Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou~

I’m not dead yet. It’s just that unexpectedly Primary puts me to sleep numerous times during the first playthrough, so I had to put in on hold for now. Not to mention that I’m flooded with work and other things lately. But I found a nice otome game. Behold, Daisy2‘s Sangoku Renseki!

Yamada Hana is an ordinary 17-years-old high school student. She was doing a history assignment with her friends when she found a book about the Three Kingdoms era, complete with pawns inside which are supposedly used to recreate the scene or such. When she read the book and thought about how it’d be cool to be a strategist and see the Battle of Red Cliffs in reality, the book suddenly glows and she was taken back in time to ancient China.

Hana woke up in an unknown forest, and an unknown voice told her to look for her own path. In order to do so, she was told to look for a man named Gentoku and say that she was sent by Koumei to tell him that Koumei is absent. On her way out of the forest, Hana met with the said man along with his subordinates — Unchou and Yokutoku. They took her to their palace, and the next day Koumei sent a letter to Gentoku which said that Hana is his apprentice. Apparently Koumei is a famous wise strategist known as the “Sleeping Dragon”, and he has sent her to help Gentoku’s army.

Having no knowledge of war strategies and such, Hana found it hard to accept her new position as a military strategist. However, she soon discovered that by using the pawns and making a wish to the book, it will give her a strategy she desires. Her days in the Three Kingdoms era has just begun.. Will she ever find a way to go home? And when she finds it, does she still want to go home?

I know some of you will immediately think Fushigi Yuugi because of the prologue, but this is nothing similar. Mainly because the protagonist has a working brain, and she uses it most of the time. So rest assure as Hana is nowhere near Miaka in terms of being annoying.


2 thoughts on “Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou~

  1. I just finished Sangoku Rensenki and I love it! ^O^ My favourite routes would be Koukin, Koumei, Gentoku and Moutoku. Koukin’s my favourite character because I fell in love at first sight with one of his CGs…so I was quite biased throughout the game. It was difficult to concentrate on Chuubou’s and Souan’s route because I like Koukin so much. I know Chuubou is a big favourite in terms of route and character but the Ore-sama + Tsundere combo was too much for me. I loved his route a lot though…plus his seiyuu! I was slightly disappointed with Koumei’s route because it didn’t have a kiss CG. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I would give it five stars! ^^

    • OMG I’m sorry for all the messy reviews I wrote for Sangoku Rensenki.. ;;; Glad to hear you enjoyed the game though, it’s one of my all-time favorites! I loved Souan, Chuubou, Moutoku and Koumei. The lack of kiss CGs isn’t just for Koumei though, since most characters don’t get any kiss CGs. Or they did have one, but their lips are blocked with all sorts of objects. Like Shiryuu’s spear, or got completely framed out like Moutoku. Hopefully the PSP port gives new kiss CGs. xD

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