Sangoku Rensenki – Shiryuu

My first target was Shiryuu, otherwise known as Zhao Yun. I don’t get it how people says he’s a tsundere. He’s just serious and cool, but never goes tsun towards Hana ever.

Shiryuu is a major military general in Gentoku’s army. He is very hardworking and takes his tasks seriously, not to mention that he’s fiercely loyal to Gentoku as well. He vows to protect Hana all the time, but initially only because Gentoku ordered him to do so. He is of the same age as Hana, and probably the only person to tell her his age in the whole game.

When Hana fell to the river and was taken to Moutoku’s castle during his attack in Keishuu, Shiryuu was the one who rescued her by Gentoku’s order. Just before they got out of the gate, the soldiers found out and they were surrounded. Despite the danger, Shiryuu fought his way out while carrying Hana on a horse. Hana protested saying that he shouldn’t risk his life like that, but he answered that it was his job to keep her safe.

After the Battle of Red Cliffs, all of the blank pages are filled and Hana was about to be taken back to her home world when Shiryuu came to her room. Hana made a wish that she could help Shiryuu in the upcoming battles, and both of them were taken back in time to the era of the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

They absolutely had no clue about how to return to the original time, so they decided to walk to the nearby town first. They took a break on the way, during which he asked her to get some water. Seeing how fresh the water was, Hana decided to take a bath in the river. Shiryuu soon came to tell her not to wander off, and accidentally saw her naked.

The normally cool Shiryuu turned bright red..

They soon arrived at the town and decided to stay at the inn for a while. By reading the book, Hana thought that in order to go back they might have to help the rebellion succeed. Shiryuu initially refused since helping the rebellion means that they’re going against Gentoku, but eventually agreed since it might be the only way to return.

Hana tried to create a plan to help the rebellion while minimizing casualties at the same time. Seeing that, Shiryuu said that she can think like that because she doesn’t understand what soldiers feel. Letting an enemy soldier alive could mean that your friend or even yourself might get killed by that person later. Even so, Hana still doesn’t want people to die killing each other in war.

Eventually Shiryuu decided that it’s too dangerous to let Hana carry out the plan by herself. Before going to Rakuyou where the rebellion will occur, Hana went looking for work in order to gather enough money to resume their journey. She was almost tricked by a suspicious person, but Shiryuu came and helped her. He asked her not to wander around since it’s dangerous, and he made a street performance instead to gather money.

After arriving at Rakuyou, Hana started working at a pub to get close to a rebellion member, whom she would use to pass her strategy to the rebellion leader. However, Shiryuu interrupted midways and said that the job is too dangerous for her. He then disguised himself as a woman to work at the pub instead of having Hana doing that role.

With Shiryuu and Hana’s help, the rebellion eventually succeeded and they were taken back to the original time. Being the honest and loyal person that he is, Shiryuu felt guilty towards Gentoku for supporting the rebellion. He then asked Gentoku what would he do if he helped out the rebellion, but in the end Gentoku said it’s okay since it happened in the past.

Soon after their return, Koumei finally decided that it was time for him to join Gentoku’s army. Since he is Hana’s mentor, the two of them often talked about various issues. Not aware of his own feelings yet, Shiryuu got jealous because of Koumei’s affectionate way towards Hana. He didn’t know that Koumei was doing it intentionally, probably to make him realize his own feelings.

After talking to Gentoku, Shiryuu realized that he’s been mixing up affection and duty, thinking that what he feels towards Hana is just the same as his loyalty to Gentoku. Gentoku then told him to get Koumei, whom he found on the hallway leaning closely to Hana. Out of jealousy Shiryuu asked Hana not to do those things where people could see, which made her confused since she was just talking to Koumei.

To secure Gentoku’s position, Hana suggested that they should take Seito. Both Koumei and Gentoku agreed, and Hana will go with the troops along with Shiryuu. Before their departure, Shiryuu apologized for saying that things during their time slip. He had come to respect Hana’s plans which value people’s lives, and he thinks of it as an honor to carry out her plan. Shiryuu promised that he will protect her at all costs.

However, on their way to Seito they were ambushed. Shiryuu was badly wounded, but he still insisted on protecting Hana despite his wounds. He said that it was his job to protect her, and Hana — who didn’t know about his feelings — thought that Shiryuu was doing that because he was ordered to do so. Naturally, she didn’t want him to get hurt just for doing his “job”.

That night Hana saw Shiryuu practicing alone in the woods. Worried, Hana said that she doesn’t want him to get hurt while protecting her anymore. Shiryuu mistook it as a dismissal and asked if that means she doesn’t need him anymore. In order to protect him, Hana said yes.

Due to the misunderstanding, Shiryuu moved to the back row of the troops ever since. He didn’t go near her nor talked to her, as he thought she doesn’t want his protection anymore.

They eventually reached Seito and a battle broke out. Their troops was frightened and fled. Just when the enemy soldiers was about to attack Hana, Shiryuu jumped in front of her and protected her from the attacks, despite her protests that it will only reopen his wounds from before.

Shiryuu said that he already found his reason for fighting, which is Hana herself. If she wishes for him to live, he will live for her sake and will not die in the battlefield. Before facing the enemy soldiers by himself, he asked Hana to believe in him.

Shiryuu’s battle oath boosted their troops’ morale, and they successfully took over Seito. That night when Hana checked the book, she found the blank pages were all filled. Her role in the war is now finished, and she thought of going home when suddenly Shiryuu came looking for her.

Hana told him that it might be time for her to go home, even though she felt sad to be apart from him. Shiryuu asked what would she do after she goes home, and when Hana was thinking about it suddenly he asked her to marry him. She was surprised, but he said that he has found a person he wants to protect, a person he wants to give his life to.

Thinking about how they’re from different worlds, Hana was worried. Shiryuu said that even so, he wouldn’t be able to endure the pain of being apart from her. Hana then admitted that she felt sad whenever he said protecting her is his “job”, and how she didn’t want him to get hurt because she loves him. Shiryuu then kissed her.

Hana thought back about how Shiryuu is an important person to her, and finally decided that she will stay in with him in this world. She chose him over her home world. She wants to protect him just like how he protects her. Shiryuu then proposed to her once again, and she said yes.


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