Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~

Rikuou Kohaku and his little sister Hinana came all the way to Vanchester, the magical country of water, to study magic in the academy. Just as they arrived at school, Kohaku immediately got involved in a fight with a water spirit. A fight which brings him to meet the twins Prim and Lime Oaklane, which unfortunately also destroys his room in the dorms.

Because Hinana couldn’t see, Kohaku insists to find a room where they can stay together. With the help of the Oaklane sisters and Mariafia, they find a nice room in an inn called the ‘Holy Bell’. Kohaku finds out that maturita, an examination in the academy, is coming up. Together with his new friends, Kohaku starts learning in the academy.. all of this to find a way to cure Hinana’s sight.

Among his new academy friends are Prim Rina Oaklane, a red-headed tsundere who is a white magic user; Lime Luna Oaklane, Prim’s twin sister who is a powerful black magic user; Mariafia Chiffonese, a spirit user who is everyone’s source of information; Chime Milhawks, Kohaku’s kouhai who works as a waitress in Holy Bell; and also Mintia Mimitte Midimu, a loli senpai who is actually the strongest magic user in the academy.


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