Koibumi Romantica – Yoinomichi Ginjou

Yoinomichi Ginjou, real name Akizuki Nadeshiko, is Kikyou’s sister. Also a famous writer that Fumito admires, if not idolizing her already. She’s a heavy drinker, has a messy room and often wakes up at noon or even at night. She also often runs away from Raika, her editor, when the deadline is coming close.

Despite her abnormal lifestyle, Nadeshiko loves Kikyou a lot and would often go to extreme length to protect her. Such as trying to slash Fumito with their family sword due to a misunderstanding. Nadeshiko also likes teasing people in general. She’s interested in Fumito and offered him to live with them.

In Autumn of the second year, Nadeshiko and Fumito received a shocking news from the chief editor for 新波. There was an order from the police to stop publishing Nadeshiko’s serial “Datera” due to public moral reasons. To protect the continuation of the magazine, the chief editor had to obey.

Nadeshiko was shocked and angry, but she had no choice. She asked the chief editor to publish Fumito’s works in exchange for her “Datera”. The chief editor thought it was a good chance for Fumito’s debut, and so the agreement was made.

It was later revealed that the criticus that caused all of this didn’t like the theme of “a woman’s activity” in society. One of Nadeshiko’s friend who was a writer had to quit her job because of this. She was sad and confused because of this. Fumito then took her to a public bath in the hope of refreshing Nadeshiko’s mood.

After getting her head cleared in the baths, Nadeshiko started to start a new thing in her life. She suddenly changed her clothing choice and even her way of speaking. She also mentioned that it was her training to be a bride, as she learned to cook, clean and such. Fumito was also forced to act like her husband, which he decided to go along with.

Some time after that, the new edition of 新波 was published with Fumito’s work in it. Since they followed the police’s order already, Raika came to talk about the continuation of “Datera” with Nadeshiko. She was cleaning her room when Raika came, but decided to meet her afterwards. Raika was shocked upon seeing how Nadeshiko changed only in three weeks, as expected.

Fumito left the living room and saw the stuff Nadeshiko threw away when cleaning earlier. He noticed that there were precious literature doujinshis and magazines in her pile of trash, including her unfinished “Datera” script. Just when he was about to ask Nadeshiko about it, Fumito heard Nadeshiko said that she’s quitting her job as a writer.

It has been five years since Nadeshiko chose writing over getting married. Now that writing was taken away from her for a short while, she felt that without writing her life felt so empty. There she noticed that there was another thing inside of her, which is love. And so she decided to start living for love.

They then celebrated Fumito’s debut in Yoshinoya with everyone. Raika and Fumito had a talk, in which she mentioned that only Fumito could move Nadeshiko’s heart. That night, Nadeshiko announced her resign from writing in front of everyone. She also told them her plan to marry Fumito and be a good wife for him. Fumito remembered Raika’s words earlier, and he had to make a decision.

Normal Ending:
Fumito chose his “love” with Nadeshiko. He proposed in front of everyone, which she accepted happily. Her career as a writer came to an end.

True Ending:
Fumito chose Nadeshiko’s writing. To open her eyes, he challenged her pride as a writer. She got angry and went back to her original self almost immediately, and then said that she changed her mind about marrying him. The two end up having a writing match, which was published in 新波. They maintained a strict rivalry until December, when the result was announced. The winner was Fumito, so Nadeshiko had to fulfill her own promise to be his wife. It turns out that she was already pregnant with their child. Fumito then carried her home, saying that he still wanted her to write even after they are married.


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