Koibumi Romantica – Kandori Mitsu

Kandori Mitsu is Fumito’s childhood friend who followed him all the way from Kumamoto. In Summer she suddenly appeared in Touto looking for Fumito, and spent the whole Summer with him. Mitsu then returned to Kumamoto after receiving money from her family, but returned to Touto again to work at Kaikadou in Autumn.

Mitsu initially speaks in a heavy Kumamoto accent. When doing her job as a waitress she uses formal speech pattern, but returned to her accent mode in front of Fumito. Mitsu likes Fumito a lot, with becoming his bride as her ultimate goal in life thanks to their childhood promise. Later on she cancelled their promise though, saying that they should polish themselves first before thinking about marriage.

Her parents thought that Touto is a good place for Mitsu to polish herself up, and thus she returned to Touto to work. Mitsu is a very good cook and excels in doing housework too, making her a good housewife material.

Not too long after the second Summer ended, Raika asked Fumito to write a short story for 新波. One of the serials has just ended recently, and they were looking for good one-shots to fill in the blank until a new serial is published. If his work is successful, Fumito would be having his own serial next.

Hearing the happy news, Mitsu wanted to help Fumito. She did all that she could do and cooked meals for him. That day, Fumito and her ate the bentou she made, had sex and end up sleeping together. Mitsu realized that Fumito’s work didn’t make any progress because of this, and they both agreed that they would have to decrease their time together for Fumito to finish writing his script.

Late at night, Fumito wondered if it’s really okay to do that to Mitsu. Wagahai asked if Mitsu has ever complained about that, and told Fumito to think about his priorities. Fumito thought that he wanted to treasure both his works and Mitsu.

A few days after that, Ginny noticed that Mitsu kept doing mistakes at work. She talked to Mitsu afterwards, and Mitsu noticed that it was because she missed Fumito. However, Mitsu decided to be patient since she wanted to support Fumito.

When they had a date at the park, Fumito said that felt guilty for decreasing their time together. Mitsu ensured him that she’s okay with that. She would have him pamper her a lot whenever they meet to make up for it. For a while, Fumito felt relieved and thought that his relationship with Mitsu would be okay.

Soon after their date, Mitsu received a telegram from her mother. It said that Fumito’s dad was in critical condition. Panicked, Mitsu rushed to inform Fumito about this. She also offered to help him packing up, but she was surprised when Fumito refused to go home. He already made a decision not return before he became a successful writer, and because of that he wouldn’t go back.

Of course, the straight-minded Mitsu didn’t understand why Fumito said that. For her, if something happens to her family she would surely go home to see them. Fumito was annoyed because of this and coldly told Mitsu to go back to her job because he needs to continue writing. Mitsu felt bad and thought that she only caused disturbance to him.

Despite what he said to Mitsu earlier, Fumito decided to go back to Kumamoto after all. Even if it means that he would go past the deadline. Before leaving Touto, he dropped by Kaikadou to inform Mitsu but she was out shopping. Fumito then left a message to the manager, but the manager failed to tell Mitsu about this.

When he arrived in Kumamoto, it was revealed that all of this “critical condition” was just a big misunderstanding. Fumito’s father caught a cold, and his mother misunderstood the doctor’s word. She talked to Mitsu’s mother about this, which caused the latter to send a telegram to Mitsu. Before Fumito went back to Touto, his father told him not to worry and return home before becoming a successful writer.

And so Fumito returned to Touto. Just when he arrived at the Akizuki house, Kikyou handed him a letter from Mitsu. The contents was simple: Mitsu apologized for being a burden, and that she’s going back to Kumamoto. According to Kikyou, a day after Fumito’s departure, Mitsu came looking for him. Kikyou informed her about him going back home, which caused Mitsu to feel guilty because his work won’t get published due to the deadline. She felt that by telling Fumito about the telegram, she caused Fumito’s failure in reaching his dream as a writer.

Fumito then rushed to the station. He met Raika on the way, who told him that the deadline was pushed back until tomorrow. When he reached the station, the train was about to depart but he managed to meet Mitsu, who already rode the train. Despite his plead for her to stay, Mitsu’s decision didn’t change. She apologized for always disturbing Fumito and said goodbye as the train took her to Kumamoto.

Walking back home, Fumito realized that he had to make a decision. It was between “brush” and “love”. Between his career as a writer and Mitsu. If he stays in Touto and continue writing, he had to say goodbye to Mitsu. On the other hand, if he chases after Mitsu he will have to stop following the path to be a writer.

Bad Ending:
Fumito chose writing. That night, he stayed up late finishing his short story for 新波. However, he couldn’t write the rest of the script properly because he “felt empty inside”. Fumito took a break and relaxed at the park with Ryou.

Normal Ending:
Fumito chose love. He completed his script and went back to Kumamoto, following Mitsu. Mitsu was surprised to see him there, and he explained that he chose to stay at Kumamoto with her rather than being a writer. Fumito inherited his father’s business, much to the latter’s joy. His short story was published and left a deep impression on everyone, as it was his first and last work as a writer. In Touto, the Akizuki sister received a letter from Kumamoto containing Fumito and Mitsu’s wedding photo.

True Ending:
Fumito chose writing. He gave it his all, pouring his feelings for Mitsu into his works. His short story was then published, with his serial following soon after. A year after the farewell with Mitsu, Fumito got his book published. They celebrated in Kaikadou with Fumito’s parents, who said that Mitsu also came but didn’t want to come in. Fumito then followed her all the way to the station, where she was trying to go home. He ensured her that she is not a disturbance, as all he needs is her by his side. Mitsu then asked him if it’s really okay for her to stay by his side, and they kissed.


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