Sangoku Rensenki – Bunjaku

Moving on to Wei now, since I’m done with everyone in Shu and Wu. Next is Bunjaku, also known as Xun Yu. If Chuubou’s tsun level wasn’t enough for you, go for this guy.

Bunjaku is Moutoku’s key advisor. He is very serious about everything, and he doubted if Hana is really Koumei’s apprentice. He told Hana to help with his work, initially as a test to see her skills. The fact that she couldn’t read Chinese only made him more suspicious. Since he is a statesman, he doesn’t have any battle skills. But he’s doing his best to support Moutoku.

When she was taken to Moutoku’s castle, Hana read in the book that Gentoku’s army will lose and Bunjaku will eventually commit suicide after an argument with Moutoku. Hana then decided to stay in Moutoku’s army since her book was taken away, and because she wanted to prevent the death of both Bunjaku and everyone in Gentoku’s army.

During a banquet, a slightly drunk Bunjaku talked to Hana about his meeting and his past with Moutoku, and his desire to support him in accomplishing unification. He suddenly fell asleep on her shoulder, making her confused about what to do since she couldn’t move away. Luckily, Genjou soon found them and told her that Bunjaku is actually very weak against alcohol. Even if he looks fine when he’s drunk, he will suddenly fall asleep like that.

After Hana proved herself worthy by trying to help Moutoku’s army in the Battle of Red Cliffs, she was taken with Moutoku to Kyoto. He returned her book after she agreed to be their strategist, and she started working under Bunjaku afterwards.

Bunjaku was on the way to Hana’s room when the book took suddenly them to the Yellow Turban Rebellion period. He won’t believe any illogical explanation, so she had to tell him the truth. Since the book’s power is by no means logical, Bunjaku still doubted her but decided to go to Rakuyou anyway if it means they could return home.

When they were camping, Bunjaku told her that he’s used to camp out like that. He was there when the rebellion took place in the past, and had to spend days out of town by camping. Hana asked more about his hometown, and Bunjaku later told her about how his role was to support the prime minister — Moutoku.

On the way to Rakuyou, they stopped in a town called Eikyou. There they saw a boy trying to buy medicine with a bad coin. Bunjaku then helped the boy by trading a golden amulet he received from his mother for the medicine. After seeing that scene, Hana realized that Bunjaku is a really upright and honest person.

Knowing that they have to help the rebellion in order to return, Bunjaku used his position to get the help of civil officers who were against the government. On the day of the rebellion, he went with Hana to the burning palace looking for the emperor and the crown prince. They eventually found the baby prince, but Chuuei soon found them and asked them to hand the baby along with the sovereign’s seal.

Despite their effort to protect the baby, he was taken away by force. The burning palace started to crumble then. Bunjaku hugged Hana to protect her from the fire, much to her surprise. Suddenly the book glowed and they were taken back to Hana’s room.

It was then when Genjou came in and saw them hugging.

Genjou: Excuse me—
Genjou: ………
Bunjaku: ………
Hana: ………
Genjou: —excuse me. *goes out the door*

No matter how Bunjaku tried to explain that it wasn’t like what it seems to be, Genjou didn’t hear any of his explanation. He told them that he won’t tell Moutoku that they are lovers. He would pretend that he didn’t see anything, so they should be careful not to show it everywhere.

One day, Moutoku gave Hana a beautiful necklace as a reward for her hard work. She didn’t want to receive such an expensive item, but eventually had to accept it because of Moutoku’s persuasive way. Before she left, Bunjaku came to talk to Moutoku and saw her wearing that necklace.

When Hana came to Bunjaku’s office later, she found him sleeping on the table. She tried to put her coat on him so that he won’t catch a cold. Then suddenly the sleeping Bunjaku held her close, asking her in his sleep if she wanted those kind of things (referring to the necklace) and if she feels that way towards Moutoku.

He woke up soon and asked Hana if he said something in his sleep. Hana didn’t know why he said those things, so she said no.

