Starry☆Sky~in Winter~

This is the best Starry Sky game so far. Well, for me at least. I agree that we should call this game “Shiranui’s Glory” LOL. He’s really awesome! Not to mention he looks really good in glasses too. xD

It was Winter on Yahisa Tsukiko’s second year in Seigetsu Gakuen, a school specializing in fields of astronomy. Formerly an all-boys school, Tsukiko is currently the only female in the entire school.

On the day of the opening ceremony last year, Tsukiko and a fellow freshman Aozora Hayato became members of the student council after a quite forceful request from the president, Shiranui Kazuki. This year, Kazuki finally found someone whom he believed suitable for the treasurer position. He pointed a freshman named Amaha Tsubasa to be the student council treasurer right away.

At first Tsubasa tried to run away, but eventually accepted the position after Kazuki said that he needed Tsubasa and his inventions. That, and he was willing to let Tsubasa use some of the student council cash for experiments.

With the student council members finally completed, the four of them tried to deliver a fun school life for all the students. But in March, Kazuki will graduate.. and so they were trying to enjoy their remaining time together.

Now onto the individual routes..

Amaha Tsubasa

Amaha Tsubasa is an Aquarius. An adorable and lively junior in Seigatsu Gakuen, specifically in the Space department. Tsubasa is an inventor who loves spending his time doing experiments in his laboratory. Since his lab is in the student council room, his failures usually end up with explosions there. Tsubasa is the treasurer, though usually he uses the student council cash for his experiments budget.

Tsubasa had a deep complex regarding loneliness. His parents divorced, and he was thrown away ever since he was born. His grandparents from his mother’s side took him in and raised him, which resulted in Tsubasa being very close with his grandpa. The way Tsubasa laughs (“nuhaha~”) and making inventions are the traits he shared with his grandpa.

However, when Tsubasa was in junior high, his grandpa passed away. That time he promised that he’d protect his grandma, but she made Tsubasa enrolled to Seigatsu Gakuen. Thinking that his grandma didn’t want him around, Tsubasa was afraid of seeing her and decided to stay at the dorm all year long.

Well, to put it shortly Tsubasa didn’t want to get too close to anyone else. While he’s happy to spend his time with the student council members, he was afraid that the fun times they had would come to an end. For him, experiencing happiness only to lose it later is worse than never to feel happiness at all.

With Kazuki’s graduation being so close, Tsubasa was confused and tried to quit the student council. He wanted to continue living alone, despite Tsukiko saying that she wants to live together with him. Fortunately, with Kazuki and Hayato’s help, Tsubasa learned to be honest to his own feelings and say what he really wants to say. Tsubasa answered that he wanted Tsukiko for himself, because he loves her.

Ever since he started going out with Tsukiko, Tsubasa became more open and started making friends with his classmates as well. However, he had to face yet another problem when his grandma collapsed and was taken to the hospital. All this time he thought his grandma had thrown him away, and so he was afraid to face her. Moreover, when he called his grandma, she told him not to come and see her no matter what.

Tsubasa lost his appetite and stopped eating his meals properly, which eventually leads to Tsukiko doing the same thing because of her worries for Tsubasa. Noticing what was happening, Kazuki punched Tsubasa to open his eyes. He told Tsubasa to face his weakness properly, and not to always rely on him and everyone else. Tsubasa realized that accepting one’s weakness is also a form of strength, and told Kazuki that he’s “graduating” from relying on Kazuki. He then ran to see Tsukiko, telling her that he’s going back home to see his grandma.

Before going back, Tsubasa read a letter his grandpa left behind. He was planning to invent something to give him courage, but found the letter in his grandpa’s notebook. Through the letter, Tsubasa found out that all his grandpa was wishing for, is his happiness. The ‘invention’ he was trying to do was actually a very simple task: to take pictures with the people he loves. Tsubasa then went back home that evening.

A day after that, the worried Tsukiko received a call from Tsubasa informing her that he’s back. After talking with his grandma, Tsubasa found out that it wasn’t like she didn’t want him around. She knew that Tsubasa likes the space, so she enrolled him in Seigetsu Gakuen to encourage him in pursuing his dreams. If Tsubasa gave up his dreams because of the promise he made to his grandpa, his grandma wouldn’t be happy.

Tsubasa then gave Tsukiko a pair ring that he got from his grandma, symbolizing their promise to stay together forever.

In the true ending, Tsukiko came to live with Tsubasa in America. She mentioned how they often hang out with Azusa and Yoh there. Five years after Tsukiko’s graduation, they had their wedding ceremony in Japan. Hayato and Kazuki also came, the latter claiming that it was his children’s wedding day.

