves another girl. She just wanted to say her feelings to him, using her own voice. It was a dream she wanted to achieve in Inblueria.

With the Carnival being so close, Ai worked hard everyday to learn ‘Voce di Vento.’ After days of training, Ai was finally able to use the spell on the night of Apis 18. Tiara was so touched to hear Ai’s voice, and encouraged her to confess to Wataru during the upcoming Carnival. They agreed to keep quiet about Ai’s voice and decided to surprise Wataru with Ai’s confession later.

As a part of the plan, Ai started avoiding Wataru to keep the secret. Wataru didn’t understand why she did that, but since Ai told him it wasn’t because he hurt her or something like that, he decided not to ask any further. Himiko also asked about what happened, but Ai told her to wait until the Carnival.

Proceeding with her confession plan, Tiara helped Ai order a pretty dress to wear on the D-day. They also searched for a beautiful place for Ai to confess. She decided that she would confess on the night of the first day of the Carnival, since the second and third day would be full of girls trying to confess their loves.

The Carnival eventually started. Wataru went to see the costume parade at noon with Rido and Seishuu, but they left him alone at night after telling him to wait for the night parade. Wataru didn’t have any idea of what was going on, but decided to wait anyway. Later, he was approached by a small girl wearing a mask. Wataru noticed right away that it was Ai, and she took him to a place where they could see the beautiful nightview of Atretica.

Handing a small flower to Wataru, Ai then said it with her own voice. She loves Wataru. She has always been in love with him since a long time ago. Touched, Wataru hugged Ai and congratulated her for being able to use ‘Voce di Vento’ successfully. He then answered her feelings, that he loves her as well.

Ai then put her mask on Wataru’s face, climbed the staircase in Wataru’s back and kissed him when he turned around. That night, her dreams came true. She was able to confess to Wataru at the most beautiful place, on the most wonderful time. In the water capital where pink flower petals were falling down.

The two then went back to Canal Grande, where they met Tiara. Ai then gave Tiara a flower that she bought. Tiara gave her so much courage and happiness, and that was her expression of gratitude. Tiara was really happy to receive such a present.

The next morning, the others were really surprised to hear Ai’s voice. But they were really glad that Ai mastered ‘Voce di Vento’ and started going out with Wataru. Ria and Himiko were especially happy to hear Ai called them ‘onee-chan’ with her cute voice.

After Ai and Wataru had sex for the first time, Ai’s magic skills developed some more. She was able to the master ‘Voce di Vento’ perfectly. Aside from speaking normally, Ai could also send her heart’s voice to a particular person. Just like a telepathy. By using it, Ai could send her voice to Wataru only.

Wataru spent the days with Ai and Tiara. They went on dates during the weekends. Tiara would go with them, but for both Ai and Wataru, that was a good thing since Tiara was like a family to them. Tiara was just like a very close sister to Ai, despite her status as the Reginetta (Fairy Queen). Both Wataru and Ai treated her like a normal girl, which made Tiara very happy.

Besides attending important meetings as Reginetta, Tiara was also training the royal soldiers regarding magic spells. As the result, people respected her so much and would treat her highly whenever they see her. Tiara didn’t like these formalities, and would always tell people to address her normally without attaching ‘-sama’ to her name and such. The topic of age was a taboo in front of her though, since fairies have long lives, and Tiara herself must have been living for a long time.

Tiara later revealed her age to Ai, and she promised not to tell anyone about it.

Ever since she started speaking, Ai had been using her sketchbook to keep a log of what happened to her in Inblueria. If the time for them to go home comes, she would lose the ability to use ‘Voce di Vento’ as well. Which means she would lose her voice. So Ai used her sketchbook as her own memory album, to keep all of her memories with Wataru.

On Norm 16, Clary-sensei finally found a way to send Wataru and the others back to their own world. As expected, Ai was a little sad to hear the news. Wataru said that if Ai wanted to stay in Inblueria, he would stay with her. But Ai refused, saying that they have a family and friends in their own world. Ai realized that the days they spent in Inblueria was like a dream. They have to wake up someday.

Wataru realized that Ai was prepared. Her decision was firm, and so he apologized for saying things that might be a temptation for her. However, Ai asked everyone to delay their return until the school festival is over. She wanted to dance with Wataru in the dance party.

Of course Ai was sad having to part with Tiara, but Tiara told her that their current priority was to learn the dance steps. Tiara trained Ai and Wataru everyday until they were able to dance properly. Also, Ai had been thinking of the thing she wanted to say the most to Wataru.

The school festival eventually came. Ai and Wataru enjoyed the first two days along with Tiara. They watched the Svestile match on the third day, and met up at evening for the dance party. However, just before Ai went out to their rendezvous point, the mana flow was disturbed so badly that Ai felt sick. She felt better after stopped using ‘Voce di Vento,’ but it turned out that they couldn’t use magic during such a time.

