Koibumi Romantica – Akizuki Kikyou

Akizuki Kikyou, or Fumito usually called her ojou-san, is the girl who gave Fumito shelter when he walked aimlessly in the rain. They first met at Kokorobashi, where Fumito fixed her snapped sandal strap. Kikyou saw Fumito again at the bridge after his script fell into the water, and took him home.

Because of her sister’s personality, Kikyou is quite dependable at taking care of the household. She’s not good at cooking though. She has a serious case of sweet tooth, and anything she cooked would taste too sweet for a normal person. While normally she’s a sweet person, she is scary when she’s angry. Kikyou attends the Junka Girls Academy, is classmates with Ginny.

In November of the 2nd year, Kikyou got dragged to an omiai. Yuri-san, the old lady who used to take care of them, would usually come to drag Nadeshiko to attend numberous omiai. This time though, she gave up on her and tried to persuade Kikyou instead. In front of the obstinate Yuri-san, Kikyou finally agreed to go.

The man Kikyou met through the omiai was actually Takashima, a medical university student who spent the last Summer together with them. Both of them were not interested in getting married anytime soon. Kikyou and Takashima then agreed to put up an act, so that they won’t be getting dragged to more omiai set up by their grandparents.

Nadeshiko thought it was a good idea, but Fumito wasn’t too happy about this. Still, he accepted the plan since it was for Kikyou’s sake. Later on he started to feel worried and had inferiority complex, since Takashima is a great guy.

Some time after that, Raika informed that Shouyou Publishings wanted Fumito to submit a creation as a candidate to be published. If his creation is selected his novel will be serialized in 新波, which would open his path to debut as a writer.

Fumito wanted to be a man suitable for Kikyou due to his inferiority complex, and thought that this is the chance to do that. Even though Kikyou herself told him that she loves him the way he is, Fumito wanted to win so much that he focused too much on writing his script. He worked day and night without eating properly. He even ignored Kikyou who was worried about him.

On his second date (a part of their act) with Takashima, Kikyou told him that she was worried about Fumito. Lately they couldn’t communicate properly, and she noticed that Fumito was more like rushing rather than doing his best.

Meanwhile, Fumito finally finished writing his script. He brought it to Shouyo Publishings. Both Raika and the chief editor was surprised that he finished it so fast, but when they read it they noticed that the quality of Fumito’s creation dropped so bad that they couldn’t accept the submission. The chief editor suggested that he write it again, but Fumito didn’t feel like it.

Dejected, Fumito stood alone in the rain. Kikyou who was planning to follow him to Shouyo Publishings found him on the bridge. Fumito didn’t know how to face Kikyou after his creation got rejected, and ran away from her. He collapsed at the shrine, and got a bad cold afterwards. After he regained consciousness that night, Kikyou came and talked to him.

With Fumito being in such a state, they end up having a big fight. Fumito said that he couldn’t possibly make Kikyou happy, and that Takashima is more suitable for her. Kikyou ran away crying, saying that she will go with Takashima if that’s what Fumito wanted. She then asked Takashima to marry her, and her decision remained firm even if her friends asked whether she’s really okay about that.

At the end of the month, Fumito finally recovered. It was the last day before the deadline, and he really wanted to fix his work. But on the other hand, he also realized how much he hurt Kikyou with all the things he said and done. Wagahai informed him that today Kikyou and Takashima is getting married, and Fumito rushed to the shrine to stop the wedding.

Fumito had to face harsh treatments at the shrine, especially from Takashima himself. Unable to see Fumito getting treated so badly, Kikyou finally spoke up and told everyone that she loves him. Though his words were harsh, Takashima let Kikyou go away with Fumito.

On the bridge where they first met, Kokorobashi, Fumito and Kikyou apologized to each other. From there on, they promised that they won’t be separated ever again.

Ending 1:
Fumito gave up for that time’s selection, and had his ‘first night’ with Kikyou.

Ending 2:
Time passed and Spring came. Raika offered another chance for Fumito to submit his works. Fumito then worked hard to write a good novel, this time with Kikyou by his side.

True Ending:
Fastforward to the next Spring. That time, Raika pushed back the deadline for a week, allowing Fumito to fix his works. His creation was selected, and he debuted as a writer. And today, Fumito and Kikyou had their wedding at the shrine.

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