Koibumi Romantica – Komako

Sorry about the bad image choice LOL. She only has two CGs, and both of them are H scenes.. so, this picture would have to do. 8D

Komako is a mysterious girl who saved Fumito when he was dying in a snowstorm. She lives alone in a small hut deep in a snowy mountain, far away from the society. Because she rarely had the chance to talk to people, Komako really loves talking to Fumito.

After he regained consciousness, Fumito spent the night in Komako’s hut since there was still a snowstorm outside. He was about to go home the next day, but decided to stay because he’s worried about Komako, who looked rather unwell.

Worried about Fumito, Komako revealed that she is a yuki-onna. The snow and her are connected, so during sunny days she would feel unwell. In return, when the snow is falling she would regain her health. That day the weather is clear, and she told Fumito to go back before the snow starts falling again because he might not be able to do so until Spring, when the snow melts. However, Fumito chose to stay with her until Spring comes.

To give energy to Komako, Fumito had sex with her. They soon realized that they fell in love with each other and lived happily for a while. Yet, the end of Winter is coming.. and soon the snow will melt away — along with Komako. Yuki-onna had a short life span during Winter. They melt away in Spring, and will be reborn once Winter comes again.

Knowing that their time together would soon come to an end, Fumito planned to see her again next year. They spent the rest of their time making origami together.

Spring finally came, and Komako disappeared without a trace. Fumito went down the mountain, carrying a red paper flower that Komako made, repeatedly thanking her in his heart.

Fumito returned to his usual life in Touto. A year passed, and the next Winter came. He went back to Komako’s hut in the mountain, only to find it empty. After a while he was reunited with Komako, but her memories were all gone. Since yuki-onna and humans were not meant to be together, one of their memories must be erased. Since Komako didn’t erase Fumito’s memories, her own memories disappeared when she melted away.

After hearing Fumito’s explanation, Komako saw the paper flower she made. She didn’t know why, but she felt nostalgic upon seeing it. Spending time together with Fumito, Komako realized that she fell in love with him again.

Fumito and Komako promised to keep seeing each other every Winter. Even if one of them lost their memories, the other will come and see them again. And they will keep falling in love with each other every time.


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