Meanwhile, Wataru arrived first and noticed that a lot of students were throwing up around him. Some students also fell into the water suddenly, because of the wild mana flow. With no other choice at hand, both Ai and Wataru decided to wait for the mana to be stabilized.

It wasn’t until midnight for the mana to be finally stabilized. The dance party should already be over by that time. Ai apologized to Tiara for crying a lot, and the two went to meet Wataru in the academy. They met Ria in Wataru’s classroom, but he wasn’t there. When Ria said that Wataru didn’t go back to the dorms, Ai realized that Wataru was still waiting for her at their rendezvous point.

Ai found Wataru still waiting for her on the top of the staircase. Tiara also came soon, and the three of them went to the hall. The dance party was supposed to be over, but Wataru explained their situation to the manager. That he still wanted to dance with Ai, and that they would go back to their own world in a few days.

Even though the orchestra players had already gone home, Tiara set up the music for the dance. Ai and Wataru then danced in the empty ballroom, just the two of them. Tiara also changed the surroundings later, making it as if they were dance in beautiful places.

Ai told Wataru that she wanted to have a talk with him afterwards. Tiara then took them to a balcony, with a great view to the sea and the beautiful moonlight shining upon them.

Silence fell upon them for a moment, while Ai was figuring out the words to say to him. Finally, she told him that she wouldn’t be able to talk again soon. She had been looking for the words she wanted to say the most to him. Ai lost her voice since she was small, yet she didn’t want to cause worries to those around her. She tried to be strong and do things on her own, but Wataru is always treating her as a normal girl. Ai was very thankful to him.

Ai said that she couldn’t return all of the kindness Wataru had gave her, but she wanted to say it with her own voice. Ai thanked Wataru for meeting her, for always being kind to her. She then asked Wataru to always love her. Even though she lost her voice after returning to their world, she wanted Wataru to still love her.

Wataru hugged Ai, saying that of course he will still love her even after she lost her voice again. Ai then asked Wataru not to forget her voice.

Wataru and the others spent their last day as usual, attending the academy and bidding farewell to their friends. At evening, Ai told Wataru that she wanted to talk with Tiara. Of course Wataru didn’t mind, and Ai went to the beach together with Tiara.

That day was the last day Ai spent with Tiara. She asked Tiara why was she always treated her with such kindness. Ever since their first meeting, Tiara has always been kind to Ai and took care of her. Tiara answered that it was because Ai is a strong girl. Being unable to speak was supposed to be difficult, but Ai never showed such an expression.

Tiara also knew right away about Ai’s feelings for Wataru. She decided from the start that she wanted to root for Ai’s love. Ai thanked Tiara for all the support she gave her. She was glad to meet Tiara. Tiara also thanked Ai and said that she felt the same. Thanking Tiara for always being there for her, Ai was unable to hold back her tears. She loves Tiara as much as she loves Wataru.

Actually she wanted to stay with Tiara forever in Inblueria. Tiara then said that it’d be good if Ai was born in Inblueria. But because Ai came from another world, their time together became so precious. Tiara then told Ai to smile when they part tomorrow.

The next day came quickly. Wataru, Himiko, Ai and Seishuu was ready to be sent home. They said goodbye to everyone in Inblueria and thanked each other for the fun times they had together. Finally, it was Ai’s turn to say goodbye to Tiara. Ai took Tiara into her arms and hugged the tiny Fairy Queen.

Again, Ai told Tiara that she loves her. Even after she returned to her own world, she would always love Tiara. Tiara finally cried in Ai’s arms after hearing Ai’s feelings. With Tiara crying, Ai couldn’t hold back her tears and cried as well. After remembering their times in Inblueria together, Tiara said that she loves Ai as well.

Ai then said that she will draw Tiara in her sketchbook. Even if she bought a new one, she will always draw Tiara in her books. So even if they live in different worlds, they will always be together. Tiara answered that she will never forget Ai as well. Not only her voice, but she will never forget everything from Ai.

Tiara then kissed Ai on the cheek. After Ai expressed her love for Wataru for the last time, they were sent back home. To their own world.

While Wataru’s parents weren’t exactly worried about him disappearing without notice, Ai’s parents were extremely worried about their daughter. After returning to their world, Ai was not allowed to leave her house for a while. But that day, she was finally allowed to attend school again.

Ai still carried her sketchbook around, but rather than writing, she started using gestures to express her feelings. That day, the four of them were planning to read the log Ai kept on her sketchbook during lunch. The memories they had together in Inblueria.

After Himiko ran off to do her warming up, Ai took out her sketchbook from her bag. She flipped over the pages, up until the last page. It was the page that she wouldn’t show to anyone. Not even to Tiara. The first page that she would write on when she bought a new sketchbook.

Ai showed the last page of her sketchbook to Wataru. It says ‘I love you’ with the illustration of Tiara. Wataru then answered that he loves Ai as well. Her voice is always echoing in his heart, saying that she loves him.


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