Sangoku Rensenki – Souan

Souan, otherwise known as Sun Lang, is my favourite character in this game. He is the other key character who plays an important role in a certain plan. Hidden character, by the way.

Souan is a cold and mysterious man Hana saw in the camp. He was talking to Koukin and soon left. His looks is really similar to both Chuubou and Shoukou, which made Hana curious if he’s also one of their family. His identity remained unknown as she never saw him again until after the Battle of Red Cliffs, when she received her book back from Unchou.

When Hana opened the book in her room, it suddenly glowed and took her to the Yellow Turban Rebellion period. She was alone when she woke up in the mountains, and soon reached the nearby town of Houkou. There she helped a boy (Ryou) who was attacked by the rebellion members. But since Hana was just an unarmed girl, she was unable to fight back.

The rebellion members was about to attack both Hana and the boy, when suddenly..

The mysterious man from the camp saved them! He’s really strong and the rebellion members eventually ran away. Hana and him then went to the inn, where he asked her what did she do to take them to this place. He introduced himself as Souan when Hana asked for his name, and he also said that he was near her room when the book glowed. Somehow Souan thought that Hana is a black magic user because of that.

Souan didn’t seem to care if they could return or not, yet he accepted every plan she suggested to help the rebellion. In order to go to Rakuyou, first they need some money. The next day Souan went to town looking for a job. When he returned to the inn later, he told Hana that he will start working as a bodyguard for a merchant.

Due to a rude encounter in town, Hana found out that the merchant Souan was working for often attacks his competitors. Which means that Souan’s job as a bodyguard is more like an assassin instead. Hana then asked Souan to quit the job since he’d hurt people. He eventually said that he’d look for a new job, but Hana also found out that Souan would do what he was ordered, without thinking about people’s feelings.

After successfully helping out the rebellion to take Rakuyou, they were taken back to the original time. Hana hugged Souan’s arm when the book glowed to make sure that he won’t get left behind, but he brushed her hand off after they got back to their castle in Kei.

Hana then apologized for getting him involved. Souan replied that he wasn’t helping her, it was only because he was ordered to watch her. Her thanking and apologizing only troubled him. He then left her room, leaving Hana wondering who ordered Souan to keep an eye on her.

They didn’t meet again until Hana went with Koukin’s troops to take Kouryou. After Hana explained the strategy in the meeting, Koukin sent Souan alone as the messenger to Iryou. Hana was worried about him, but again Souan told her that it’s disturbing him and left. However, Koukin noticed that she was worried about him and told her to go with Souan to Iryou.

Even though Souan said that Hana would only be a hindrance, he protected her properly. After successfully delivering the message to their soldiers at Iryou, he took Hana and protected her from the attackers during their escape back to the camp.

Soon Koukin got shot by a poisonous arrow during a battle. They went back to their castle in Kei, and eventually the subject of Gentoku and Shouko’s marriage came up.

When Hana came out of the hall during a banquet, she saw Koukin and Souan talking. She came to ask him what happened after Koukin left, and Souan warned her to have some wariness. People around her won’t always stay as her allies. There are always something going on behind the stage, and people like himself are needed for that job. Souan left after saying that he said too much, but it was enough for Hana suspect that the whole marriage plan might be a trap for Gentoku.

Some days later, Hana got separated from the Kyou sisters when they were shopping. She ended up getting lost into the more rural area of town. Souan found her wandering around and asked her what was she doing there, since it was a dangerous area. He was about to take her back to the main street when her stomach grumbled, so he took her to eat instead.

The old lady who owns the dining hall thought that Hana is Souan’s girlfriend and asked her to take care of him. It turns out that Souan used to live nearby. The old lady knew his mother and had been watching over him ever since he was small. Hana wondered about his family, since Souan told her that he’s been in the army ever since his childhood.

Hana then noticed that Souan was watching her eat, so she asked him what’s wrong.

Surprisingly, Souan smiled saying that her expression is amusing. It was the first time she ever saw his smile. He told her to eat quickly before it went cold. Hana didn’t know why, but she felt happy when he was smiling.

Souan took her back to the main street afterwards. There he told her again to have some wariness. He also revealed that before their departure to Iryou, Koukin told Souan that Hana might get hurt or even lose her life since it was a battlefield out there. Souan then asked why did he told him to bring her along if he already knew the risks. Koukin said that even if Souan couldn’t protect her, there’s nothing that they could do about it.

He didn’t say it outright, but to Souan that sounds like Koukin was trying to get Hana killed and make it look like an accident. Souan warned her that even though Koukin isn’t that cold-blooded, she’s facing a man who would do anything to get his goals. And next time, Souan won’t save her again.

Later, Hana found out from Koukin that Souan is actually half siblings with Chuubou and Shoukou, from a different mother. Koukin was the one who trained him in military since his childhood, giving him a place in their army. He was also the one who teached him not to say the truth about his father to people since it would create an unpleasant situation. He told Souan that he is nobody, which shaped him into an empty weapon who would do as he was ordered.

On the day of the wedding ceremony, Hana saw Shoukou walking around. She was surprised to see Hana and left. When she met another Shouko hiding in her room, they figured out that the Shouko she saw earlier was probably Souan in disguise. With the real Shouko’s help she was able to get into the bride’s chamber to talk with Souan.

Hana asked him to stop going along with this plan, but Souan said that if he disobeyed the order he’d lose his place. He wouldn’t have anything left. He didn’t know any other way of living. Hana told him that even if lose that place, Souan would still be Souan. If he continues doing these kind of things, no one would be happy.

Before she could say anything more, they were interrupted by Koukin. He drew his sword, saying that he couldn’t let her alive since she was causing harm to the Son family. Seeing his cold eyes, Hana was prepared to face her death when Koukin swung his sword.

However, Souan moved against the order and protected her. He told Koukin that he didn’t know what’s right or wrong, but he knows one thing right know. He won’t let anyone touch her. Koukin was planning to kill them both, but eventually he collapsed after receiving Souan’s attacks. Souan said that he won’t follow his instructions anymore.

Koukin was taken away, and Chuubou apologized to Gentoku for what his family has done. Gentoku answered that he still wants to keep their alliance as he didn’t have any desire to fight them. Hana was relieved to hear that decision, but she noticed that Souan was nowhere to be seen.

Before Hana returns to Gentoku’s army, she noticed that the blank pages are gone from the book. She was thinking about going back to the home world when Souan suddenly came and asked her to go out with him for a while. He then took her to a hill where they could see Choukou. There, he told her that he has quit Chuubou’s army.

Souan’s mother used to tell him to live with pride, but he forgot about her words when he was given a place in the army from Koukin. What Hana said to him that day reminds him of his mother’s words, and drives him to protect her. He then told her that he loves her, and he didn’t want to return her to Gentoku’s army.

Souan then asked if Hana wanted to go home. She thought about it for a while. She did want to go home, but she decided that her place is by his side in this world. The book disappeared after she made her decision. When she cried after saying goodbye to her world, Souan kissed her and said that he will always protect her.

In the epilogue, Souan and Hana is living in a peaceful village. He is now working as a doctor, gathering herbs in the mountains and makes medicines for the villagers. They helped everyone ever since they came to the village, and the villagers were really thankful to them. Hana noticed that whenever the villagers thanked him, Souan looks really happy.

Since he has saved enough money, Souan wants to repair their house. When Hana said that their current house is okay though needs some more repairing, he answered he doesn’t want her to get sick because of their worn out house. And so that they have enough space when they have kids. He wants to treasure this place where he belongs.


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