Sangoku Rensenki – Chuubou

Also known as Sun Quan, the son of Sun Jian. Chuubou’s interaction with Hana is really cute. His route is kind of bittersweet though, but that’s what I like about it. One of my favourites.

Chuubou is the super tsundere and ore-sama leader of Son family who rules the south eastern lands of China. He took over the leadership after his father and older brother’s death. The first time he met Hana, he didn’t trust her and put her in prison for a while. He also made it clear that he didn’t think too highly of her, and she thought about the huge gap between his princely appearance and his attitude.

After Hana decided to stay in Chuubou’s army for a while, she was taken to his castle in Kei. She soon discovered that during victory banquets Chuubou would often force non-drinker soldiers to drink his sake. Hana helped a soldier who once helped her on the army camp and splashed the sake towards Chuubou’s face, resulting in her getting forced to wash his hair.

It was also during that time that Hana thought about how it’d be better if Chuubou’s head is an anpan instead. But thanks to the cold water Chuubou was able to cool his head off and introspected himself, realizing that what he did to those soldiers were wrong.

After the Battle of Red Cliffs, Unchou sent Hana’s book to the castle. Chuubou was the one who gave it to her when suddenly the book glowed and took both of them to the past. They found themselves in the Yellow Turban Rebellion period, and they keep fighting about a lot of things. He continued to protect her though in order to go home. Even if Hana apologized, he seemed to be pissed off at everything and kept blaming her for getting him involved.

During their stay in the past, they pretended to be siblings as it would make it natural to their surroundings if they to stay together. Hana decided that Chuubou would be his younger brother, and to make it believable she also started speaking casually to him. At first he complained about her being disrespectful to him, but eventually he decided to go along anyway.

Just before the rebellion took over Rakuyou, Chuubou told Hana that the Son family wishes for the country unification. When Hana asked about Chuubou’s own reason for fighting, he answered that he haven’t found his reason for fighting yet. He was still thinking about what he would do to protect Youshuu.

Seeing the rebellion also burned down people’s house, Hana was disappointed that she couldn’t do anything to minimize the damage. Despite his earlier tsun attitude towards her, Chuubou told her that there must be something that she could do. Hana thought about how his words relieved her, even though usually he would complain about everything.

It was then when the book glowed. Hana held his clothes to make sure that he will be taken to the original time as well, but he held her hand instead. They were taken back home and got teased by Daikyou and Shoukyou who saw them holding hands.

Since they were back to the castle, Hana decided that she should go back speaking honorific speech to him again. Chuubou told her to speak normally instead, making the Kyou sisters more suspicious about their relationship. Since Hana fled to her room, they decided to interrogate him later.

Hana asked if Chuubou is willing to return Keishuu to Gentoku when he takes it later, and if she could return to Gentoku’s army. Chuubou replied that he will think about giving Keishuu back, but he didn’t give permission for Hana to return. He said it was her job to stay at his place as a representative from Gentoku’s army. Instead of letting her return to the frontline where Koukin was, he took her to attack Gappi to weaken Moutoku’s power.

After successfully avoiding the enemy generals’ attack on Chuubou, Hana told him about the book’s power. Chuubou said that it might be dangerous for the book and Hana herself, since everyone will try to get their hands on it if they find out about its power. He then said he won’t return her to Gentoku’s army and made her his instead, placing her near him at all time.

Hana thought Chuubou was only taking advantage of the book. She was happy that he’s worried about her but that thought made her sad. When he asked her what’s wrong later, she snapped saying she doesn’t like being at his place. Not understanding each other, both of them started avoiding each other and created a distance between them.

When the Kyou sisters and Shoukou carried out their secret plan to get them together, Hana and Chuubou end up sharing an accidental kiss. The flustered Chuubou said it’s not his fault since it was an accident, and Hana ran away feeling hurt thinking the kiss didn’t mean anything to him. Before chasing her, Chuubou warned the Kyou sisters that he won’t forgive them if they do anything that hurts her.

Chuubou came to Hana’s room, and she told him that he should stop taking care of her just because of the book. Chuubou then hugged her and said that she’s wrong. He did what he did because he loves her. While he admitted that the thought of taking advantage of the book had crossed his mind before, he’s just using the book as an excuse to have her by his side.

He then asked about her feelings. Hana herself wasn’t really sure, but in the end they decided that she likes him too. Chuubou kissed her again to make it up for the accidental kiss they had earlier.

They started going out after that, but Hana was torn because she has to go back home eventually. When Chuubou was training her sword dancing to perform at a banquet with him, he saw her cell phone and she gave him one of her straps since it’s a rare item in this world. He gave her his necklace in return, the one he got from his deceased brother. Hana didn’t want to receive such an important necklace, but Chuubou gave it to her anyway.

