Koibumi Romantica – Suiren

Again, sorry for the bad image choice LOL. The sub-characters only have a small amount of CGs, so it left me no choice. Suiren’s route is really good though!

Suiren is a high-ranked prostitute (called Oiran) at Yoshiwara, a red light district in Touto. Being an Oiran, she is very popular. When Ryou took Fumito there in order to “pay back his kindness”, Suiren walked past them and smiled at Fumito. Though inexperienced in such things, he was amazed upon seeing her beauty.

Knowing how Fumito was interested in Suiren, Ryou made arrangements so the two of them could meet again. This time in Sakuragi-rou, where Suiren works, and where Ryou was a regular in. Suiren was interested in Fumito’s innocence, and after their first meeting, Fumito accidentally left his notebook at Suiren’s place.

During their second meeting, Suiren told Fumito that she was interested in the sea. She read about it in Fumito’s notebook. Suiren’s hometown was located in a mountain, and she spent the rest of her life in Yoshiwara, so she never saw the sea. She also expressed her desire to have a free life outside Yoshiwara.

Fumito asked if she could leave the red light district, but Suiren explained that running away would be too much risk. The only way besides escaping is that for a man to “buy” her out of Sakuragi-rou.

After meeting Suiren for the third time and had sex with her, Fumito told Suiren that he wanted to “buy” her so that she could live with him. Even if it means that he would give up his dreams as a writer. Not wanting Fumito to throw his dreams away, Suiren got angry and told him that he shouldn’t take Oirans seriously. They were trained to entertain customers, and acting is a part of their training.

Thinking that all of the interactions between Suiren and him was all just an act, Fumito left. He thought alone in Yoshinoya afterwards, and decided that he wanted to work hard on his writings. He asked Sensei for help, still thinking about Suiren deep inside. He won’t ask Suiren to wait for him, but he wanted to do his best.

A few years passed, and Suiren was still working in Sakuragi-rou. There were men who offered to “buy” her, but Suiren kept refusing them. While she was talking to Konoka (her junior), the owner of Sakuragi-rou came and informed her that there was another man asking if he could “buy” her. Though she was planning to refuse, Suiren went to see the man anyway.

Suiren was surprised upon seeing the man. It was Fumito who wanted to “buy” her. Fumito became a successful writer in the past years, and he gathered enough money to get her out of there. He then asked her if she wanted to come with him, and she happily agreed.

Some time after that, Fumito took Suiren to the sea. She was amazed at how broad the sea is, and at the many things she had never seen before. Suiren then asked Fumito to give her a new name. ‘Suiren’ was her Oiran self in Yoshiwara, and although she had a name before that, she wanted a new name for her new self. Fumito then opened his notebook, where he already wrote a name for her…


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