Sangoku Rensenki – Yokutoku

The big, puppy-like Yokutoku is also known as Zhang Fei. Got his ending before I knew it, so this summary will probably be short.. but he’s really adorable like a big teddy bear! ♥

Yokutoku is one of the major military generals under Gentoku, but calls him Gen-nii since they have pledged brotherhood along with Unchou. He is very big and strong, has a big appetite, and he admits that he’s not good at using his head for thinking. Whenever he’s hungry he would go to the others’ rooms asking for food.

When Hana caught a fever, Yokutoku came and put some fruits in her window frame. She later recovered and wanted to properly thank him for the fruits. On the way to his room she met Unchou who told her that Yokutoku wasn’t feeling well, but he probably won’t be in his room.

Hana looked around for him and eventually found him curled up on the ground, behind the trees on the garden. She asked him to return to his room, since his cold and fever would recover quickly that way, but he said that being outside like this made him feel better. He fell back to sleep soon after, and Hana decided to watch over him until he wakes up.

Yokutoku opened his eyes to find Hana by his side, which made him really happy and told her that it feels good to see someone when you wake up. He eventually agreed to return to his room, but only if Hana comes along with him. She stayed by his side while he was asleep and they went around looking for food after he woke up. He looked a little sad when night came and Hana had to return to her room, but he was fully recovered by the next day.

After the Battle of Red Cliffs, Hana was taken back in time along with Yokutoku who happened to be in her room at the time. They found a father with his son getting chased by bandits, and the strong Yokutoku helped them by beating the bandits. The father offered to take them to the nearby town, but they refused and decided to walk instead.

Relying on Yokutoku’s instincts and sense of direction, both of them end up getting lost in the mountain. Eventually they found a cliff overlooking the town, so Hana suggested they look for the path to go down. Yokutoku said that he’s okay with that height and grabbed Hana instead, jumping down from the cliff and scaring the heck out of her.

After assessing the situation, Hana concluded that they might have to help the rebellion in order to return home. Yokutoku, being the simple-minded person that he is, agreed with the plan she came up with. It was also during their stay that Hana first saw Yokutoku’s “night face” when he was drunk. Apparently when he’s drunk, his personality changes completely.

When they were walking around Rakuyou, they saw a government official beating up a child for taking things without paying. Hana went helped the child right away, yet Yokutoku was just looking at them with a certain look in his eyes. Some days later, Hana met that government official again and was mistaken for a member of the rebellion. She was put in prison, where she noticed that women and children were also captured.

Yokutoku came to rescue her later and found that Hana was breaking out of the prison along with the others after tricking the guard. The trick didn’t last long though, and the guard soon caught Hana and the child from before. Again, Yokutoku was distracted by that scene which resulted in Hana getting hit. That triggered something inside of him and he beat the guard up until Hana dragged him to escape.

They escaped out of town, and Yokutoku told Hana about his past. The government official in his village was a drunk who often beat up the children. Whenever that person beat up his friends, Yokutoku got scared and went away to hide rather than trying to help his friends. Even until now, he keeps blaming his weak self who was unable to protect people around him.

Soon the rebellion succeeded in taking over Rakuyou. Yokutoku and Hana were taken back to the original time soon after.

Yokutoku soon found out that eventually Hana had to return to her own world. After their victory in the battle of Urin, Hana found Yokutoku drunk after the banquet. She recalled his “night face” she saw during their time slip and was scared since he looked like a different person, but suddenly he hugged her. He asked her not to go home and leaving him alone and fell asleep right away.

Unchou had to drag him away in order to free Hana who was trapped beneath him.

He came with Unchou to apologize later, hiding behind him at first. Hana said that she didn’t mind, but the situation between them was still awkward because of what he said to her earlier. Yokutoku continued to avoid Hana after that and she noticed.

Koumei eventually joined Gentoku’s army. One day when he was talking to Hana in her room, they heard a sound from outside. No one was there, but Hana saw fruits sitting on her window frame and figured that Yokutoku must have came to see hear earlier. She didn’t know that Yokutoku had a misunderstanding about her relationship with Koumei because of what he saw, and so he left without saying anything.

