Koibumi Romantica – Hitomi Raika

Hitomi Raika is an editor and reporter who works for Shouyou Publishings. Fumito first met her in front of her office, where she fell down from the second floor and landed on top of him. Raika has a small stature, but actually she’s of the same age as Fumito. Despite her looks, she’s very serious when it comes to work.

Being an editor for the monthly magazine 新波, Raika is in charge of Nadeshiko’s works. She spends most of her time chasing Nadeshiko around to finish writing her script. Raika is also strong againts alcohol and never gets drunk, not to mention she has quite an appetite as well. On the other hand, she is weak against ghosts and doesn’t like nattou.

On September of the second year, Raika asked Fumito to submit a short story for the next edition of 新波. One of the serials has ended, and the new serial won’t start until the edition after this one. Fumito agreed since it was a chance for him to make a debut as a writer, and he had to write a 50-pages short story in two weeks.

While Fumito was busy writing the script, Raika helped him as his personal editor. Her feedback was rather harsh, but it was really helpful in improving the quality of Fumito’s story. Fumito then asked Raika to be his editor if he succeeds in becoming a writer, and she happily agreed.

Fumito’s story was chosen to be published. The chief editor told Raika that they were thinking of letting Fumito write a short serial for the magazine. Raika was really happy to hear it, planning to continue assisting Fumito. However, the chief editor then informed her that Raika was asked to return working as a reporter, which was her original position.

Raika was confused. Being a first-class reporter was her dream, so she was supposed to be happy. But returning to reporting would mean that she won’t be able to fulfill the promise she made to Fumito.

That night, they had a celebration for Fumito’s debut as a writer. He noticed that something’s wrong with Raika, and she end up telling him about the job offer. Thinking that he wants to support Raika’s dream, Fumito cancelled their promise and told Raika to pursue her dream. So she did, and she returned to work as a reporter.

October came around. Raika was busy doing her job, reporting to various locations in Japan. She can only meet Fumito during her day off. He was worried about her though, since he noticed how she seems to be rather tired because of her job. However, Raika said that she was okay.

November eventually came. Raika got busier and busier as time passed by, and they hardly have time to meet each other. Fumito sent her letters, but she only replied them every once in a while. When talking to Nadeshiko at night, Fumito found out about a rumor regarding the reporting division of Shouyou Publishings. They tend to overwork their staff, which made Fumito got even more worried about Raika’s condition.

One day, Fumito accidentally met Raika when he was shopping near her office. Seeing her in such a poor health worried him. Moreover, she was about to go to work in that condition. Fumito then stopped Raika from going to work, which angered her. They had a fight, and Fumito said he didn’t understand why she had to work herself up to that extent. Raika then slapped Fumito and ran away crying.

Hearing what happened between them, Wagahai took Fumito to Ginza. They saw Raika doing her job there, looking lively. It was then when Fumito realized that Raika loves her job and wanted to give her all doing it, just like Fumito himself when writing. Fumito once again thought about what he wanted to do for Raika.

Bad Ending:
Not knowing what to do, Fumito moved on with life without doing anything. His relationship with Raika drifted apart because of that. In May, he met Raika on the way to a meeting with his editor. It turns out that Raika collapsed at work, and end up getting moved back as an editor. Starting from then she will work as Fumito’s editor again.

Normal Ending:
Fumito was worried, but decided that he wanted to support Raika. He then apologized to her at Kokorobashi, where he also told her that he was not satisfied with their lack of time together. Fumito then proposed to Raika, so that they will have more time together after marriage. By the next Spring, they were married and lived together, continuing their jobs as a writer and a reporter.

True Ending:
Fumito wanted to respect Raika’s decision. He then worked hard writing his short serial. It was successful, and in March he received an award from Shouyou Publishings. During the event, the chief editor informed that he will have his own serial soon, and informed that Raika will be his editor. Fumito was surprised, but Raika explained that she was so embarassed to see their love story being novelized (by Fumito, of course) that she asked her office to transfer her back to the 新波 division. The two then shared a kiss in front of everyone. They got married afterwards and lived happily with each other.


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