Sangoku Rensenki – Moutoku

Moutoku was one of the reasons why I wanted to play Sangoku Rensenki. Hey, who doesn’t wanna go after a hot Cao Cao? His route is also one of the best in the game. It’s the heaviest in terms of story and progression, but the ending is so sweet it makes me melt away.

Moutoku is well-known as the ruthless prime minister that conquers the northern lands. Hana first saw him attacking Gentoku’s followers when they were escaping. When she fell into the river after that, he was the one who saved her and took her to his own castle. Despite his reputation, he’s very kind towards Hana.

While Hana was scared that he will use the book to his own advantage if he found out about its power, Moutoku thinks Hana is interesting and had taken a great liking on her. Once he asked Hana to read the contents of the book to him, and she lied by telling him Japanese folk tales instead. Even though he knew that she was lying, he didn’t mind and pretended that he didn’t know instead since he likes to hear her talking.

When Shiryuu came to rescue Hana, Moutoku knew that Hana was trying to protect Shiryuu and said that he couldn’t trust Hana because of that. This made her sad, but eventually she decided to stay in Moutoku’s army. Not only because of the book, but because she wanted to avoid damage in Moutoku’s army too.

The two eventually made up after he delivered fruits to her room, and Hana was asked to attend the banquet before the Battle of Red Cliffs. Moutoku stuck to her like a glue that night, but Hana then found out that Moutoku is actually very popular among the ladies. She felt weird and left the banquet.

The next day Moutoku took her to their army camp. During her stay there, Hana helped the doctor by taking care of the fallen soldiers who actually fell sick due to an epidemic disease. Moutoku himself never noticed since he was too busy with preparations, while the naval general secretly piled up the remaining fallen soldiers to die inside a ship. When Hana eventually found out about this, the general tried to kill her. Luckily Moutoku came at the right time and took care of things.

Hana also devised a plan to avoid damage, but she didn’t have the chance to tell him since he was really busy. She told his guards instead so they can tell him about the plan later. What she didn’t know was that the guards never passed her plan to Moutoku, resulting in their defeat.

With Hana’s helping hand in the battle, she has proved herself worthy. Moutoku then returned her book and made her his military strategist. From then, Hana started helping Moutoku’s army by doing daily government services under Bunjaku.

When Hana checked the book, it suddenly glowed and she was thrown back in time to the Yellow Turban Rebellion period — taking Moutoku along with her. They helped Ryou and his father escape from a bunch of bandits, and pretended to be a married couple to make it easier for them. That night, Hana finally told Moutoku the truth about the book and her origins.

Soon after they arrived in Rakuyou, Moutoku used his position to gather information in the castle. No one noticed though, since as Moutoku said it himself: he looks exactly the same as he was ten years ago. There Moutoku met his old friend. Hana later asked further about the guy since they seem to get along really well, and Moutoku told her that in their original time the guy has died. They became enemies somehow and that guy was killed by his own traitorous subordinate in the end.

In order to move the rebellion army according to their plan, Moutoku used the help of a beautiful singer to deliver their plan to the rebel army through a song. Hana also felt jealousy towards the singer, though she didn’t realize it yet.

When the rebellion finally attacked Rakuyou, Moutoku went to the palace looking for the emperor and crown prince in the hope of being able to change the future. They soon found the infant prince, but on their way out, they met Chuuei and his army. The baby was taken away by force just before Hana and Moutoku were taken back to the original time.

Soon after they returned from the past, Moutoku asked for Hana’s help in taking Ryoushuu. She gave him a safe strategy, and he succeeded in taking Ryoushuu without causing any unnecessary casualties. They returned to their castle in Jouyou after that, and he was flooded with work. It was then when Hana noticed that the blank pages in the book were now filled, but she found it hard to tell Moutoku about that.

One day when delivering documents to him, Hana found Moutoku slumped on his desk due to fatigue and headache. Driven by her desire to do something to him happy, Hana admitted that he loves him.

Of course Moutoku responded to her feelings happily, but Hana didn’t know if he was serious. She planned on telling him about going home when he’s not so busy anymore. Moutoku hinted about not wanting to let her return, but Hana didn’t catch it and still thought that any other woman could easily take her place beside him.

That night, their castle on Jouyou was set on fire by a rebel from Ryoushuu who was aiming for Moutoku’s life. Hana made it out of the fire safely, but the book was left in her burning room. The next day Moutoku found the book for her, only to find it burnt so badly.