When preparing tea for Bunjaku some days later, Hana heard a rumor that Moutoku was trying to put an end to the dynasty rather than restoring it. Knowing Bunjaku’s devotion to the dynasty, Hana was worried that this might create the crack between Moutoku and Bunjaku. Which would eventually results in Bunjaku’s suicide.

A few days later, Hana overheard Moutoku and Bunjaku arguing. Moutoku didn’t follow the plan she gave them and executed Jusei, which according to the book will result in a war with Jusei’s son Mouki who reigned Ryoushuu. Moutoku said that the emperor was planning to assassinate him because of Jusei’s influence, yet Bunjaku took it as Moutoku trying to destroy the dynasty and ascending as the new emperor afterwards. He couldn’t accept that and tried to convince Moutoku otherwise, but he was dismissed.

Moutoku explained his point of view to Hana afterwards, but it seemed like Bunjaku shared a different point of view which made it hard for them to agree. The difference between their thoughts was too large.

One day, Bunjaku received a letter that offered him to join the plan made by the dynasty’s traitorous feudal officers to assassinate Moutoku. Because of their previous argument, Bunjaku felt that Moutoku wouldn’t hear whatever he says. He didn’t want to inform him about the plan since he doubted Moutoku will hear him out.

Hana then said that he’s only running away by doing that, in which he responded that she doesn’t understand him. However, in the end he admitted that even so, her words always reached his heart. They decided to go and tell Moutoku about the assassinatio plan before it’s too late.

Bunjaku and Hana chased Moutoku all the way to Chinryuu castle where the assassination would take place. They were able to catch up just before Moutoku entered the castle and urged him to return to Kyoto. Despite Moutoku’s attitude due to their previous argument, Bunjaku asked Moutoku to believe in him.

They were eventually attacked by the soldiers guarding the gate. Bunjaku protected both Moutoku and Hana with a short sword despite having no skills in battle. He said that even though he’s just a civil officer who couldn’t fight, he has things he wants to protect.

On their way back to Kyoto, Bunjaku finally told Moutoku about the assassination plan he received. He also stated that his master is only him, but he still thinks that royal blood is necessary to support the lands. Moutoku then told him that he never planned to be the emperor himself. He only wants to make an ideal country, and for that he needs Bunjaku to support him.

Seeing Hana sleeping on Bunjaku’s horse, Moutoku told him to treasure her since she does her best for a guy like him. Bunjaku answered that he already planned to treasure her even if Moutoku didn’t tell him so. He later thanked Hana for it was her words that moved him when he needed it.

When Hana checked the book again, she saw that the future was changed and Bunjaku’s death wasn’t mentioned anymore. She planned to say goodbye to him before going home, but it was hard for her to do it especially because she realized that she’s in love with him. The more she thought about it, the more she became unsure if she really wanted to go home.

However, Bunjaku knew that she was trying to say goodbye before returning to her world. Hana said that it’d be lonely since she couldn’t help him with work anymore, but there must be someone else who can replace her. Bunjaku answered that he didn’t wish for such a person. Since Hana didn’t get what he was trying to say, he then hugged her and asked her to stay with him.

Bunjaku admitted that at first he placed her near him to keep an eye on her, since he didn’t trust her. Then without realizing it, his doubts disappeared and he’s used to her being around. She’s always near him, supporting him whenever he was about to give up. If she wasn’t there he might already took his own life, just as how it was in the book.

After hearing his true feelings, Hana cried saying that she wanted to stay with him. She had family and friends in her home world, but she didn’t want to be apart from him. All that she knew is that she wants to stay in this world. Bunjaku then kissed her and said he that wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

In the epilogue, Bunjaku and Hana were at Moutoku’s new building, Doujakudai. It was even bigger than their castle in Kyoto, which impressed Hana. Bunjaku then said even though he didn’t get Moutoku’s opinion at first, lately he had come to understand him. They will be even busier from now on, but Hana enjoys living in this world with Bunjaku by her side.


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