After accepting the necklace, Hana decided that after the banquet she will tell Chuubou about going home. During the night of the banquet, she eventually told him the truth despite how hard it was for her to say it. Chuubou said he won’t let her go though, resulting in her unable to say anything more about going home.

Some days later, Hana asked for a chance to talk to Gentoku about her remaining time in this world and got Chubou’s permission since it might be the only chance for her to say goodbye to them. From Koukin, Hana learned that Gentoku is coming to their castle anyway to proceed with his marriage with Shoukou. Hana wanted to ask Shoukou how she feels since she had to get married with a man she never met before. However, Shoukou was already sent to her mother’s place and couldn’t meet anyone until the wedding day.

That day Hana saw Shoukou in the castle and followed her since she was supposed to be in her mother’s place, but she lost track of her. The next day, Hana came back to where she lost sight of Shoukou and eventually met Shoukou inside the mansion. She found it weird how Shoukou didn’t seem to know about her own marriage. Moreover, lately she was forbidden to leave the place.

Hana told her what she saw, and Shoukou said it must be her fake. Before they could have a further discussion, they got interrupted by Koukin and Shoukou was dragged back to her room by the guards. She tried to tell her something, but Hana didn’t catch what Shoukou was trying say. Koukin then told Hana that she didn’t have the right to stay by Chuubou’s side since she still cares about Gentoku, which Koukin viewed as treasuring them more than Chuubou.

Koukin banned Hana from entering the castle after that, and sent her to stay with Gentoku’s army instead. One night, the Kyou sisters came to visit Hana in her room and said that they will help her to meet with Chuubou. He was waiting for her on a nearby tree and asked her to go back to the castle with him.

Hana replied that she couldn’t return to his place yet and returned his necklace. He took the necklace back, but he said he will wait for her. Hana also told him about the thing with Shoukou and the marriage, and Chuubou asked her to trust him before leaving.

The next day, Hana was summoned to the castle. It turns out that Chuubou already took care of the matter regarding Shoukou and the marriage. Shoukou herself decided to proceed with her marriage to Gentoku, as it was the thing only she could do to protect her family. Everything should be fine now, but Hana saw there’s still one blank page in the book which worried her.

On the day of the wedding, Hana saw Shoukou in the castle and followed her. Just when Hana was about to call her, the real Shoukou shouted saying that it was not her. Hana realized that even though Koukin was down due to a wound he got from a battle, his plan was still working. To stop whatever plan he was playing, Hana suggested that she should pretend to be Shoukou during the ceremony so the real Shoukou can look for the fake.

Gentoku noticed that it was Hana in the ceremony, but decided to proceed since there must be something wrong. However, Chuubou also noticed that it was her wearing the bride’s attire. He whispered that even though it was just an act, it’s painful for him to see her standing beside another man. He mistook her doing that as an answer that she chose to stay with Gentoku.

After the ceremony ended, the fake Shoukou attacked Chuubou and the blame instantly went to Gentoku’s army. They had no choice but to flee, Shoukou going with them as a proof that it wasn’t Chuubou’s desire to fight them. She told Hana to stay since going with them would mean that Hana and Chuubou will part before clearing the misunderstanding between them, but Hana decided to go in order to protect Shoukou.

Not too long after Gentoku and his army returned to their own castle, they were informed that Chuubou’s army was coming to Keishuu. After what happened in Youshuu last time, they were prepared to fight Koukin and his army, but it was Chuubou himself who led his army there. Not to fight, but to celebrate the wedding instead.. and to pick Hana up.

When Hana checked the book, she saw that all of the blank pages were now filled. Which means that Chuubou really didn’t come to fight.

Chuubou asked Hana to make her decision. Hana thought it’s unfair for him to say that since she planned to go home, but above all she wants to see this world’s future with him after all the fighting were gone. When she decided that she will stay with him, the book disappeared. Chuubou then told Hana he will make her happy, so she should stay with him in Youshuu. She hugged him saying she loves him (finally!) and she wants to always be with him.

That night Chuubou gave the necklace to Hana again, telling her not to return it again this time. Hana then said that she really missed him and she’s really happy when he came to see her both in Kei and here. He blushed and told her not to say those cute and embarrassing things. If it would make her happy, he will always come and see her.

When she answered that she will stay in this world, Chuubou already swore that he will make her happy more than anyone else. Hana silently wished for the book to tell her family and friends that she has found her path, a person that she want to be with in that world. They had their third kiss soon after.


One thought on “Sangoku Rensenki – Chuubou

  1. Awwww that story was cute and a tad bit bittersweet but over all I loved his princely charm… If only he used it at the begining lol I laughed when he told her to wash his hair lol it’s just that in most games the worst the guy will do is make her clean but that was funny

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