After they successfully took Southern Keishuu, Hana tried to talk to him again during the victory banquet. He was drunk and told her that she’s not a comrade since eventually she will leave them. He also said that she’s different from them and she shouldn’t approach him as there are guys who suit her more than he does. This reflects his jealousy towards Koumei, but of course Hana didn’t know.

Despite what he said to her, Hana wanted to make it up with him. She cooked him food with the help of Fuyou Hime and Unchou, and left it in his room. He later came to see her and asked her to eat with him while watching the sunset, and they finally made up after he apologized. He also admitted that he saw her talking to Koumei in her room, and that made him jealous.

Yokutoku told Hana more about his past. He was always alone before he met Gentoku, even joining the bad crowd if it means he could survive. He never cares for anyone except himself since no one would ever care for him, and so he viewed other people as enemies. It’s a different world for him now, but he hates it that whenever he’s drinking he’s more like his old self.

Hana told him that even though he might not know it, Yokutoku is very kind. He brought her fruits when she was sick, he carried her when she couldn’t walk, which is the proof that he really is a kind person. He admitted that he is a weak person, and that he wanted to be like her. A person who didn’t hurt and got hurt by anyone.

He felt refreshed after talking to her, and they ate the rest of the food together.

After that, Hana accompanied Yokutoku in doing his job. When dealing with an abduction, a soldier made a wrong decision of following the target rather than telling Yokutoku, which made Hana end up in danger. Fortunately Yokutoku came to rescue them later, but he beat up the soldier so badly for putting Hana’s life in danger. Hana managed to stop him, and he later apologized for letting his anger take control.

They both made a promise. Yokutoku said that he won’t use violence anymore whenever he’s angry, and Hana said that she won’t get in danger anymore. They went back home holding hands that day.

Next, they came to resolve the issue with a government official who only drinks all day without doing his job. Despite his soldiers’ opinion to take action immediately, Yokutoku gave the official a chance to get his work done. When he really did finish his work by the next day, Yokutoku decided that it’d be fine as long as the official does his job properly. This sparked a conversation among his soldiers about how Yokutoku is weak towards the government officials even though he’s rather strict with his soldiers.

The final battle to take Keishuu back from Moutoku finally came. Hana went with Yokutoku and his soldiers towards Keishuu. On the way, the soldiers revealed that they were betraying him and would kill him there instead. The root of the betrayal was the thought that Yokutoku treats officials and soldiers differently. Hana knew it was because of his past, but those soldiers only thought of it as being unfair.

Hana was worried that Yokutoku would turn violent, but he managed to control himself thanks to her. He then told his former soldiers who were going against him to run before he hurts them. He also managed to counter the ambush laid by the enemies and successfully reached Keishuu.

After the battle is over, Yokutoku met Hana in the hallway. He told Hana to go home back to her family, holding back his real feelings and forced a smile in front of her, as long as it would make her happy.

The day when Hana would go back to her home world finally came. Everyone was there to see her off, but she didn’t see Yokutoku anywhere. Hana went to look for him and eventually found him sitting on a tree, crying by himself. He was surprised to see Hana and apologized for not seeing her off.

Realizing that she loves Yokutoku, Hana asked if he would still be smiling after she’s gone. She admitted that she doesn’t know if she could smile when being apart from him. Hearing that, Yokutoku finally let out all of his real feelings. He said that loves her, so didn’t want to be apart from her. He will grow stronger for her sake, he wants them to always be together, and finally he asked her not to go anywhere. Hana said yes, choosing to stay with Yokutoku for the rest of her life.

In the epilogue, Hana and Yokutoku went shopping. He told her that he’s really happy right now, and he will make her happy too so that her parents in the other world won’t be worried. He asked her to stay with him together even until they grow old, creating a whole new family together. When Hana said that it’d be fun to have a lively family, Yokutoku said that he wants to have ten kids and asked her if it’s enough.


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