With her only way of going home destroyed, Hana cried in Moutoku’s arms regretting not going home when she had the chance. Moutoku then asked her to become his wife, as he wants to take care of her forever. Hana thought that it was because without the book she couldn’t possibly remain as their strategist anymore. After some time thinking about it calmly, Hana decided that she wanted to do all she can for Moutoku.

Moutoku later came and apologized for getting her involved in this mess. Their enemies knew how much he likes her, which made her an easy target. Hana answered that she was glad that he’s okay, and that she will think of his proposal and answer him properly.

Hana later went to take another look at the book. Since she always put the book on her desk before sleeping, she noticed that it was weird how the desk wasn’t really burnt while the book was almost burnt into a crisp. She then heard from a passing soldier that the culprit was making a fuss about how he was framed, and that the person behind the fire was actually Moutoku himself.

Unable to believe such a rumor, Hana went to ask Moutoku herself. Moutoku didn’t deny the rumor and instead said that he really had thought of disposing the book, which really shocked Hana. Moutoku wanted to prevent Hana from going back home. In fact, he only used the book as a reason to keep her by his side all along.

Hana already said that she loves him, but Moutoku didn’t believe her feelings. He thought that her feeling wasn’t real since any girl loves to be loved, especially by a person who has as much authority and money like himself. To Moutoku, it seemed like Hana treasures her home world more than him. Before Hana ran away, Moutoku remarked about the fact that she doesn’t like it when he doesn’t treat her kindly like that.

When doing her daily tasks for Bunjaku, a civil officer warned her about Moutoku. He told her that Moutoku is a truly cruel person who massacred the people of Joshuu out of rage. Hana didn’t want to believe this and shielded Moutoku. She later asked him about the true reason when they meet again, and Moutoku answered that it was because his father and brothers were attacked there. He was angry and slayed every single person in Joshuu. He left after saying that to Hana.

Seeing Hana so distracted, Bunjaku sent her to Genjou instead. From him, Hana found out that the culprit responsible for the fire were actually the one who took Hana’s book. They thought that it was an important military book, but since he couldn’t read the contents he threw it away. He then started the fire there, thinking that Moutoku was in Hana’s room.

That aside, the one who mentioned the importance of the book to Ryoushuu’s soldiers was indeed Moutoku. So while he actually wasn’t guilty for the fire, in a way he really was the trigger.

Genjou also told Hana that Moutoku is a person who expected betrayal from the beginning. For him, trust is a direct way to death. Hana asked if it has something to do with Moutoku’s old friend they saw in the past. Genjou then said that upon Chuuei’s death, his friend along with Chuuei’s subordinates attacked his base in Enshuu while Moutoku was busy preparing to attack Joshuu. He was betrayed by a really close friend.

Moutoku was injured and burnt so bad. But above all the wounds he had, he swore that he will never trust anyone ever again. Moutoku’s life was saved, but his heart remained the same ever since. Genjou asked Hana to give up about Moutoku’s distrust towards everyone since nothing could be done about it. After returning to her room, Hana realized that she really does love him. The real reason why she refused to go home when she had the chance was because she wanted to know more about him.

The next day, Hana overheard the argument between Moutoku and Bunjaku regarding the rumor about Moutoku aiming to the emperor’s throne for himself. Fearing that the dynasty and the whole country will change because of that, Bunjaku said that he will stop Moutoku even if it costs him his life.

Soon Moutoku came and asked Hana for her answer, yet he said that she doesn’t have any choice or time left. He took her by force into his mansion and locked her up, assigning guards to make sure that she didn’t escape. Eventually Hana was able to fool the guards and ran to the palace looking for Moutoku, wanting to ask his reason for doing that.

Before she could meet him, she met with the civil officer from before. He told her that she should run away for both her and Moutoku’s sake. The officer said that Moutoku was limiting all the chances she could get in life, and hurting his own reputation by keeping her like that. He then suggested that she use a sleeping pill to put him to sleep, and use the chance to escape.

Thinking that her existence only caused disturbance for Moutoku, Hana asked for the sleeping pill for the military physician.

That night, Moutoku came to see her. They played a game which proved that Moutoku can tell whenever people are lying. Hana noticed that in a way, he used the game to tell her not to lie to him. Disappointed and sad that Moutoku won’t ever believe in her no matter what, Hana thought that she couldn’t stay with him like this. There was no other way besides escaping.

Hana then asked to be taken to his room. Moutoku was suspicious, but he let her in anyway. When he asked her to bring him some water, she mixed the sleeping pill onto it.

Despite her earlier thoughts, Hana felt guilty for lying to him. She was about to confess when she saw a shadow outside of his window. Thinking it might be dangerous to let him know straight away, Hana thought about a way to inform him without also letting the ‘shadow’ outside know. She then lied to him that she didn’t try to escape at all, and to make it more obvious, about the water she gave him.

