Koibumi Romantica

After finishing Starry Sky, I lost my otome gaming mood again. Not to mention that I was busy taking care of my life.. Well, since I’ve got some free time I decided to start this game. It’s Chuable 4th game, and since I liked Sugar+Spice! I expect good things.

As a young man filled with dreams, Yuge Fumito left his hometown in Kumamoto to walk the path of a writer. He arrived at Touto only to find the agency too busy to take a look at his script. Being the naive country bumpkin that he is, Fumito was tricked by a man and lost all of his money. Even worse, Fumito’s precious script got wet after a happening with a car.

Through a string of coincidental meetings, Fumito was taken in by a sweet young lady named Akizuki Kikyou. Moreover, Kikyou’s older sister is actually the writer Fumito idolizes — Yoinomichi Ginjou! The two sisters agreed to let Fumito stay in their house, at the price of him helping out with the household chores.

Not giving up on his dreams, Fumito once again tried to reach his dreams in Touto…

This is a story of pursuing one’s dream, falling in love on the way. Besides the Akizuki sisters, Fumito also meets Virginia (usually called Ginny), an ojou-sama from UK; Mitsu, his childhood friend who followed him to Touto; Raika, an editor and reporter for Shouyou Publishings; and more characters, each plays an important role in Fumito’s life.


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