Sangoku Rensenki – Gentoku

Yesterday my brain was full with Taeyeon and Wooyoung’s performance, mixed with lack of sleep so I couldn’t type this up properly. Anyway, Gentoku is the infamous Liu Bei. His route is so bittersweet, making it one of my favourite routes in the game.

Gentoku is a warlord and the founding emperor of Kingdom of Shu. His troops is the smallest compared to his rivals, but consisted of soldiers who are extremely loyal to him. He lost his father when he was small and pledged brotherhood with Unchou and Yokutoku. Gentoku is very kind towards everyone without exception, and has this older brother image.

When everyone else in his army (except maybe Yokutoku) doubted Hana’s origins and skills as a military strategist, Gentoku trusts her no matter what and continues to look after her. Hana started feeling something for him early in the game, but she thought that he’s just kind towards everyone.

After the Battle of Red Cliffs, Gentoku came to Hana’s room wanting to talk to her. The book glowed and Hana was about to be taken back to her home world, but due to her wish to stay in order to help Gentoku, they were taken back in time to the Yellow Turban Rebellion period.

On their way down the mountain, Hana said that they can camp in the forest if they couldn’t make it to town before it’s dark. However, Gentoku asked her if it’s common for a man or woman who are not lovers or married couple to spend a night together. Hana didn’t get what he was trying to say, and instead answered that there are times like that even though it’s not necessarily just the two of them.

Gentoku then told her that it’s not common at all in this country, so she should have some wariness about camping out alone with a guy. Or else, her future husband would be sad. When he said ‘future husband’, Hana actually thought of Gentoku himself and got embarassed because of her own thought. She almost slipped in the nearby bridge, but Gentoku caught her.

He said about how dangerous it was to let her out of his sight, and asked her not to go too far away from him so he can always look out for her.

They eventually reached Houkou and found that seeds of rebellion were everywhere. Together with Hana, Gentoku stopped the rebellion from attacking Houkou, but they soon departed from Rakuyou before anyone could find them. Rakuyou was already burned down when they arrived, but they decided to go in and take a look.

Almost everyone in the palace was killed but a baby that Hana found beneath the corpse of his caretaker. Gentoku and Hana fled to a shelter camp out of town and decided to stay there for a while. One day when changing the baby, Hana found something inside the cloth wrapping him. When she showed it to Gentoku later, he said that it’s the sovereign’s seal. Which means that the baby is actually the current emperor.

Based on the situation in the original time, Chuuei will take the infant emperor and worked with Moutoku. The emperor will eventually became no more than a puppet, his existence is only needed because he’s important to keep the dynasty from falling apart.

Gentoku and Hana then planned on keeping the emperor away from falling into Chuuei’s hand. That way they might be able to save him from such a cruel fate. Gentoku worked during the day to save up money needed for their journey ahead, and Hana nursed the emperor everyday. She gave one of her phone straps to him since he stopped crying when he heard the sound it makes.

One night Hana woke up to find Gentoku cradling the emperor. She thought about how he would make a good father, and called him “father” before falling asleep again.

However Chuuei eventually ordered his soldiers around to look for Gentoku. He came along with the soldiers and told Hana to wait for him in the tent, but when she heard an uproar outside she decided to go and see what happened. It turned out that Chuuei was actually ordering his soldiers to fight Gentoku.

Hana was caught by one of the soldiers, and Chuuei mistook them as Gentoku’s wife and child. He ordered his soldiers to kill them as well. When both of them were running away from the soldiers, suddenly the book glowed and they were taken back to the original time. Hana was worried about the baby and checked the book to see what happened to him after that, but it seems that Kentei‘s fate didn’t change since he fell into Chuuei’s hands after all.

Both Hana and Gentoku was disappointed that they couldn’t protect the emperor.

After taking both Jouyou and Kouyou, Gentoku was busy with a lot of things and haven’t got the chance to talk to Hana. During this time when they couldn’t see each other, Hana realized that she loves him but thought that she’s not suitable for him. Gentoku is a great and important person, yet she is just an ordinary girl who couldn’t do anything without the book.

One day Hana met with Fuyou Hime in the castle. They had a girls talk and told each other about the person they like. Fuyou said that the man she loves is Unchou’s subordinate, but she thought that it was just an unrequited love. She wasn’t surprised when Hana said that she loves Gentoku and encouraged her despite Hana’s low self-confidence.

After talking to Hana, Fuyou decided to confess to the man she loves. She wanted him to know how she feels. Later on Hana found her spacing out, surprised that the feeling is actually mutual and they started going out.

Encouraged by Fuyou’s words, Hana decided to cook for Gentoku. He’s been busy with work, and she wanted to do something for him. She asked Fuyou and Unchou’s help in cooking Gentoku’s favorite food, then brought the meal to his room. He wasn’t back yet, so she put the meal in his table and left.

The next morning, Gentoku came to Hana’s room. She had just woke up and said that she couldn’t come out with such an appearance, so they talked through the door. Gentoku thanked her for the meal, it means a lot to him amidst his busy days lately. She said that it wasn’t that good since she’s not used to cooking, and he answered the fact that she made it for him made him really happy.