Now that Moutoku knew about it, all that she needed was a trigger to make ‘shadow’ move. Hana then stood by the window and drank the sleeping pill-induced water herself, surprising Moutoku. She immediately collapsed and the assassins hiding outside attacked thinking that she was Moutoku. The attack obviously missed its original target, and the assassins fled leaving Hana on the floor.

After ordering the guards to chase the assassins, Moutoku immediately told Hana to spit out water she drank earlier. Instead of doing that, she apologized for doubting him, but she wanted to believe in him after all. When she held out her bloodied hand, Moutoku realized that she had been stabbed due to the earlier attack.

Before closing her eyes, Hana said that she’s glad that it wasn’t like Moutoku doesn’t want to believe in her. That way she will be able to stay with him, and someday he will be able to trust her just like how she trusts him. Finally, she said that she loved him. After that, with Moutoku shedding tears over her and calling out her name, everything went white.

Hana regained consciousness in the school library. She was surprised to find herself back in her home world. Now fully realizing how much she loves Moutoku, Hana went and took the book again in order to go back to his place.

After going home and telling her mother that she wants to be with the person she loves, Hana woke up in Moutoku’s bedroom to find him watching over her and holding her hand.

Moutoku finally told her his feelings, that he really does love her. Because he knows it whenever she lies, it was really hurting him whenever she does. He didn’t trust her completely, but when she asked him if he was the one behind the fire, he found it painful when she doesn’t trust him as well.

Hana admitted that her reason for staying was to know him better. After seeing that dream earlier, she knew that being apart from him feels more painful than losing the book, her only way to go home. Hana also realized that Moutoku never told her a single lie ever since they first met, so all this time he really meant the things he ever said to her.

Moutoku told her that he was really happy when Hana said that she loves him, and finally said asked if it’s okay for him to believe in her. To expect that she will never betray him. Hana answered that she believes in him too, so he should do the same. He agreed and said he will always believe in her from now on.

In the epilogue, Moutoku explained everything to Hana. Moutoku was about to receive a promotion which would grant him even more power, bringing him one step closer to the emperor throne. There were people who were against his promotion, and the civil officer who told Hana about the sleeping pill was one of them. He planned to assassinate Moutoku and pinned the blame on Hana who already escaped.

Hana was worried that Moutoku will be attacked more often because of his position. Seeing her so worried about him, Moutoku finally he said that he will look for the best way for everyone because he knows that she was really thinking of him.

Before returning to work, Moutoku asked Hana to fulfill his two wishes. The first one was to give him a kiss. The second was that after his role is over he wants to quietly sleep by her side, so he asked her to wait for that time to come.


9 thoughts on “Sangoku Rensenki – Moutoku

  1. This is the best game!!! I love this site because you get a nice overview of games but I can still play them without feeling too spoiled. You do a great job!

    PS: How in the world did you get Moutoku?! I am still learning Japanese so I’m struggling a little bit with the choice translations. I have gotten most other characters but I am stumped as to Moutoku, and I rrreeaalllyyy want to see his full route. I’m pulling my hair out here so I’d really appreciate some help. :) Thanks

  2. Omgg I really love this game, it totally exceeded my expectations!!
    Of course, I got confused at the more technical/battle parts of the game (my Japanese is still pretty poor), but I enjoyed this a lot (≧∇≦)/
    I haven’t played the fandisk yet, but I must get it soon! Have you played it by the way?

    • I have the game, but haven’t actually played it. ;-;
      The strategies and war scenes are really detailed, I remember having to check my dictionary repeatedly too during those parts LOL.

  3. I haven’t play this game yet but I want to know, in this game, does the main character travel into world of book or did she really travel back past into ancient China through the book?

    Manga like Fushigi Yuugi travel into the book world with fictional Chinese setting but they are not exactly ancient China. So which one is it for this game?

    • Bitcoinez, she is actually going into the book itself, not back in time. Many of the backgrounds make this clear as not all the characters have traditional Chinese decor. The book is her link between the fictional world and the real one. Hope this answers your question. ^^

    • Bitcoinez, she is traveling to the book’s fictional world based on ancient China. The book is her link to the fictional world and is how she can return to the real world. Hope this answers your question ^^

    • It was ancient China. The people she met are real people, not fictional characters in Chinese setting like in FY. The war scenes are based on real battles, and the places used to be actual locations too in the past. The story written in the book changes based on her actions, implying that she changed history.

      Koumei’s route further proves the time travel thing.

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