Koibumi Romantica – Virginia O. Paltrow

Virginia Owen Paltrow, usually called Ginny, is an ojou-sama from the UK. Her father works in the England Counselate in Japan, so she lives in that building as well. Fumito first met her when Ryou stole her watch. He managed to get the watch back, and after a little misunderstanding they chased after Ryou together.

Ginny attends the Junka Girls Academy is classmates with Kikyou. Her Japanese language is almost perfect, and she has quite a broad knowledge regarding Japan. Ginny LOVES sumo, especially the famous sumo athlete Sasanishiki-seki. A slight tsundere, elegant and has a high pride, but actually she is kind-hearted and quite simple.

Due to the huge gap between their social standings, Ginny told Fumito that he is her 愛人 and not her official lover. Because of this, Fumito is determined to be a successful man who is suitable for Ginny. Her grandpa, Will, showed quite a liking to Fumito though.

Some time after Summer of the second year, a short story Fumito wrote was published by Shouyou Publishings. It didn’t get a good response, so Fumito continued brushing up his skills and created several short stories to make up for his failed debut.

His next creations got a better response, and Raika suggested that Fumito started a new serial story. He has got his own loyal readers, so it might be a good time to do so. With his beloved Ginny in his mind, Fumito worked day and night until he collapsed due to his lack of sleep.

That time, both Ginny and Fumito were too busy with their own issues, so their time together decreased. Kikyou was worried about Fumito’s health and informed Ginny, who immediately came to visit him. She scolded him for pushing himself so hard and made him promise to take more care of himself. Ginny also explained that there was her father’s guest from the UK in her house, so she was pretty much occupied during the past few days.

That evening Ginny took Fumito on a date. During their date, Ginny mentioned that before she had to go back to her homeland, she wanted to see more places and things in Japan. Her father’s contract in Japan will end in four years, so Ginny thought it’d be nice if she could travel around Japan before then.

Time passed and it was Autumn already. Kikyou told Fumito that Ginny has been looking rather glum lately, and asked him whether he knew the cause. As he wondered about what happened to Ginny, Raika came in a panic saying that there was a change of personnel in the consulate. Ginny’s father would have to go back to the UK before his contract ended. Along with his family, which of course includes Ginny.

Fumito then went to talk to Ginny. She already made her decision though. Ginny said she have to go back to her homeland as a part of the Paltrow family. Despite Fumito’s feelings, Ginny thanked him for all the time they spent together and said goodbye.

Shocked and confused, Fumito walked around Touto that night. He tried to smoke the cigarettes Ryou gave him, which end up in him coughing up a little blood. Finding it hard to go back home, Fumito entered Kaikadou and collapsed in Mitsu’s arms. The doctor said it was because of fatigue.

Accepting Ginny’s decision, Fumito worked hard and gathered money. He had Ryou returned all of the money he lent him, created more stories for Shouyou Publishings, and borrowed some money from his friends. All of those to take Ginny on a trip around Japan, trying to grant her wish before she returns to the UK.

Fumito sent a letter to Ginny, telling her the meeting place and time. He had to wait for a while, but eventually Ginny came and they travelled together to see a lot of places.

The night before they went back to Touto, they stopped by a hot spring inn in Izu. While they bathe together, Ginny expressed her feelings that she wanted that moment to last forever. Hearing that, Fumito asked her if she wanted to elope with him. However, she refused the offer. Fumito understood, since Ginny always carries her family’s name with pride.

They finally arrived in Touto the next day, where Ginny’s butler was already waiting. They parted at the station, and Fumito said that someday he will surely become a man who is suitable for her.

Bad Ending:
A year after their farewell, Fumito finally got a book published. It was a compilation of the short stories he made, titled 金色影 / Konjikiei (Golden Shadow). A proof of his lingering affection towards Ginny.

Normal Ending:
A few months had passed. Fumito got his works published, and they were successful. Kikyou and Raika was worried about him and Ginny parting, but Fumito would rather work hard as a writer rather than feeling down because of that. He wanted to become a great man who is able to pick Ginny up someday.

True Ending:
A few years have passed since Ginny left Japan. She returned to the UK. One night, Ginny received a book from Will, and she was surprised to see that it was a novel written by Fumito. She then heard voices and went to the balcony to find Fumito sitting on a tree. He worked hard in the past years and became a famous author. The two were reunited, vowing that they will stay by each other’s side.

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