After a moment of silence, they started speaking at the same time. Hana wanted to ask if it’s okay to cook for him again, but she asked him to say what he wanted to say first. He said that it wasn’t anything important and told her to go back to sleep, apologizing for waking her up that early in the morning.

Despite that moment they shared, Gentoku soon announced that he will marry Chuubou’s sister in order to strengthen their alliance. Hana was shocked to hear this, but sadly thought that it was the best way to make a stronger relationship with Chuubou. She agreed with the plan when they asked for her opinion. That night, she cried in Fuyou’s arms until she fell asleep.

Late at night, Gentoku came to Hana’s room. He called out to her, but she was already asleep. He thought that he wants to protect her until the day she goes back home, and when that time comes he will see her off without stopping her. Hearing Hana cried in her sleep, Gentoku then came inside and kissed her.

The day of the wedding eventually came. Hana attended the ceremony with a broken heart, and they went back to the castle along with Gentoku’s wife — Shoukou. Despite what she feels inside, Hana made friends with her along with Fuyou. She thought that Shoukou is a nice person, so there’s nothing wrong with them being friends.

Gentoku didn’t seem pleased though. He was always watching Shoukou in whatever she did, and Hana thought about how Gentoku really loves his wife. Deep inside it was painful for her. She was finally free from those situations when Koumei came and joined the army, and she was busy with work.

To forget the pain, Hana focused on her goal that was freeing Kentei from Moutoku. Gentoku was worried about her, but Hana mistook it as him losing his trust in her. One night during a banquet, he found her reading the book outside the hall. He asked if she wanted to go home and she said yes. Because when she does, she will be free from all of this pain. Hana then said that they shouldn’t be alone together like this, even though they weren’t exactly ‘alone’. Gentoku then asked if it would be fine if he makes her his wife, making her confused. He soon said that it’s because of the alcohol though, and said good night to her.

Soon Gentoku’s army secured both Ryoushuu and Ekishuu, seizing the control from Kigyoku’s grasp. Hana apologized for making Gentoku did so because she knew that he didn’t like taking over other people’s authorities. He didn’t blame her though, since it was necessary.

They also secured Chouan soon after and delivered Kentei there, freeing him from Mokutoku’s power. Hana noticed that Kentei still had one of those straps she gave her during their time slip, which makes her happy as well as the fact that his suffering as a puppet has come to an end. With this, Hana’s role in history is finished, but she haven’t found the chance to go home yet.

After they went back to the castle, Hana found Shoukou killing the guards near her room. When she was still trying to figure out what’s happening, Shoukou captured her. Gentoku then came to rescue her and got attacked, since it turned out that Shoukou’s objective was to kill him in the first place.

Hana was about to open the book in order to go home. That way Gentoku could be saved since the hostage will disappear, enabling him to fight back. Yet, Gentoku asked her not to do so.

Eventually the guards came and Shoukou was captured. With Hana free, Gentoku slashed Shoukou’s clothes, revealing that it was actually a man sent to assassinate him. The Shoukou who married him was a fake, and the real one would already be back in Youshuu. Someone was trying to stir up a conflict to ruin their alliance. The fake Shouko was then sent to Chuubou.

Gentoku then asked Hana not to use the book like that again. He didn’t want them to part, and so he was always afraid whenever Hana used the book. Unable to hold back her feelings anymore, Hana cried and said that all of this was hurting her because she loves him. She told him to leave her alone because he didn’t trust her anyway, and he already has Shoukou.

He answered that it wasn’t the real Shoukou. Just as she saw earlier, it was an assassin sent to kill him. He saw through it right from the beginning, but he pretended he didn’t notice in order to maintain the alliance with Chuubou. Hana realized that the way he always watched Shoukou wasn’t because he loves her, but rather because he’s keeping an eye on her movements.

Realizing that they were talking outside with the guards watching, Gentoku carried Hana to his room where they can talk privately. He asked her if what she said before is true, and Hana told him again that she loves him. Gentoku said that he won’t be able to let her go and asked her if she’s okay with that. They cleared up all of the misunderstandings they had, and when Hana finally said that she wanted to stay with him he drew closer.

Hana: Eh… Gentoku-san, wait…
Gentoku: Sorry, I won’t wait.

Then he apologized because he didn’t know Hana’s feelings for him all this time, and said that he won’t make her cry anymore. Hana decided to stay with him, because even if she goes back to her own world she would want to go to and see him again.

After that, Gentoku found Hana in the garden trying to burn the book. He noticed that she said this world is her home, where she belongs. However the book soon disappeared when Hana thought that she has decided to stay in this world with Gentoku, probably returning to the home world by itself.

Gentoku said that he never thought that he is such a narrow-minded person, since he’s actually relieved that the book was gone. Hana replied that she won’t go anywhere, and even if she does she will always return to his side. Gentoku then kissed her, saying he will always love only her forever.


2 thoughts on “Sangoku Rensenki – Gentoku

  1. oh, man! this is route is awesome, Gentoku is quiet bold now, isn’t he? XD
    Thanks for bringing such an awesome review :)

    • Yeah, he doesn’t show much self-restraint either towards the end. 8D
      Thanks for reading even though this is such an old and messy review OMG LOL.

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