Aozora Hayato

Aozora Hayato is a Virgo. He is the 2nd year gentle vice president of the student council, usually speaking in a very polite way. Hayato is scary when trying to stop Kazuki and Tsubasa from fooling around though, usually making eerie sounds by scratching his long nails across a mini blackboard he carries around. Due to his serious nature in doing the student council work, he gained the nickname of ‘Ura-banchou’ among the students.

Hayato’s parents are well-known pianists, so their childrens were raised to succeed their carreer. While his older brother and sister showed impressive piano talents, with Hayato that was not the case. His parents were disappointed in him, and in the end his entire family ignored him. They acted as if he didn’t exist and never called him by his name. Hayato’s initial reason for joining the student council was because he might get acknowledged by his family by doing so.

However, as time passes by Hayato realized Kazuki’s greatness as the president and truly enjoyed his time in the student council. Before graduating, there would be an election to choose the next student council president. Kazuki recommended Hayato to participate, but Hayato felt that he wouldn’t be able to live up to Kazuki’s expectations. He thought that he’s just a weak person, and that he would only break what Kazuki has maintained all this time. Hayato refused, but Kazuki still believed that Hayato will eventually accept the position. After thinking about everything for some time, Hayato got over himself and became the next student council president.

He also confessed to Tsukiko after thanking everyone for their support, in front of the whole school. The two started going out, and Hayato also accepted the offer to perform in a school musical concert.

Hayato’s performance in the concert was so impressive that a journalist came to interview him. Apparently, that journalist came to watch the concert with a famous composer who knows about Hayato’s parents. Hayato’s sister came to pick him up at school, and he went back home for a few days. He later informed Tsukiko that his parents were impressed by his performance that they wanted to “give him a chance”, and that composer wanted to guide Hayato to become a famous pianist. In order to do that, Hayato had to quit school and walk the path of a pianist.

Realizing that it wasn’t what Hayato really wants, Tsukiko asked him if he was sure. Deep down Hayato knew that he didn’t really want to take the path. He was just so happy to be acknowledged by his parents that he let them take control of his life. However, he didn’t have the courage to oppose his family. Hayato then broke up with Tsukiko, saying that he couldn’t be with her even though he really does love her. Tsukiko didn’t give up though, and continued trying to tell Hayato not to give up his own dreams.

Hayato keep being persistent, and after their last talk Tsukiko eventually felt that she should give up. It was Hayato himself who chose that path, and there was nothing that she could do. Seeing Tsukiko was about to cry, Kazuki went to talk with Hayato. Initially Hayato was still saying that he couldn’t oppose his parents, but Kazuki said that he could, he just didn’t do it and tried to run away from everything. Hayato realized that he was just using his own weakness as an excuse to run away from the decisions he had to make for himself.

The next day, Tsukiko got a call from Hayato who asked her to meet him at school. Hayato then asked Tsukiko to hold his hand and never let go. It was the day when he will leave the dorms move back to his home. He then met up with her brother and sister, who came to pick him up. Despite his sister’s pushy way, Hayato refused to go back and chose to stay at school. While his sister looked down at him in disbelief, his brother was actually happy that Hayato found what he really wants. Hayato then said that he will become a pianist with his own strength, not as his family’s puppet.

A night after that, Hayato expressed his lack of confident to always keep Tsukiko by his side, loving him. Tsukiko then tied their little fingers together with her red muffler, saying that they are tied by the red string of fate. So Hayato didn’t have to worry because she will always be by his side.

In the true ending, Hayato became a famous composer while Tsukiko followed her dreams to be an astronomer. It was their wedding night, and the two of them spent time together in their hotel room. Tsukiko was feeling rather tired after the big day, and fell asleep with Hayato by her side.

Shiranui Kazuki

Shiranui Kazuki is a 3rd year student in the star-reading department of Seigetsu Gakuen. He is the student council president, pushy but really did his best in making Seigetsu Gakuen a better place for the students. Usually Kazuki would rather joke around with Tsubasa than doing any actual work, resulting in Hayato getting angry at them. His “strong” speeches at the opening ceremonies each year often scared off the freshman. Kazuki recruited Tsukiko and Hayato immediately as soon as they arrived in Seigetsu Gakuen. The next year, he recruited Tsubasa during the opening ceremony. Being a 3rd year student, his graduation is drawing closer.

