RE: Alistair Quick Summary

Since I’ve got a huge project for work, my gaming pace will be toned down for the next months. So, I’ll be throwing a huge gaming fest after it’s over. 8D

RE: Alistair is an English otome game by Sakevisual. The story is about a girl named Merui, who is addicted to the game Rivenwell Online. One day, a demon character named Alistair stole her boss kill — along with the blessed stone it dropped. Merui was furious, and later on she found out that Alistair is a student in her school. Determined to get her revenge on him, Merui searched for his real identity…

Since the routes are short (probably around 30 minutes for each guy), I’m merging the summaries for all the routes in this post.

First off is this guy, whose appearance just screams tsundere! His name is Travis, and he is the computer club president. Since Merui often spent her time playing Rivenwell Online in the computer lab during breaks, Travis knew about her addiction. At first Merui thought that Travis might be Alistair, since he called her ‘Rui’ (her IGN). But later on it was revealed that it was Merui herself who wrote that she likes being called ‘Rui’ on her Spacebook profile, which Travis reads.

Travis transferred to their school from a prestigious private school. This caused a rather unpleasant rumor, but it was actually because he secretly works as a GM for Rivenwell Online. Working outside the school was forbidden, and he was expelled because of his job. Travis also suggested that Merui report the disturbance caused by Alistair to the GMs because of his position. He also secretly investigates on Alistair using his personal character, Oda. In the ending he admits his position to Merui and confessed to her.

Next is Merui’s project partner, Shiro. He tends to be quiet, but he’s a hardworker who gave it his all in doing their history project. When they were working on the project at Shiro’s place, Merui accidentally found out that he plays Rivenwell Online as well. He tried to hide the fact though, for whatever reason. This puts him on Merui’s suspect list as well, though she wasn’t sure since Shiro’s and Alistair’s personality is totally different.

There was also a rumor going around about his family connected to the yakuza. There was a time when he was bullied at school, and one day he got bruised badly that his parents took the necessary measures and reported it to the school. Which end up with the guys who bullied Shiro getting kicked out and transferred to another school.

Shiro is actually the angel (healer) who often plays with Merui in Rivenwell Online. He plays a female character by the name of FionaWings, and was initally embarrassed to admit that it was him all along. He conducted his own investigation regarding Alistair to keep Merui from doing anything careless. Shiro likes Merui ever since the beginning, and kissed her on the cheek after confessing in the ending.

Last is Derek, the popular student body vice president. He often plays basketball in the gym with his friends. Merui doubted that he was Alistair because of his personality. She wasn’t even sure if he likes playing games either. But since he was logged on the first time Merui met Alistair online, he made it into her suspect list as well.

Somewhere along the story, Derek told Merui about his parents who never seems to be satisfied by his achievements. No matter how he works hard, his parents won’t be satisfied unless he came on top. They are also rather overprotective, requiring Derek to come home straight away after school. He feels easy around Merui because she actually cares about him.

Derek is actually the guy Merui has been looking for. He was Alistair, the demon who stole Merui’s kill along with the blessed stone. That day, his parents complained about his test marks. The annoyed Derek logged on to Rivenwell Online, and Merui was the first person he met. He did that to let go of his anger, but soon feel scared after finding out Merui’s identity. In the ending Derek admits that he likes Merui, and she answered she will forgive him if he became the best boyfriend for her.


6 thoughts on “RE: Alistair Quick Summary

  1. It took me two neutral endings and one bad ending to finish this game. -sob-

    This game was pretty fun, acutally. I think for me, the endings were like (from first to last) Derek > Shiro > Travis. I got really annoyed whenever Travis popped up for some reason. Yep.

    • Did you play Re:Alistair++? Because I only played the first version, and I don’t remember encountering any neutral / bad endings along the way.. but then again my memory is pretty blurry. 8D;; I agree, this game was pretty fun and has a cute art style too.

      • Oh, that’s right, there were two version! I’m actually not sure which one I played. Maybe it’s the second one. But one neutral one is when you ask Derek if he’s Alistair and he smirks and says yeah and stuff, Merui gets pissed, but later on she logs on but she’s kinda… relieved I guess? I don’t know why. And the bad ending is when you guess the wrong person or you don’t have enough social/network/intelligence points to get your guy. Alistair says he’s disappointed in you, and Merui’s angry.

        I know right? :) It’s probably my favourite (free LOL) otome game at the moment.

  2. ^q^) this brings back some memories (this makes me sound old ; Q ;)
    I remember playing this during the summer trying to get all the endings good and bad :’D

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