Kazuki has the special power that enables him to get a glimpse of the future through star-reading. He joined the star-reading department in Seigatsu Gakuen to further develop his power. However, everytime he used that power it would inflict wounds on his body. Kazuki had been using his power to help the people around him such as Hayato, Tsubasa and Tsukiko herself. Even though he’s a 3rd year student, Kazuki is actually two years older than Tsukiko and Hayato. Rumors had it that he was absent from school for quite some time during his 1st year, so he had to repeat the grade.

Tsukiko later found out the reason through Oushirou, who is close friends with Kazuki. In attempt of saving Oushirou’s life, Kazuki fell off the 3rd floor veranda. He broke his leg and had to be hospitalized for two months, resulting in having to repeat his first year. Oushirou also stayed back a year, probably to accompany Kazuki, though he didn’t say it clearly. Later Oushirou also revealed the truth about Kazuki’s family. His parents died in an accident when he was small, and there was a time when Kazuki blamed himself for that. Though he could see the future vaguely, he wasn’t able to prevent their death. He was then raised by his uncle, who owns a shrine nearby. Kazuki had a happy family, so he was trying to create the same atmosphere in the student council.

Even though they were close, Tsukiko felt that there was still a barrier that separated Kazuki and her. She eventually realized that she loves him and confessed, but Kazuki rejected her. Tsukiko tried to give him a thank you chocolate on Valentine’s Day, only to get rejected again. She started avoiding him after that, but after a light accident that caused Kazuki to be hospitalized, Tsukiko decided that it’s okay even if he sees her only as a sister. Being by his side is enough for her.

Then one night, Tsukiko stayed at school to finish her work. When she was looking for some materials in the reference room, a teacher who did the night patrol locked her in, not realizing that she was inside. Tsukiko was scared being locked in such a dark place, but as she called Kazuki’s name, he came to get her out. Tsukiko then lost conscience in Kazuki’s arms, where she finally recalled her true ‘first meeting’ with Kazuki.

During her childhood days, Tsukiko often played in a shrine nearby. She remembered the name, Shiranui Shrine. One day she met a boy who was about to fight some delinquents, so she stopped them from fighting. Tsukiko told the boy that fighting is not a way to prove one’s strength. If his heart is strong, then he will surely become a strong person. The boy then introduced himself as Shiranui Kazuki, and the two often met up in the shrine to play. One day, the delinquents from the other day locked Tsukiko in a dark and cramped storage. Tsukiko was scared, and by the time Kazuki came she lost her voice due to her fear. Kazuki apologized that she had to experience such a thing because of their closeness, and told Tsukiko to forget him. Tsukiko had a high fever afterwards, and by the time she recovered, she didn’t remember Kazuki. But even though she really did forget him, he was always watching over her.

Tsukiko woke up in her room to find the student council members taking care of her. They soon left Kazuki and Tsukiko alone, and she told him that she remembered everything. That time Tsukiko didn’t want Kazuki to go, but her voice won’t come out. After hearing the truth, Kazuki asked if she was really sure to choose him. Tsukiko said yes, and Kazuki finally confessed that he’s been in love with her ever since their first meeting.

Some days after that, Kazuki returned home to talk about his future with his uncle. After he got back to the dorms, he told Tsukiko that he wanted to attend university and then study abroad. He wanted to broaden his view and knowledge before settling down to succeed his uncle’s shrine. Since they will be apart, Kazuki asked if Tsukiko is okay with that. She answered that she will always cheering for him to reach his dreams.

In the true ending, five years has passed since Tsukiko’s graduation. Changing from a student to a working person, there were a lot of changes in her life. But one thing that would never change is her feelings and relationship with Kazuki. It was their wedding day, and they had a fun outdoor wedding day with their friends invited. Kazuki remarked that he never knew that wedding day is such a blissful day.

Now, I wonder if I should do the summaries for Spring, Summer and Autumn as well. Maybe when I have the time..


15 thoughts on “Starry☆Sky~in Winter~

  1. Thank you for doing a summary of the winter routes. :-) I really enjoyed reading it.

    If it’s not too much trouble, please summarize the other three seasons, too.. ;-)

    • You’re welcome. :)
      I’m planning to do so, actually. So I will definitely post the summaries for the other seasons as soon as I have the time to replay them.

  2. Thank you for the summary of the winter routes!!!!!! I really want to play the games but I don’t understand Japanese at all!!!! I have to go learn it now so I can play all the games!!!! Thank you so much!

    • No, I’m not. I started learning the language when I was younger. My Japanese isn’t perfect yet, but it’s enough to understand visual novels. :D

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